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Nikon D810a DSLR camera for astrophotography listed as discontinued at US retailers

The Nikon D810a DSLR camera is currently listed as discontinued or on backorder at the top three US retailers: B&H: discontinued Adorama: on backorder Amazon: temporarily out of stock The Nikon D810a DSLR camera was specifically designed for astrophotography and it was announced back in February 2015. Related posts:

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New for May: free battery grip with the Nikon D610, D750 and D810

For the month of May Nikon introduced a new deal: you can get a free battery grip when you purchase a new Nikon D610, D750 or D810 camera. The Nikon lenses price drop is till active, the Nikon 1 rebates remain unchanged, more discounts can be found here.

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New firmware updates for Nikon D810 and D810A released

Nikon released new firmware updates for the Nikon D810 and D810A cameras that fixed an issue when using the WR‑R10 wireless remote controller:

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Nikon launched a new astrophotography website

Nikon launched a new website called “Step into the world of astrophotography, with a Nikon camera”. Some of the discussed topics are: Step into the world of astrophotography with Nikon Recommended NIKKOR lenses Astrophotography: a primer An array of stars awaits your challenge Advanced steps: with an astronomical telescope Message for beginners, from an astrophotographer In addition […]

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Nikon D810A recap

A quick recap on the Nikon D810A camera: Nikon released the SDK for the D810A camera. The new Iridient Developer 3.0.3 now supports the Nikon D810A. The D810A is now also supported by StellaImage 7. Adobe also now supports the D810A. The Nikon D810A manual is available for download. Nikon published a new set of astrophotography […]

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Adobe Camera Raw 9.1, Lightroom CC 2015.1 and Lightroom 6.1 released with Nikon J5, D810A support

The latest Adobe updates include support for the Nikon 1 J5 and D810A cameras: Camera Raw 9.1  (download links: Mac | PC) Lightroom CC 2015.1 and Lightroom 6.1 (download link) The following lenses now have new lens profiles:

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