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List of not yet announced Nikon cameras

Here is an updated list of upcoming Nikon cameras that have already been registered with various government agencies but are not yet officially announced:

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Enjoy this new 100 years anniversary video from Nikon

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There is no new Nikon EN-EL15 battery recall

Several websites reported today about a Nikon EN-EL15 battery recall. Please note that this is an old recall from 2012 and Nikon Japan recently just updated their website with some additional information (reported here last month). Nikon USA was probably late with the translation and just recently updated their website here. As far as I know, […]

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Chasseurs d’Images interviews the president of Nikon France *UPDATED*

A few weeks ago the French magazine “Chasseurs d’Images” published an interview with Benoit Dieuleveult, President of Nikon France. After some readers helped me with the translation (thanks), here are the most interesting parts of the interview:

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Nikon Arcrest protection filters update

A quick update on the new Nikon Arcrest “high-performance” protection filters that were announced in June: Nikon now has a dedicated page on the filters – additional information can be found here posted a review of the Arcrest filters with sample photos (translated) The filters are currently in stock at Amazon Japan and on eBay The Nikon Arcrest filters are made with real […]

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New in-browser push notifications implemented for NikonRumors

You can now subscribe for in-browser push notifications for NikonRumors. You can control your subscription from the small red bell icon located on the lower right corner of the screen or from the settings in your browser. Currently the notifications work only for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. You can also follow NikonRumors on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram or subscribe […]

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