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Poll: what camera do you want Nikon to release?

I haven’t done one of those useless polls in a while, so here we go – which one of those Nikon cameras do want/need and will most likely purchase (you can vote for two cameras): What camera do you want Nikon to release? You can also enter your own listing in the poll under “other”. Direct link […]

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Getting closer to a Nikon announcement

I already reported that I expect new products to be announced in the 2nd or 3rd week of April. We are entering this period next week and there are already rumors floating around that we may see new products being introduced as early as next week (the one date I heard is April 11th but […]

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What to expect from Nikon in 2017?

I have no solid information on any of the rumors mentioned in this post, this is more of a list of possible Nikon products for 2017 (more expectations/speculations than rumors): CES 2017: Nikon D5600 introduction to the US market. New Nikon 1 J6 camera announcement (possibly in early 2017). Interestingly Nikon USA is “temporarily out of […]

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Nikon two-layers sensor patent

Nikon has a new patent filed in Japan for a two-layers sensor with phase detection AF in one layer and contrast based AF in the other layer:

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Nikon 1 is still alive, larger sensor mirrorless solution is being considered

In addition to what I already reported in my post yesterday, there are now two more interviews published online where Nikon clearly say that their Nikon 1 product line is still alive and a large sensor mirrorless solution is being considered:

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What to expect from Nikon at Photokina

Unless I am missing something, it seems that Nikon has nothing major to announce at Photokina this year. The big wild card of course is the new Nikon mirrorless camera with a “large” sensor:

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