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Shooting wildlife with an ancient DSLR camera – by Des Ong

Palla’s Long Tongue Bats, Costa Rica

“Shooting wildlife with an ancient DSLR camera” – by Des Ong (website | Facebook | Instagram, see also his previous guest posts): I feel like a dinosaur, still using a brick that is the Nikon D4s, in 2021. Mirrorless bodies certainly look very interesting and the boy in me is eager to try my hands on the new toys. […]

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Some observations from camera stores in Japan

The 14-24 f2.8S

This is a guest post from a reader in Japan: I had dropped by a couple of camera stores in Japan yesterday (Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera) to get some supplies and had some observations there that I’d like to share:

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Nikon Z6 for war/conflict journalism

Syrian civil war: A Kurdish-Arab fighter fires his machinegun on Turkish backed militants in late 2019 / Z6, 50mm, f2.8, ISO 2000

Nikon Z6 for war/conflict journalism by Alex Kühni (Instagram: @alex_kuehni | Web: www.alexkuehni.com): With great interest I read the NR guest posts about working with Nikon gear in different fields of photography. As a photojournalist focused on war and conflict, I would like to contribute my own experiences working with the Z system. Let’s start […]

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Shooting Birds In Flight (BIF) from a balcony during the quarantine with the Nikon Z50

Shooting Birds In Flight (BIF) from a balcony during the quarantine with the Nikon Z50 by Krishnan Venkitachalam: My casual shooting camera a Sony RX100 ver 1 had gone bust a few months ago. I was looking for a replacement for my Sony which has served me well for over nine years. Initially I had […]

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Photographing “The Wave” (Coyote Buttes North, Arizona)

Photographing "The Wave", Coyote Buttes North, Arizona

Photographing “The Wave” (Coyote Buttes North, Arizona) by Nikhil Shahi website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube – see also his previous posts here (all photos taken with the Nikon D850): For almost six years, I had diligently entered a monthly online lottery, to try and secure an elusive permit to visit ‘The Wave’ in Arizona. And every month during those six […]

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Nikon Z7 II camera review by Geoff Livingston

My Experience Shooting with the Z7ii by Geoff Livingston (website, Instagram, Facebook, see also his previous guest posts): I received my new Nikon Z7ii in late December. Since then, I have used it in a variety of situations, from professional jobs to personal projects to simple walk-abouts. Throughout the article you will see random shots from […]

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Meike 50mm f/1.2 manual focus lens for Z-mount review

Meike 50mm f/1.2 Z-mount manual focus lens review by Bill Hall (see previous guest posts): Now that the Nikon Z-Mount system has been out for a couple of years, more and more third-party lens choices have become available. Meike, known for its budget-conscious quality products, is now producing this fast 50mm lens for the Z-Mount. It’s […]

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Zemlin third-party lens hoods for Nikon super-telephoto lenses (replacement hoods for big glass)

A reader contacted me about his own lens hoods specifically designed for Nikon super-telephoto lenses. The different versions can be purchased directly on eBay. See also this related post at the Nikon Rumors Forum.

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