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Let’s start talking about the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera

Let’s start talking about the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera I have been reporting about the new Nikon mirrorless camera for over a year now, but I still don’t have any reliable technical details. Several different scenarios are possible: Nikon will bring back the Nikon 1 with a new and better adapter. Maybe they can squeeze […]

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Catching up on the latest Nikon patents (more mirrorless hints)

I have not reported on the latest Nikon patents in a while, here is a quick recap (a reminder: as some have found out recently, previous patents are not a guarantee for future products):

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New Yahoo Japan article about Nikon

Yesterday Yahoo Japan published an article about Nikon. The Google translation is hard to understand, but here are the main points:

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New Nikon patents: 24-68mm f/2.8-4 full frame mirrorless lens and a multifunctional hot shoe

Two new Nikon patents were filed in Japan: P2017-129668A – 24-68mm f/2.8-4 full frame mirrorless lens P2017-130973A – multifunctional hot shoe (with additional connectors to accommodate an EVF?) Here are a few more graphics from the multifunctional hot shoe patent:

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Nikon officially confirms they are “developing new mirrorless products”

In connection with the latest interview with Nikon’s president I posted here on [NR], a Nikon spokesperson said this to dpreview: “While details are confidential, we can say that we are currently developing new mirrorless products that build upon Nikon’s strengths, and offer the performance prospective customers expect, including the ultimate optics performance, image-processing technologies, strength […]

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Thom Hogan explains why Nikon’s late entry to the mirrorless market could actually be a good thing

  Continuation to my post from earlier today: there could be multiple reasons why Nikon is still not releasing their mirrorless solution. All previously announced mirrorless cameras from other companies were not perfect and they all had some serious disadvantages. Just in the past year, we started seeing mirrorless cameras with improved EVF (Leica SL), dual […]

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