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ProGrade Digital: CFexpress memory card backward compatibility to XQD possible with a firmware update

Yesterday ProGrade Digital announced their new CFexpress 1TB 1400 MB/s memory card. One of the listed benefits of using CFexpress memory cards is the backward compatibility possibility with the XQD format after a firmware update from the camera manufacturer:

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Sony raised the price of XQD memory cards

In connection with my post from a few days ago regarding the increased price of Sony XQD memory cards – I can now confirm that Sony officially raised the prices and canceled all dealer’s orders that were placed with the old/lower pricing. Here is the new XQD pricing Sony sent to dealers (the actual B&H pricing […]

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ProGrade will not manufacture XQD memory cards, Lexar is currently producing XQD memory cards

Two readers contacted me with some information on the future of XQD – ProGrade confirmed that they will not manufacture XQD memory cards (they already sell SD memory cards in the US): Lexar, on the other hand, is currently producing XQD cards: All Lexar XQD memory cards are currently out of stock. All Sony XQD memory […]

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Nikon D500 firmware version 1.14 and distortion control data 2.017 released

In addition to the nine firmware updates from yesterday, Nikon just released a new firmware update for the D500 DSLR camera and new distortion control data:

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Nikon D500 Batterygate

A reader sent me some interesting finding regarding the Nikon D500 battery and the remaining battery capacity metering. The camera seems to have different metering of battery level than all other bodies (that use the same battery). This comparison was done with D850, D810, D750, D7200: the battery that is empty according to the D500 […]

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Back in Antarctica

Stefan Christmann recently returned from Antarctica and after a few weeks of adapting to the real world he wrote this post about some technical aspects of shooting with Nikon gear in Antarctica. You can find Stefan’s work on his website, Instagram and Facebook. You can check also his previous [NR] guest post (click on images for larger view): Soft clouds […]

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