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Viltrox will announce 6 new autofocus lenses for Nikon Z-mount (three APS-C and three full-frame)

Viltrox had on display six new autofocus mirrorless lenses for Nikon Z-mount at the China International Photographic Equipment and Technology Fair (China P&E) in Beijing, China. Here is the list of new lenses and pictures:

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Meike MK 85mm f/1.8 AF full-frame lens for Nikon F-mount short review with many sample photos

    Arkadii Shapoval (blog | 500px | see also his previous NR posts) reviewed the Meike MK 85mm f/1.8 AF full-frame lens for Nikon F-mount – here are the pros and the cons:

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Nikon released their 2021 fiscal year financial reports

Nikon released their financial results for the 2021 fiscal year ending March 31, 2021 – here is the recap: Revenue ¥451.2B (down ¥139.8B) Imaging Products revenue decreased by ¥75.0B Operating Profit: -¥56.2B (down ¥62.9B) Nikon sales in units by product category: Summary for the year ended March 31, 2021:

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New releases: Photo RAW 2021.5, Avalanche for Capture One 1.0, several Topaz Labs updates

ON1 released Photo RAW 2021.5 (free for current ON1 Photo RAW 2021 owners) that includes fully customizable keyboard shortcuts, more fine-tuning slider controls, re-editing capabilities between the included Lightroom plugins (Effects, Portrait AI, Resize, HDR), improved batch processing, the ability to sync presets and extras with Cloud Sync, support for external control surfaces like Stream Deck, […]

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CIPA March numbers

CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association in Japan) published their camera production data for March 2021 (orange: 2021, black: 2020, blue: 2019, click for larger view):

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Rumors: Nikon discontinuing their pension plan in the US

There is no way for me to confirm that, but I got a tip that Nikon has discontinued their pension plan for their employees in the US. I was told that Nikon employees who haven’t turned 65 were offered a lump-sum buyout. Nikon will no longer offer a pension plan for their US employees (a […]

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Nikon’s financial performance over the last 15 years (graphs)

Some interesting financial graphs from a recent article on Nikon’s stock price that show the company’s performance over the past 15 years (the actual article doesn’t provide any other interesting information, so I will include the graphs in this post):

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Welcoming our new sponsor: Paul’s Photo

Please welcome our new sponsor Paul’s Photo located in Torrance, California. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. For easy access to Paul’s Photo website, use the banner on the sidebar or any of these direct links: Nikon store section Current Nikon rebates Pre-owned gear Camera gear rentals Creative Photo Academy About Paul’s Photo:

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