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Nikon D3xxx and D5xxx products lines are now officially discontinued

Nikon sent official notices to stores indicating that the Nikon D3xxx and D5xxx product lines are now officially discontinued. This also explains the latest rumors about a new Nikon Z30 APS-C mirrorless camera:

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New Nikon D3300 and D5300 firmware updates released

Nikon released new firmware updates for the D3300 and D5300 DSLR cameras where they fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in incorrect exposure for the first photo taken in live view. Here are the download links: Nikon D3300 firmware version 1.02 Nikon D5300 firmware version 1.02

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Nikon D3300 vs D3400 specifications comparison

A quick specifications comparison between the new Nikon D3400 camera and the D3300: Update – one more important piece of the specs that was not mentioned in the table: the flash guide number of the D3400 vs. the D3300 (this explains the improved battery life of the D3400): D3400: Approx. 7/22, 8/26 with manual flash […]

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Nikon D3300 listed as discontinued, replacement imminent

The Japanese website DC.Watch reports that the Nikon D3300 DSLR camera ($389.95) is now officially discontinued (listed as “old product” in Japan).

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What to expect next from Nikon

Most of the products reported on my previous “what to expect” posts are already announced. This is an updated list on what could be coming from Nikon in the next few months: Nikon DSLR cameras There are few possibilities here but I do not have any good intel yet: Nikon D3300 replacement (announced January 2014 ) – after […]

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Firmware update C version 1.01 for the Nikon D3300 released

Nikon released firmware update C version 1.01 for the D3300 DSLR camera that adds support for the new AF-P Nikkor lenses:

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Nikon’s lens-only instant rebates are back *UPDATED*

Update: the rebates were extended for March. As previously reported, the once-a-year Nikon lens-only instant rebates are now live at Adorama, B&H and Amazon – check all the listings, different retailers offers various freebies (filters, etc.) with many of the lenses. Adorama also offers a free “1 year drops & spills warranty” on almost all lenses – look […]

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Nikon HD-SLR cameras video features compared (D750 vs. D4s, D810, D610, D7100, D5300, D3300)

Here is a HD-SLR cameras video features comparison from Nikon (D750 vs. D4s, D810, D610, D7100, D5300, D3300):

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