Upcoming Nikon products – all you need to know (recap)


A lot of information was reported here in the past 3 months. If you have missed any posts, here is a recap of all upcoming Nikon products:

Nikon D800 - already announced

  • 36 MP sensor (7360x4912)
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • Improved AF with face recognition – the D800 will still have 51 points AF point
  • CF+SD memory card slots
  • USB 3.0
  • ISO range: 100 – 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and  ISO HI-2 @ 25600
  • The screen will be larger than 3 inches (probably 3.2 in.)
  • The D800 will not have built-in GPS
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • There will be two different D800 versions/models, one with the antialiasing filter removed
  • 4 fps continuous shooting, about 6 fps in DX mode with optional battery pack
  • Video modes: 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24
  • Headphone jack, can input from an external device such as a PCM sound recorder
  • 86k pixels RGB sensor
  • 200,000 shutter cycles
  • Uncompressed HDMI video out (just like the Nikon D4)
  • See those cropped Nikon D800 samples at high ISO
  • The Nikon D800 commercial was shot in Chicago and  involves high speed motorcycle chase
  • I do not have an announcement date yet, I suspect the D800 will be announced for the CP+ show in Japan (February 9-12, 2012) or maybe even earlier

  • 16.2 MP
  • 11 fps
  • 100-12,800 ISO range, expandable to 50 and 204,800
  • CF + XQD memory card slots! That's right, the Nikon D4 will have the new Compact Flash XQD memory card slot.
  • Compatible with the new Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter
  • Integrated Ethernet in the camera
  • Face detection/recognition function that will be working in the viewfinder (maybe some type of a hybrid viewfinder? Nikon had several related patents)
  • Improved video, I have no other details on that but my guess is 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24 similar to the Nikon D800
  • Uncompressed video out through the HDMI port
  • Ability to assign the two buttons on the front of the camera to smooth aperture control during video recording
  • Improved 51 AF points
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • AF detection range will go down to EV-2.0 (the D3s went to EV -1)
  • Autofocus system: 9 cross-type sensors that are operational up to f/8
  • The Nikon D4 may start shipping at the end of January 2012 (or only few weeks after it is announced)
  • Announcement on or around January 6th, 2012

The current AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D lens

Nikon 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens patent

  • A new 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (see patent)
  • A refresh of the 16-85mm lens (it may even have a fixed f/4 aperture)
  • No definitive announcement dates yet

Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter  - already announced

The current Nikon WT-4A wireless transmitter

  • Compatible with the new Nikon D4 and possibly with the D800
  • Very compact, mountable on the camera

Nikon Coolpix P300 replacement - already announced

Nikon D400 - to be announced after the D4/D800, no other details available.

Capture NX 2.3 - already announced.

Nikon SB-910 - already announced.

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  • MichelCapture

    Let’s hope that D4 and D800 will be announces at the same event, so we can compare the specs and choose our preference. So we don’t have to wait another month to judge anouncements!

    • Ron Scubadiver

      Amen brother.

      • tuoni

        Are you the same Ron Scubadiver from DPR?

        • No he is not. I am probably going to have to change my name to Ken Rockwell now.

          • tuoni

            I’m assuming you are the guy.
            Nice pictures.

            • Not Surprised

              As opposed to all the other DP members, who just whine about mediocrity and gear, without posting anything? 😉

              Dear God who art our-ith Lord-ith in Heaven: Please make the D4 specs applicable to the D800 and make the D4 some nonsense megapixel machine, instead. The D700 successor does not deserve this treatment of being completely crippled in speed and unweildly files. Thank you Jesus. Play ball.

          • Reminds me of the show “To Tell the Truth” or something like that. Anyways, this guy is the real Ron. The one with the link.

            May the real Ron Scubadiver please stand up.

            • Devon Williams

              Or maybe no ones cares, really.

            • I am the real one. As for DPR, that place is a troll infested wasteland. The trolls there are so obsessed with me that I have been followed here. So that is proof they care. Care like that, nobody needs.

            • I know you’re the real one. I was referring to you (“the one with the link” in your name).

  • D4 is a bridge too far for me, but I haven’t totally ruled out a D3s or D700 yet, so yeah bring it on. BTW I see used price for D700 dropping already in anticipation, D3s are still scares so prices are still high.

    • Andrew

      What about a D7100 with bigger buffer size and a stronger body, would that do? Assuming that camera size is not a requirement.

      • MJr

        Stronger than what ? The weather-sealed consumer enthusiast body that the D7K is now ?

      • Hhom Togan

        Stronger than a magnesium alloy body? unless adamantium has been plucked out of comic books to reality…. psstt… it is kinda hard ya know?

        • Don’t make such ridiculous statements, Hhom. We all know that unobtainium would be better for camera bodies than adamantium 😉

    • Axel

      That’s the thing see …

      The D700 owners won t be able to upgrade to the ultra-pro-priced D4 (but for the pro, not for the amateur which are a strong % of the D700 owners), so they will keep their machines, so the D700 used prices won t fall …

      The D4 may make the D3S prices fall a bit, but not that much as they are excellent machines …

      So I sadly don t see D3S or D700 prices drop in any foreseeable future … You should have bought a D700 18 months ago when they were 2000 @B&H + rebates on the 24-70 and 70-200 … Get used to it …

      • @Axel, although you are probably right about the majority of D700 owners being serious amateurs, I still think you will see numerous D700’s come up for sale, once the D4 hits the street. I for one will be selling my D700 and upgrading to the D4, as I can’t afford to keep both. BTW, the rebates Nikon had were top nothch during that lens and camera combo purchase window. They had no limits on it. I bought a D7000 for $1075 plus the 16-35 f/4 VR and the 28-300. I sold the D7000 for $1000 a day after getting it, but saved $500 on the two lenses. I only wish now that I had bought several more of the PRO lenses during that time.

        • LGO

          Here’s wishing that Canon will release the 18mp FF sensor in the 1D-X in a 7D body so Nikon will be forced to respond to the same with the sensor in the D4 in a D700-body – or at least, adopt the Sony 24mp FF sensor in a D700 which would make it closer to a true D700-replacement.

          • jodjac

            Like Nikon responded to Canon when Canon released the 5d markii?

  • rhlpetrus

    The first 2 shots and the last one of D800 cannot be of same camera. On the front view ithere is something below the flash icon on the right side of lens that is missing on the side view.

    The side view also has that weird D800 icon that seems going too far into the mirror hump.

    • Sideswiped

      All three (top one is actually the flash mode button) are there, its just that the flash button is set farther back on the side view. I think’t you’re confusing the middle icon (flash compensation) with the flash button in the side view. If you look closely you can see the edge of the flash button above middle icon.

      • Jack

        Yes, what we really need now is another 5 pager on whether or not the photos are fake or not.

    • MJr

      All buttons (and icons) on the first two images are there on the third as well…

  • Craig

    That is a good thought. I agree, for the FX crowd get those two bodies out there at the same time. Then let the February announcement be the D300s replacement.

    • MJr

      We can all dream =)

  • Marc Raes

    and still no replacement of the AF-S VR 80-400 mm; Nikon is missing a good, fast AF-S travel/nature photographers lens.

    • markogts

      Agree. It is really difficoult if not impossible to find something beyond the 70-300 that can still be handheld.

      • danpe

        200-400/4 is possible, but perhaps it’s a bit on the expensive and heavy side for you. I had to start working out to be able to use it handheld. :/

        As for Nikon not updating lenses, I would very much like a fast 135 with AF-S and nice bokeh.

      • Bigguns

        My wife managed to handhold my 300/2.8 (mounted on a D3s) without much issue in the summer, and she’s tiny. Ergonomics isn’t just about size. I hate holding the 180mm f/2.8, for example; on the other hand, I rented a 500/4 for a couple of weeks in the fall and I found handholding that quite easy. You wouldn’t want to do it for hours and hours, but if you can’t handhold the likes of the 70-200 or even the 200 f/2, the issue is more with your fitness than the size of the lenses!

        • Hom Thogan

          Most of the people who whine about the weight of lenses haven’t held a D2X, D2H, D3x, D3s, EOS 1D and 1Ds cameras at all, having a lightweight lens only effs off weight balance with these cameras.

          The 180mm f/2.8 AF-D is a great example, it makes the combination camera heavy (instead of balanced) with a D2x or a D3x or D3s… Not very comfortable to use, I prefer the weight of a 70-200mm f/2.8 (weight is nicely balanced and thus is great to do hand held shots).

          And I agree with your point about fitness and weight, I carry a D3s with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR a lot and I am used to the weight, but I am an active person (meaning I don’t have spaghetti wrists) … they are either: thin or fat or hobos (they don’t get to eat often and thus they lack the strenght to do this kind of stuff).

    • Sue

      AGREE! Thank you.

    • Yes please please please finally come out with an update to the 80-400 or similar. Nikon is sorely lacking in a hand-holdable telephoto lens that goes to 400mm and costs less than the down payment on a house.

  • big m

    All I want is a D700 with “up to date” sensor technology.

    • MJr

      All I want is a D700 sensor in D7000 body 🙂

      • All I want is 14-400mm f/1.8G 😛

  • Ball_Lightning

    I’m really missing a D800h (or however it would be called) with the D4 sensor.
    The D4 sounds really great, but I can’t afford it. The D800 is also nice, but my priority aren’t MP but ISO performance and fps.

    • I would love, love, LVOE to see a “D4 lite” as well, but historically speaking it’s just not profitable for Nikon to announce something like that until at least a year after the D4 hits shelves. The D700 came about a year after the D3, so if we ever see a D4 “lite” it won’t be until 2013.

      Unfortunately, it also appears that with the naming of the D800, any “affordable version of the D4” might be even more affordable than some of us pros want it to be- What I mean is, they may skip the D700 / D800 style body design, and go for an “FX D7000”. Sure, it would be a GREAT camera, but it would probably lack quite a few of the function and performance that many professionals really need.

      So, at this point I’m not very hopeful. I mean, what the heck would they even name such a camera? The D750? The D800h? The D400? All of those names are possible, but all of them also do break at least one or two of Nikons “rules” about camera naming. So we’ll just have to wait and see…


      • Ball_Lightning

        Yeah true. But still sad the D700 didn’t get a real (direct) successor.

        • Brent

          The D700 was TOO successful for it’s own good. 90% of the D3.

        • Andrew

          It is coming in the form of the D400 (see the previous NR post). We are speculating FF with 24 MP sensor for $1,995 or less.

          • The Manatee

            Who is “we”? Or does “we” mean you? All indications point to a DX not a full frame, especially if it’s going to compete at the price point of the Sony.

            • Andrew

              Manatee, I have replied to your comment, but combined it with another comment below yours.

          • “We” must be pretty deep into wishful thinking land, methinks. There’s absolutely zero indication that a D400 would be FX, or 24 megapixels, at this point.

            If Nikon is going to make a sub-$2K FX camera, it’s not going to come in a pro-grade body like the D700. The only way it’d be remotely possible would be in a D7000-like body, with numerous limitations in performance and function that I just wouldn’t stand for.

            Even 24 megapixels is overkill, I’d much rather just have a modest 16 megapixel upgrade and opt for more improvements in dynamic range and ISO.

            Either way, there isn’t a suitable “update” to the D700 on the horizon.

            • Danyyyel

              I see a camera coming with the D4 sensor in it, in what body is the question. The reason is simply because economies of scale. They will do what they did with the d3 – d700 combo. As it is a Nikon sensor, they will have to try to amortize their RD and production cost in a volume/mass market camera. Nikon does not have its own factory so volume is key to get much better price on the sensor. A d700 camera has a much bigger market share than a D3.

              In fact the only difference in the 2012 line up compared to the last generation is the high megapixel model coming in between the high Iso sport action photography reportage cameras. The reason perhaps is the advent of high megapixel medium format camera in the $ 10 000, making the $ 7000/8000 35mm one a bit obsolete.

            • Hom Thogan

              To Danyyel:
              There’s now a 10,000 $/€ MF camera, Mamiya has been selling the Mamiya 645D with a Leaf Aptus II 22 megapixel sensor and their new 80mm leaf shutter lens for 9,999.00 for quite some time now.

              The performance of their 22 megapixel sensor (which is bigger than FX) blows out of the water the D3x, 1DS MKIII and the 5D MKII ( better dynamic range, micro detail capture, less problems with diffraction, 1/500th sync speed with leaf shutter lenses, etc) at base ISO of course (these are no photojournalism cameras at all) .

              Also the used digital back market is now quite big and with reasonable prices for 16 to 20 megapixels backs, so you could easily get an used Hassy 500 cm or an used RZ67 and get a digital back for the price of a D3x or an EOS 1Ds MKIII.

              If you haven’t noticed Canon has been pushing down the price of the 5D MKII ($1999 or €1895 body only from reputable dealers).

            • Andrew

              “There is absolutely zero indication that”… wait a minute, Nikon has muddied the water with the D800. The specs tells us that it is a D3x replace, and not a D700 replacement which I think is pretty obvious. This is interesting since the D700 is widely popular, because it causes people to wonder about Nikon’s strategy for the D700 market. Does that mean that Nikon is doing away with the D700 line entirely? I don’t think so. Obviously the D800 and the D4 are premium cameras with the D4 (16 MP) targeting nearly every professional photographer on the planet and the D4 (36 MP) targeting studio professionals and some landscape professionals. I see the D4 selling for $5,000 and the D3 selling for $3,000 to $3,500. That leaves the D400. I see the D400 replacing the D700 at the $1,795 to $1,995 price range. Why? Because technology does not get more expensive but cheaper over time. The D300s was released at $1,795. And the D700 has sold at major retailers for as low as $2,395. Why is it inconceivable that the D700, a 3 year old camera, would have a replacement that cost less to manufacture, this is an entirely reasonable assumption. Look at the D7000, its magnesium alloy body was previously inconceivable for a camera at the $1,200 price point, yet it happened. Now as far a sensor is concerned, I don’t see the D400 having a DX, 16 MP sensor, that spot has already been claimed by the D7000. And I don’t see Nikon putting an Full Frame sensor in the D400 at 16 MP, it will compete with the D4 and many professionals will buy it for its excellent high ISO performance instead of spending $5,000 on the D4. But putting a FF, 24 MP sensor in the D400 will allow it to have an ISO range that will match that of the D700 or better, and with the new Expeed 3 processor and other improvements will make the D400 a viable upgrade from the D700.

            • Andrew

              NR Admin: can you make the following correction for me:

              Correction: “I see the D4 selling for $5,000 and the D800 selling for $3,000 to $3,500”

              Note: unfortunately, NR does not allow us to make corrections.

            • I knew what you meant, don’t worry.

              I can totally see the logic behind those assumptions, Andrew. I just mean that we have zero “physical evidence”, really. But I guess you’re right in mentioning that the D800 could be the D3X replacement, that *IS* an example of a “digit switch” of sorts.

              But the guesses at megapixels and sensor format are, in my opinion, still 100% conjecture at this point. I would agree that your prediction is possible, even likely.

              My problem is, that I fear for Nikon to do this at the price point you want them to, they’ll have to switch down to a D7000-type body. I’m not clear about whether or not this is part of your prediction, but I think you’d agree that this is the more likely situation.

              I can see how such a camera would be a good market move for Nikon, it’s just not the camera I was hoping for. To do my work, I need a D700-like body, preferably with dual card slots and a D3s or D4 sensor. That’s all I ask. I guess a used D3s is just the only option for the next few years…

            • Andrew

              Matthew, I am responding to your last post in which you stated (I knew what you meant, don’t worry)…

              I believe you are absolutely correct in that if Nikon was to release a FF camera in the $1,795 to $1,995 price range or thereabout – with it incorporating a 24 MP sensor, it most likely will not be in a D700 body (this is a very good distinction you have made since it clarifies our reasoning). From a marketing standpoint, Nikon could release such a camera in a D7000 body and price it at $1,995 and release another in a D700 body and price it at $2,995. Obviously you will select the D700 body whereas I would select the D7000 body. Now let’s hope Nikon plays nice!

      • nobody

        My bet is the D9000, the new 24mp Sony sensor in a D7000 body.

        • LGO

          I would much rather prefer the Sony FF 24mp sensor in a D700 rather than the Sony APS-C 24mp sensor in a D7000.

          • Hhom Togan

            *High fives LGO* CLAP!

          • Andrew

            Agreed… we want the Sony FF 24 MP sensor. But please reduce the size of the D700 body close to that of the D7000.

      • FM2Fan

        please no D3H and D4X – that was a terrible choice to make …

    • THANK YOU!….
      That’s exactly my position in all this. I Hope the D800 will at least be as good as the D700 in low light action.

      • Kingyo

        “I Hope the D800 will at least be as good as the D700 in low light action.”
        that would be amazing

  • For all the whining I’ve done, 2012 is going to be an amazing year for Nikon one way or another. It is high time they come out with a high-res FX body to “kill” the 5D mk2 and 5D mk3 at it’s game, and landscape / studio etc. shooters will be very happy that they no longer have to pony up for the $8,000 D3X to get past 12 megapixels with FX.

    It stinks that there will be ZERO camera bodies for my line of work for at least another 1-3 years, but I’m happy to just save up for another used D700 or maybe even a D3s. I’ve also got plenty of lenses to lust after, so it’s not like I’ll wind up with $3K I don’t know what to do with by the end of next year.

    I’ll at least be happy to see Nikon stay in the game, or in the lead even, depending on how the D4 faires against the Canon 1DX. Nikon wasn’t always the FX powerhouse it is today, so sometimes I’m afraid they’ll slip back into 2nd place and Canon will innovate (or tactfully market) themselves back on top. But for now it looks like Canon isn’t going to be making a D700 killer either; the 5D mk3 sounds like it’ll be just as ridiculously over-megapixel’ed and even more “slow” than the D800.

    Happy 2012 everyone! Hopefully the 85 f/1.8 AFS-G is a success at $650 or so, and maybe if we’re lucky Nikon will also finally get around to updating the 1977 (!!!) 24mm f/2 AIS (manual focus) …Who knows!


    • R!

      You missed something : to kill canon at his game we need good full hd capacity I can’t wait to see when Nikon is going to beat it, because they are ahead with the autofocus during video already but we still need progress .

      • nobody

        Wouldn’t be good for us Nikon users if Nikon would ever kill Canon. No competition – no progress.

        Without Canon we wouldn’t have the great Nikon FX cameras we enjoy today!

        • This is very true. Competition is good. But, Nikon will stay on top and Canon will be very close, depending on your needs; this will keep everybody on their toes and that my friend, means we all win.

      • BornOptimist

        No matter what camera Nikon will introduce, they will NEVER kill Canon. Same thing with Canon, whatever they come with it will not kill Nikon.
        You don’t go wrong with eigther manufacturers camera. Some cameras will fit a spesific task better than others, but none of them are a completely failure. Only measurbators and fanboys look at this in black and white, and want the other to be killed. Competition is good for both brands, and us customers.

      • Quite honestly, with the direction the D800 is going, I’m not very interested in seeing Nikon “beat” Canon at the HD video game. Not if that means Nikon has to re-configure the control layout of cameras to accommodate video recording as the D800 apparently does. I don’t want a “REC” button right next to my shutter release, not unless I can program it to do something else related to still photography instead. And the same with a dedicated still / video switch. (Lower back of the D800 images) …I hope that Nikon continues to produce cameras that are fully dedicated to still photography, in at least one of their lines. I understand a need to embrace “fusion” and all that HD hype. But I have a job to do, and I can’t have my cameras accidentally recording just ~1 megapixel (1080p) …at a critical moment.



    • Ren Kockwell

      A nice, positive note Matthew, but I am feeling quite bummed about Nikon’s attitude toward the D700 audience. Whether or not it beats the 5D Mk II-III in the stills environment is almost inconsequential without video. This is what got so many to switch. The 5D is a very competent stills camera with very capable video capability. In stills, the D700 wins in most categories, but let’s be honest—it’s not a landslide. A good photographer can produce great images with either one. Nikon has never answered this Canon body.

      The D800 to me is more of a response to the Canon 1Ds—higher MP, lower FPS, studio/landscape camera. At $4K, it IS NOT an enthusiast camera. Nikon created a new niche and expectation with the D700, then neglected to do the smart thing by releasing a D700s upgrade. Without that video, the 5D will continue to erode that piece of the market. And if they really make us wait an additional year for that body, that is just bullshit. I have 6 5D Mk IIs that I would love to replace with a D700s type of Nikon. But I will be forced to stick with Canon until that happens. If that happens.

      • I hear you, “Ren”. Unfortunately it looks like the next 12+ months are pretty much set in stone at this point. 🙁

        I’m just glad I can focus 100% on still photography; I certainly understand that others might be suffering over the lack of an affordable FX Nikon body that can record 1080p.

        Unfortunately I don’t think Nikon will ever beat Canon at the video game. Canon just has too much R&D already up their sleeves. Unless Nikon does something truly shocking like “RAW” video recording, or 60-90 FPS at full 1080p, …I just don’t see Nikon winning any crown for video. All you can hope at this point is that the D800 will cost closer to $3K than $4K…


        • Ren Kockwell

          Yeah, I don’t need the best video. D3s is fantastic IMO. I need the best stills and quality video is all. Not a tall request. Like I said. A D700s would have had me throwing money in Nikon’s pocket.

      • LeGO

        Same here. I am glad that Nikon is releasing the D800 for those who want a more affordable and newer version of the D3x but I am upset that Nikon refuses to release a true D700-replacement even when it easily could do that using either the D3s sensor (then), the D4 sensor or the new Sony FF 24mp sensor (now).

        There is no way that I am to get the D800 if it is not better than the D700 in terms of absolute S/N ratio in the ISO 3200 to 6400 region. If Nikon does not deliver the 1-stop improvement in a new D700-type body, then I will just rely on Adobe to give me a 1-stop improvement in my D700 images when it releases its next version of PS and LR. In the meantime, I will just keep my 3+ years old D700 longer. I will also be keenly watching what Fujifilm does with its upcoming LX system which I expect can make use of my Nikkor lenses.

        Nikon – no D800 sale for me!

  • Panda Jones

    What are you thinking for prices?

    • I have no pricing info, but I expect the new products to cost more than their predecessors.

    • MJr

      Predecessor pricing + inflation + new product premium = expensiveee.

      But something that won’t likely be replaced for another 4 years.

      • MJr

        ( and it will continue working after that too ) 😉

  • Admin, first off, great post. Very well done indeed.

    What’s the probability rating for the two consumer lenses (18-300, 16-85)? Just a logistical hunch, or do you have information to back these up?


    • I am also very interested in the 16-85mm f/4 DX lens, for all-day use.

      It could be the kit lens for the new D400.

      • ggweci


        I think a 16-85 f4 would be a nice walk-around lens for my D90. I currently use the Sigma 17-50 f2.8. I would lose a stop, but gain some decent range.

        Also very interested in the 85mm 1.8 AF-S.

        • LGO


          A 16-85mm f/4 VR (or a 16-55mm f/2.8 VR) would be most welcome.

          • ggweci

            If you’re looking for the latter option, consider the Sigma. It’s a great lens in that range at a much cheaper price than the current Nikon version and it has OS (aka VR). I really like mine, but sometimes want a bit more range for a walk-around.

  • Il Mando

    My doubts about D4 are essentially two:

    1 – The resolution. 16.2 Mpixel seems a little bit too conservative. After all, Canon has already announced 1Dx with 18, and the actual resolution increase from 12 mpixel is marginal…

    2 – High ISO. I’m not convinced by the reported specs. Native iso is up to 12800 but expandable to 205000? So we should have Hi-1 (25600), Hi-2 (51200), Hi-3 (102400) and Hi-4 (204800)? They seem a little bit too many…

    • 1. 16MP isn’t that bad. The mega pixel race is long over. Honestly, I’m very happy with a 16MP camera. I think it’s the sweet spot for non-studio and non-landscape photographers. I’m mainly weddings, and I don’t want 36 MP files clogging up my hard drives when I will *rarely* need that amount of pixels. I can blow up a 30×40 no problem with the 12MP on the D700.

      2. I agree with you with the Hi-4. That does seem a bit strange. I’m very curious to see the real specs.

      • Glad you’re wrong – and you very clearly are – give the obvious high megapixel cameras we’ve seen recently like the D3x and the not-quite-yet seen D800, and likely and hopefully a future D4x, D900 and mor5e. And think what you may about sweet spots, but it ain’t mine, thanks and given sales of higher-than 16 or 18 MPx cameras, it ain’t everyone else’s either.

        • @BrettA

          How is Wedding Photographer “clearly wrong??? In everything he said he qualified it as an opinion about how he works HE is happy with a 16MP camera, for him HE thinks it’s the sweet spot. HE doesn’t want a 36MP files.

          You state you’ve been taking photos since the 1960’s on you site. If you’ve been taking photos that long, then you show know if someone says “this spec is my ideal spec” then for them that is clearly CORRECT. Comparing his photography against yours – notwithstanding my preferences whose work I enjoyed to view most – you both have obviously vastly different photographic styles, thus different equipment needs. His needs and views are correct within the context of his photography, as are yours. Stop acting like a cranky old woman.

          • I also shoot weddings and 12mp is fine. 16 will give me a bit of crop room but I basically frame close to what I need and have to do minimal cropping. More MP means more processing time even on my 6-core i7. snr and dr is king.

          • Sorry, Double J – I thought that why WP was clearly wrong was implicit in my response. (S)he said “The mega pixel race is long over” and I responded with “the obvious high megapixel cameras we’ve seen recently like the D3x and the not-quite-yet seen D800.

            So to explain to you, DJ, the mega pixel race can hardly be over when the industry is increasing megapixels at such a high rate. Understand? Or do I need to go into more detail for you?

            And I address your points about HE…, HE… and HE… with “And think what you may about sweet spots, but it ain’t mine, thanks and given sales of higher-than 16 or 18 MPx cameras, it ain’t everyone else’s either.” Understand? Or do I need to go into more detail for you?

            So you seem to be conflating his points about a race being over and HIS personal preference, while I addressed both separately. So stop acting like a 5-y-o who can’t differentiate between separate points. TIA.

    • Hom Thogan

      I would urge you to do the math to see that the difference between 16 to 18 megapixels is only 2 megapixels which is in reality very nothing to worry about… for most applications (Wedding, PJ, Sports, etc.) it is an overkill… the ipad and its clones have a really low res screen so meh, newspapers don’t need much resolution (they print at really low DPI), magazines can run a full page image from 12 megapixels without effort, newspapers in the web use really small photos, TVs are low res compared to what the camera produce in terms of resolution…

      So as you see here thinking in megapixels is stupid, unless you have high end clients who need photos printed BIG and said photos are going to be inspected from a really close distance you don’t need that much resolution, if you need it then it is a matter of getting a digital back with a MF camera (pixel pitch much bigger than 35mm sensors).

      😛 silly hobos… The problem with you is that you are too used to read flickr and dpreview forums…

      • And the problem with you, Hom, is that you only seem to think that it’s today’s technology that matters, which for you may be true, but not so for many (and I suspect even you, eventually). I have lots of pics on my web site from the ’60s through the 90s and I’d hope shots I get today would be up on one of my kids’ web sites in the 2020s, ’30s and ’40s and be reasonably viewable on the wall sized OLED or successor displays that will surely exist before then.

        Start with larger MPx ratings – assuming other ratings are also good – and they’re usable for that much bigger future monitors. And even Perfect Resize or similar software does better starting with higher res originals.

        • Hhom Togan

          It is a matter of seeing it in a logical way: but we are in 2011 and near 2020, the technology you propose doesn’t exists thus the need to change anything isn’t a smart (nor financially smart) at all.

          Camera makers have to work with what’s available today and what will be available in the near no one can predict what will happen in 8 to 18 years from here (no flying car like the jetsons if you notice).

          The A77 is an example of doing mistakes because of the megapixel race, the camera is diffraction litmited at f/8 going past this aperture degrades the image quality even more, the same will happen with a bigger sensor and a smaller pixel pitch, so how good would be to have a high resolution sensor if photos will be degraded due to the nature of physics’ laws?

          The future doesn’t exists, it has yet to be made, what matters is today, now.

          • Yeah, you made it clear that for you, the future doesn’t matter and I acknowledged that, but for me and others, it does. You make statements like they’re facts (“what matters is today, now”), while I tell you that not everyone agrees (but you come back again with the same erroneous ‘fact’ when it’s merely your opinion – *sigh*). People who don’t want 20+ or 30+ MPx cameras won’t buy ’em, while I and others do and will – simple! 🙂

        • Jesus Christ, BrettA, you need to calm down. This is the second post I’ve read by you where you are just snarky and ill informed about MP densities. Hhom is technically correct. You have a desire for higher MP counts obviously, and there is nothing wrong with that. But Hhom is correct about today’s limitations with high pixel densities and current sensor technology, especially in FX sensors and smaller.

          Now, If you are so worried about capturing super-high resolution files to display on wall monitors a la Fahrenheit 451, go take out a second mortgage on your home and buy a Hasselblad H4D 60MPix camera.

          • Jesus Christ, DJ, you’re repeating yourself with your inapplicable-to-me Hassy suggestion. I keep acknowledging that we have differences and address that and (s)he implies people who disagree with him/her are “stupid”. What issue do you have that I point out that one size doesn’t fit all?

          • Oh, and besides, my D3x is rated significantly higher than any ‘Blad – so why would I wanna downgrade *and* incur huge costs. And what’s it to you that I’m fine with my D3x, anyway – why would anyone make a suggestion to someone else about changing camera systems? You’re ridiculously presumptuous that you think your opinion might even be vaguely relevant and no, it’s not.

            (Well, I’m fine with the D3x until a better Nikon comes along, at least).

      • il Mando

        I didn’t want to put the megapixel thing into a debate like 16 vs 18 mpixel. I am perfectly aware that if you put things into this perspective, it sounds silly. My opinion was that moving up from 12 mpixel (D3), you’d probably see a little more difference going to 18 mpixel than 16. My experience about that is that – at the right print size – you can clearly see a difference if you double the pixel, so I thought 1,5x (12 to 18) was the best comprosime (I too do not want / need enormous files…)

        • Though at $.06 to .09 per Gigbyte and expected to plummet to $.01 / GB in 3-5 years and then continue plummeting, are an extra 2 MB – or even 10-15 MB per shot really a problem? They aren’t for me, at least.

        • Hom Thogan

          Let’s do the math of the difference between the file sizes:

          -18 megapixels………………………….5184 x 3456

          -16 megapixels …………………………4928 x 3264

          The difference between them:. 256×192

          If you want to see it graphically here you have:

          The difference is so small it is ridiculous, I know the “what if I want to crop?” excuse and sorry if people knew what to do and had their skills honed they wouldn´t need to crop at all, so that excuse is really bad.

          There’s a bigger difference from 16 to 12 than from 18 to 16, I applaud Nikon for staying conservative with the D4, this means they have been thinking in image quality rather than thinking in the marketing department :).

          • Il Mando

            You do not seem to get my point.
            I’ll repeat again: I consider the “sweet spot” for the tradeof between pixel and all others factor (quality, high ISO, diffraction impact, storage, CPU power and so on…) to be 18 mpixel.
            You may – of course – think different, but as the next iteration in pro bodies (D5) will take 4 years, I prefere to spend this 4 years shooting with two more mpixel.
            Take it as a personal preference, but please stop trying to convince me that I am stupid because I do not agree with you. It’s not a religion war, but I have customers who care about those details. They might be wrong, but as they’re theone who pay the job, I sometimes have to upscale my pictures, so if I can avoid the time waste…

  • Sekcomenpal

    What about the long rumored new decently priced telezoom? There were patents for 100-400 and 100-500 @ F5.6 on the long end… 🙁

  • When now I have the dough to buy Nikon D700 its unavailable everywhere here in India 😐

  • All I need to know? How about how much and will these be hard to buy like the D3s was? I would rather see some new FX wide angle primes, f/2 or f/2.8 than a refreshed 85, but who listens to me anyway?

    • Nobody


    • Sarah H

      Hi my name is Sarah, I will listen to you if you buy me a brand new D4.

      • Hom Thogan

        *high fives Sarah for being smart and awesome* -Clap!-

      • Touche.

  • Robin

    Such antique marketing geniuses @ Nikon, so involved with one-up-manship with Cannon. should have released D400 first.

    36MP with 4fps just doesn’t cut it for a lot of photographers, that too at freaking 300,000 yen.

    There are far too many who don’t want the D800 but find the D4 too expensive.

    Ohh!!! look CanonSan’s kimono is shiner with silver brocade, NikonSan must have a kimono with gold brocade instead of sharpening his katana.

  • T.I.M

    What ?
    Nikon will release a D4 and a D800 cameras ?
    I just bought 1 D3x, two D3 and 5 D700 this morning !
    Why nobody said anything ?

    • A.T.M.

      I’ll take the D3x off your hands 😛

    • enesunkie

      Thought you weren’t going to settle for anything less than a D900?

      • T.I.M

        Well, I still have my D100 so I guess D800+D100 will do it !
        Merry Xmas everyone.

  • Mr. Lee

    I’ve been saying it for months here, January 6th, 2012 – next big announcement.

  • I <3 NR

  • Ric

    Tastes Great!

  • I actually hope the new WT-5 is connected through the pin port and NOT the hotshoe. I’ve already got a pagoda on top with the MiniTT1 and the AC-9 zone controller… I don’t think I could add anything more and not feel worried about it breaking off.

    Who am I kidding? Nikon will want $700 for the WT-5. I’m not buying it.

  • So, would the D4 have High-4 setting for ISO?

  • Davie R

    What is the significance of the anti aliasing filter on the d800 is it noise related? I am also wondering if the d800 will have microlens technology similar to the d3s to help reduce noise.. Any thoughts?

  • PR Wulff

    Does someone know if D800 will have 14 bit or 16 bit RAW?

    • Let’s PRAY we get the optino for 16 bit RAW.

      Frame-rate @ 16 bit full-res RAW – 4fps, 14 bit full-res RAW – 6fps/8fps with grip. 16bit DX mode – 6fps, 14 bit DX mode – 8-9fps.

      This would turn the industry on their heads……16 bit RAW would be the next big thing and would explain the frame-rates.

      • @CTLG, how is going from 14bit to 16bit RAW going to benifit us in post processing. I can’t think of a single monitor that re-produce the entire gamut of colors that 14bif offers, let alone 4 times that amount. And when printed, there is nothing that can even match a cheap monitor. Am I missing something? Are we concearned about having bits that we might be able to see one day? It reminds me of MP3 vendors making codecs that would do 256k bit sampling.

        • Jabs

          To reproduce 16bit colors buy a Sony Trinitron monitor.

          Simple as that.

          • On a serious note however, EIZO’s top monitor can only display 1 Billion colors at a time, out of a color gamut which is slightly less than 16bit, of 278 Trillion!!! It is estimated that human eye can distinguish 7 to 10 million variances in color. 16 bit color depth gives us 281,474,976,710,656 combinations!!!! Heck, 14 bit color depth gives us 4,398,046,511,104 combinations.

            So the question is this, when sensor specifications refer to 14bit and 16bit, are they refering to Indexed Color, Direct Color, True Color, or are they refering to Beyond True Color? Is that 14 or 16 bits total, or 14/16 bits per channel?

            Again, if our eyes can only distinquish 10 million colors, then why bother with the other 278 Trillion? If you can’t see it, what are you missing?

        • Yeah, you’re missing the fact that many of us want images that will take advantage of future technology and are indeed concerned about having bits that we WILL see one day (‘we’ being humanity as I hope my kids will use my shots with future monitors… and the same with Hi-Res.

          • Again, if you are so concerned about future viewing of your images go get a Hassy. They have one that does 60MPix and record 16bit color info. Better yet, get a Mamiya with an 80Mpix back.

            This worry about future proofing is ridiculous. Images captured on film 100 years ago are just as moving and relevant now as they were then, if not more so.

            You want your pictures to be viewed and admired by future generations? Stop worrying about mega pixels and just take great photos. If the photo is good, we – humanity – won’t give a damn about its mega pixel count.

            • @Double J, very well said! +1000

            • Erm… Because I’ve been shooting Nikon since the ’60s and still use glass dating back to then and it wouldn’t be financially worthwhile for me to convert, thanks so much for the suggestion.

              Aside from that, I travel and don’t want such a large camera (and lenses) and never have. If you don’t wanna future proof then don’t – I was merely responding to Dr SCSI’s question about missing something and I specifically said “many of us” which certainly wouldn’t imply the likes of you.

              What sort of a problem do you – and apparently Dr SCSI – have with what I and many others with megapixel counts well above 20? You write like what I and others do is some sort of skin off your nose when it’s none of your business in the first place. So bite me – I won’t ‘worry’ about mega pixels but I will continue to get cameras with the best sensors and a high pixel count. You guys are funny, though – like I give a shit that your opinion differs.

              And Scuzz – why ask the question if ya don’t want an answer from someone to whom the question applies and only ‘applaud’ people who clearly don’t understand what you’re missing?

  • The new autofocus mode control switch (as found on the D7000) suggests that the D800 will, like the D7000, have the U Modes as well as the P,S,A and M modes.
    That new Picture Control button will be pretty handy too…

  • Johnnyblues

    Tell me again: what’s the benefit of having the antialiasing filter out?

    • Defth

      The main purpose of the Anti-Aliasing Filter or also called the Blur Filter is to prevent Moire. Anti-aliasing filters are low-pass filters. They prevent the appearance of aliasing artifacts in the images.

      to sum up: RESOLUTION

      Bad thing: Moire

      • Davie R

        Thanks for the answer

    • Benjo

      AA filters just are just little blur filters on top of the sensor (usually combined with the filters for UV and IR light). As the name implies, without one you can encounter aliasing, usually in repeating patterns such as textiles. It’s more of a problem in video, where it’s usually called moire.

      If you were shooting something like natural landscapes, you’d rarely encounter trouble, so having no AA filter would provide very sharp images without many drawbacks.

  • 2cents

    Great Post! Very good news for those looking to upgrade. Can’t imagine either camera being sub-par given Nikon’s record for putting out good pro cameras. Can’t wait to see the reviews and performance when everyone starts to get their hands on them. Thanks admin!

  • Gab

    Oh noe! Where is my preciouss 24mill dx lens? 🙁

  • photonut

    Don’t tell me the D800 does not have face recognition!?!? Cams 1/20 that price come with that feature.

    And, where is the 24 f2.8 upgrade.

  • Ken Elliott

    • Headphone jack, can input from an external device such as a PCM sound recorder
    • Uncompressed HDMI video out

    My theory… the D800 doesn’t replace the D700, it replaces the Canon 5D MkII and (maybe) the D3x. So maybe the D700 is replaced by the D400 with a D4 sensor, and it may be the new digital FE that so many ask for. Nikon would have 16MP bodies for prosumer DX (D7000), prosumer FX ( D400) and pro FX (D4).

    • Benjo

      It’s always possible, but it seems unlikely that the D400 will be FX. Perhaps a speed oriented camera, following up on the D300 with the advances realized in the D800, a Nikonized version of Sony’s 24mp sensor and competing against the 7D.

      That said, it would be great to have an FX body in that $1200-$4000 hole between D7000 and D800. If that happens it’ll be a few leftover D700 bodies and MAYBE a D800H with D4 sensor in 2013.

      • Andrew

        Makes no sense. The D300s was introduced at $1,799.95, how can the D400 cost anywhere close to $4,000? Impossible. Had you said between $1200-$2000, it would have made more sense.

        • Anon

          He’s talking about FX camera, not D300s.

    • Couple things:

      The D700 might remain in the line-up and maybe get refreshed. If the D700 get’s the axe, the D400 could go FX and replace the D700 and then there would be a D7100 (D7000 refresh) and a D9000 (D300s replacement/high-end DX).

      I personally think the D700 might just get a minor refresh (d700s/x). But, who really knows.

      • Ren Kockwell

        That should have happened months ago. I think that ship has sailed. It’s startling how long it has taken Nikon to answer the 5D when they have a camera that could so easily do so. I hope they don’t drop it. The D800 is certainly not a replacement.

        • Andrew

          The D800 is a replacement for the D3x.

          • A.T.M.

            Damn i just ordered a D3x

      • T.I.M

        How was St Augustine’s lights ?
        Do they still have it after Xmas ?

      • BartyL

        “I personally think the D700 might just get a minor refresh (d700s/x).”

        The hold-up is the fact that the EN-EL3e does not comply with new Japanese standards relating to safe storage and handling of batteries. If the design effort required to allow the D700 to use a battery which meets the new Japanese standards is considered ‘minor’ by Nikon then it might happen, and I think that would be a good thing.

        They are unlikely to persist with a camera they can’t sell in Japan. Therefore if the change to a different battery fails cost-benefit requirements then they will simply flog off the remaining D700 stock to external markets and there will be no firmware upgrades or tweaking.

      • Anon

        The only refreshment for the D700 is the new battery so it can sell in Japan. Maybe it will has new suffix, “x” or “s”, or maybe “c” for compatible.

      • Andrew

        With Nikon using the D800 name as the likely D3x replacement (and not the D700 successor), it makes sense that the D400 name is also up for grabs. I agree with you that if Nikon’s intent is to have a camera that continues the D300s lineage with a DX model, then a D9000 designation would make the most sense. This would make it easier to distinguish the DX line from the FX line. Now since the D400 name will also be up for grabs, just as the D800 name was up for grabs, I agree that the new D400 camera should be a FX model. And the D400 should be the true replacement for the D700. This will cleanup Nikon’s numbering system.

        Now from a pricing standpoint, if the D7000 (DX-16MP) body list for $1,200, the D9000 (DX-24MP) should list for $1, 600, and the D400 (FX-24MP) should list for $2,000, the D800 (FX-36MP) should list for $3,000, and the D4 (FX-16MP) should list for between $4,000 and $5,000.

        I usually get comments that pricing an FX camera at $2,000 is ridiculously cheap and it just will not happen. But my argument is that the D700 (body) has sold at major retailers for as low as $2,395. And since the D700 is a 3 year old camera, its replacement being sold at $2,000 should be feasible because technology gets cheaper over time and not more expensive. In a worst case scenario, the D400 which should be the D700’s replacement should definitely not be priced any higher than $2,495. Why? Because Nikon needs to be competitive and aggressive, just like they were with the introduction of the D7000 at $1,200.

  • CGrossmeier

    I would have loved to see Eye-Fi support called out on the feature list for the SD Slot, but I suppose that would compete with their own Wireless Transmitter upgrade option. It’s always handy to pair with the iPad for quick previews while shooting in the field. Low-res previews to Eye-Fi and RAW to CF would have been a nice touch.

  • Dweeb

    Who cares? The D800 MSRP will be bumped another $1000 and won’t be available until next Christmas. That’s apparently after the end of the world anyway.

    • NikNik

      Next Xmas? That would be in only 2 short days :o)
      We should until February and see, what CP+ will bring.

  • Nikon WTF

    IF there is no 135mm F2 AFS with or without VR, then in terms of FX lenses, this is a major failure.

    • NoFunBen

      135mm needs VR and lets see it upped to a f1.8
      adding AFS alone is not much of an upgrade.

  • NikNik

    I found some older D800 Specs with a removable wireless Display.
    Is that just wishful thinking or a real feature to come?

    Merry Xmas to everybody

  • The Manatee

    4fps is abysmal. I hope at a minimum it has better ISO performance and dynamic range than the D700.

    • Nathan

      I normally shoot at 1fps so 4fps is so unnecessary.

  • d70

    Am I the only one that want D4 specs in a D800 body? Travelling with 2 D3s is a pain in the butt.

  • Rod

    Sorry, but what’s this in the D800 specs?

    – 86k pixels RGB sensor

  • Al

    Wondering how the 2016 pixel sensor in the D7000 (which was impressive along with the processor) compare to the new 86k pixel sensor and Expeed 3 processor on the new D800 and D4……

  • Al

    Yes wondering if the 86K is a typo….

    • enesunkie

      Maybe 8.6K ?

  • The decent thing for Nikon to do would be to start publishing a technology roadmap so that we can all purchase our cameras intelligently.

    It really doesn’t seem very honorable to hope people are purchasing the wrong camera out of ignorance and hoping they will purchase again when the next camera is released and happens ot be a better fit.

    • GregS

      There is no manufacturer on the planet who does this.

  • Art

    BTW: Notice the rubber plug cover that wraps around from the side to the front has the same design in both the side and front views. Odds are IMHO, these photos are all of the same camera.

    D800, Take Me Now!!!

  • How many MP does it make if I crop my D800 images in 16:9 for landscape and in 4/5 for portrait ?


  • Miguel Reznicek

    When Nikon finally does release the cameras is there a place where they explain their reasoning for the design?

    Many people work in a studio environment where more than 24 Mpix is better. If Nikon sticks to 16 Mpix we will have to concede the race to Canon until the next product cycle. I would hate to see Nikon loose even more market share to Canon based on the misguided reasoning that the megapixel war is somehow over. How could Nikon’s D4 have less Mpix than a Leica M9-P? It just doesn’t make sense!! Lets hope the rumors are wrong.

    • Yop

      Must be joking… If you are not, you are very welcome to have a closer look at how a D3s compares to the Leica M9P in DxoMark !

  • clemens

    Again, why do the three photos and the video NOT show the same camera?????
    On the photos is a third button besides the on/off-switch – in the chicago-video is that button NOT !!!!! It is stupid to mention that the video ha been made in Chicago and to neglect that it shows not the same camera.
    Admin: If this item is not cleared we have to believe that all is a lie !

    • I do not have the D800 promo video.

      • clemens

        Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!! You don’t have the promovideo made in Chicago? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha !!!!! It has been you who has introduced the video on Dec. 8 and the photos on Nov. 15, 2011. That allowes no doubt that all of you is nothing but tales of the future. Again, you are kidding us. We should not believe you. Close this homepage. When a new Nikon camera is released we will read it at serious places.

        • nobody

          Alright Clemens, now get off the computer, it’s time for school!

          • Clemens

            Does that make any sense? Have YOU attendet a school? I have an university. Before you write such nonsense you should explain how there can be two different designs for one camera. And why has Admin written not to have the Chicago-movie even he himselve has posted it here. By the way – you should read all the posts before you write one yourselve. A lot of persons have doubts if its true what we have to read here.

            • goldaccess

              IF you would have been in school and university (LOL) you would know how to spell “attendet”. Right?


            • Clemens

              What you have written is ridiculous ! The question if I have written ‘attended’ with a ‘t’ cannot decide about my studies of physics and mathematics. I share this forum from Europe and English is not my mothers language.
              It is fascinating that some people prefer to offend instead to answer the simple question why the photos of the D800 do not show the same camera as the Chicago-video.Like a lot of other people I have the impression that all is fake and the sense of this homepage is to make money with advertising.

        • Heribert

          Did it ever cross your mind that the photos might actually show different prototypes of the camera? Most probably there might have been various design models – either or none of which could represent the actual camera that will finally be mass produced.

          Nevertheless looking at prototypes and design models is interesting, because they tell a lot about the ideas that the developers are thinking about.

          What if some photos even get leaked on purpose to cause some comments that can still be taken into consideration for the final product? I think at least some of the Nikon developers will surely follow the discussions here without actively participating. So we should rather not discuss if the leaked photos are fake or not, but which features they indicate and what we like about them or not. Let’s dream of being part of the development process!


          • Clemens

            You are right – maybe the photos or the Chicago-video are leaked. That is a good explanation. What I do not know is why the admin, who has posted both has written not to have the video.
            I have a D70 and a D300s and of course am very curious what’s coming. I just have sold my Leica equipment and will purchase the new D400 or D800.

            • I have not seen the video, I was just told that portion of downtown Chicago was closed during the shooting that involved high-speed motorcycle chase. 12 different D800 cameras with various lenses were used in the making of the video.

  • Dan

    I hope the increased AF detection sensitivity turns out to be true. In my line of work that extra stop will be a very nice plus. I had always intended to replace my D3s with a D4s, presumably in a couple of years’ time, but I may have to negotiate with the wife if those specs are true. And then negotiate again to tell her I need to move into landscapes full time and how wonderful the D800 is… :/

  • pabs


    Do you have any insight into why XQD cards only in D4? I would guess it’s the 11 fps but given the 36mb resolution of D800 why not a combo of XQD and CF? I’ve never been comfortable with SD; nothing objective-they just seem too small.

    • nuno santacana

      May be SD seem too small but I think they are safer, as they don’t have moving parts.

      I’d prefer CF (or XQD)+SD

    • bratvlad

      I agree SD cards are so tiny. I much prefer CF cards. I never liked SDs in D7000 that I’ve sold. I don’t think I’ll be buying D800 anytime soon, its just doesn’t seems to be a D700 replacement to me. I’ll shoot with my D700 until I’ll be able to afford D4 or D3s. But now I am much satisfied with D700.

  • neversink

    Rumor recaps are all a bore,
    Truth gets lost in all the lore,
    I just want to get to the photo store
    A D4 and 800 I wish to score
    And perhaps big glass and lots more.
    What?? Take back your vile roar
    I’m a professional photographor
    And not a stinking gear whore!!!

  • nuno santacana

    NR admin, do you really think that Nikon is not going to make a D700 sized version of D4, lets say in 2013? Or another prosumer FX with High-ISO capabilities similar of D4?

    Many thanks

  • steve

    I am looking forward to seeing what the 85mm 1.8 looks like… I was just thinking about getting one. Would love an affordable version

  • Hipster

    Still DOESN’T beat FILM

  • Don’t you people think that D4 is the answer to 1DX and D800 to upcoming 5D MkIII?
    I believe that Nikon will announce D800 after Canon will announce 5D MkIII.

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