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The new Nikkor Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S lens and Nikon MC-N10 grip now available for pre-order

The new Nikon Nikkor Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S lens is now available for pre-order: Adorama B&H Photo (lens hood | lens cap) Amazon Paul’s Photo Service Photo CA: Camera Canada UK: WEX DE: Erhardt | Calumet | Koch Nikon MC-N10 remote grip pre-order links: Adorama B&H Photo Amazon Paul’s Photo Service Photo CA: […]

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You can still buy a brand new Nikon D300s camera today

Nikon D300s… the good old times. Well, you can still buy a brand new Nikon D300s DSLR camera from B&H for $1,199 (D300s was selling for $1799.95 when announced back in 2009. Note that this is an imported model that will not come with US warranty (gray market D300s can now be repaired by third party US […]

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Nikon D500 vs. D7200 vs. D300s specifications comparison

Two different specs comparisons, first the D500 vs. the D7200 and then the D500 vs. D7200 vs. D300s (the Nikon D500 vs. Canon EOS 7D Mark II comparison can be found here):

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Nikon 24mm f/1.8G ED quick lens review

The new Nikon 24mm f/1.8G ED lens should start shipping tomorrow. Here is a quick review by Marcel Bihr:

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Nikon released firmware updates for the Nikon D300, D300s, D700 and P7700 cameras

Nikon released firmware updates for the Nikon D300, D300s and D700 DSLR cameras with added support the Nikkor 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR lenes: Firmware update A 1.11, B 1.11 for Nikon D300 Firmware update A 1.02, B 1.02 for Nikon D300s Firmware update A 1.04, B 1.03 for Nikon D700 A new firmware update […]

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Nikon D700 & D300s are now officially discontinued

Nikon D700 and D300s are now officially listed as discontinued on Nikon’s website. The surprise here is the phase out of the D300s, because I have not received any reliable information about a potential replacement. I believe the D700 will be available for sale for at least few more months after the D800 announcement. Update: I was told […]

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Nikon D700, D300s and other products no longer shipping in Japan

Nikon Japan announced today that it has stopped shipments of the following products in Japan as a result of a new Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law: Nikon D300s and D700 Wireless Transmitter WT-3 Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D10, MB-D200, MB-D80 Battery Chamber Cover BL-3 (※ 2) Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL9

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DIY wireless tethering for Nikon D300s

This DIY wireless tethering for Nikon D300s was created by Jamie Carl. “As you can see, I have it mounted inside my MB-D10 vertical grip. To do this I used my spare MS-D10 battery holder which holds 8xAA batteries. I then cut off the battery mounts from one side so that I could fit the Trulink device […]

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