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There is no Nikon D760 or D850 (yet)

Some websites are reporting that Nikon will introduce new D760 and D850 cameras this month. I am pretty sure this will not happen. I already mentioned that as far as I know there is no D850 camera, even though the D850 model makes sense after the D750/D7500/D5/D500. To the best of my knowledge, the D810 replacement […]

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Reminder: EXIF data can easily be manipulated (Nikon D850, D900)

    With so much fake news going around the Web, just a quick reminder – as you can see from the pictures above, anyone can easily manipulate the EXIF data of a photo and pretend to be using a new, not-yet-release Nikon camera (in the cases above, a Nikon D850 and a D900).

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All Nikon D850 YouTube videos are fake/clickbait

There are many fake videos on YouTube about all kinds of “made up” new Nikon cameras. Some of them are based on information I reported here on NR, others are just plain good old BS – they are all made to appear like official Nikon promotions, but I can assure you they are not.

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