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All Lexar XQD memory cards already discontinued at B&H

All Lexar XQD memory cards are already listed as discontinued at B&H. Some models can still be found at Adorama and Amazon. Nikon is currently the only camera manufacturer that uses XQD memory cards (some high-end camcorders are using XQD as well). Sony is currently the only manufacturer of XQD memory cards (most models are […]

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Nikon LPG-001 LCD glass protector for the D850

A reader contacted me to inform me that the older Nikon LPG-001 LCD chemical tempered glass protector is a perfect fit for the Nikon D850 camera and there are no issues when using the touchscreen. The Nikon LPG-001 can be purchased at eBay for around $30-$40. There are also several third-party options listed for sale on Amazon. Some […]

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Adobe Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic announced, D850 support for Lightroom 6 will come on October 26th

As already reported, today Adobe announced a new cloud-based Lightroom CC and rebranded the old Lightroom 7 to Lightroom Classic. The bad news is that D850 support for the old Lightroom 6 version will be added on October 26th: What’s the Difference Between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic? Going forward, the product you’ve known as Lightroom will […]

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New batch of Nikon D850 cameras now shipping, Lightroom support rumored to be announced tomorrow

As I already reported, the next Nikon D850 shipment was expected to hit US stores in mid-October. B&H and Adorama were closed for the past two weeks, but other stores have already started shipping D850 cameras to existing pre-orders. Several people from Europe also reported D850 deliveries in the past few days. The Sony 128GB XQD G memory […]

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PhotonsToPhotos published new Nikon D850 tests results for different RAW options

PhotonsToPhotos published new Nikon D850 test graphs based on data collected from the different RAW files options (RawM, RawS, Lossy in 12 and 14 bit): Photographic Dynamic Range vs. ISO chart Read Noise in DNs vs. ISO chart Dpreview also completed their D850 review:

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This is the real “Nikon official D850 lens recommendation list”

Several websites, including dpreview, published a “Nikon official D850 lens recommendation list” which has nothing to do with Nikon’s official recommendation. It seems that the list was made up based on nothing but thin air. I have already covered here on the blog Thom Hogan’s recommended list of lenses for the D850 and the actual […]

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