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Third-party battery grip options for the Nikon D850 camera

Since the original Nikon MB-D18 battery grip is still impossible to get, there are several third-party alternatives currently available for sale on eBay. There is also one listing on Amazon (Mcoplus MB-D18 battery grip) but is currently not available. Check out also this Nikon MB-D18 with EN-EL18b battery kit currently listed for $940.85:

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Nikon D850 QDSLRDashboard connection workaround (Wi-Fi without SnapBridge)

A reader sent me this video demonstrating how to setup a Wi-Fi connection between the D850 and an Apple iOS devices:

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Order the Nikon D850 today at Amazon, get it in two days

A friend of mine just ordered his Nikon D850 from Amazon and we were both surprised to find out that he will have his camera in 2 days (delivery estimate: Thursday, December 7th). I am not sure if this is a glitch in the system or Amazon just got a large D850 shipment that cleared […]

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Best memory cards for the Nikon D850 DSLR camera (XQD, UHS-II and UHS-I)

Alik Griffin tested the most popular memory cards in the Nikon D850 DSLR camera: XQD, UHS-II and UHS-I SD. Here are the results: Memory Cards USB 3 read USB 3 write Nikon D850 XQD LEXAR 2933X 344 MB/s 202 MB/s 115.45 MB/s SONY G 400MB/S 330 MB/s 188 MB/s 113.84 MB/s SONY M 150MB/S 347 MB/s […]

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Interview with the team who worked on the Nikon D850 camera

A while back I posted links to a recent DC.Watch interview with the team who worked on the Nikon D850 camera. Yesterday a member of the NikonGear forum posted a nice recap of the interview:

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Update on the latest Nikon D850 shipments in the US

Update – I changed some of the dates based on the latest information received from readers. New Nikon D850 shipments were delivered to many authorized dealers in the US this week. Here are the latest (updated) waiting times for existing pre-orders in the three major online stores in the US: Amazon: now shipping to pre-orders […]

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