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Nikon D6 firmware version 1.10 released

Nikon released new firmware version 1.10 for the Nikon D6 DSLR camera (currently in stock at B&H). Here are the changes from “C” firmware version 1.00 to 1.10:

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Nikon Z50 firmware update version 2.01 released

Today Nikon released a firmware update version 2.01 for the Z50 mirrorless camera with a fix for a minor error when using Korean or simplified Chinese language (no need to update unless you use the languages):

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Sigma released new firmware updates for issues with the Nikon D6 camera

A few days ago Sigma released new firmware updates for several F-mount lenses that fixes issues with the Nikon D6 camera: It has improved the start-up time after the Nikon D6 power is turned on. It has fixed an issue where the autofocus did not work when used on a Nikon D6. Impacted lenses: ・Sigma […]

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New firmware updates for the Nikon Z50, Z6, Z7 cameras and FTZ adapter released (animal-detection for the Z50)

Ok, one more – as previously reported🙂 Nikon announced several firmware updates:

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Coming soon: Nikon Z50 firmware update and new Nikon rebates in the US

I was told that Nikon will start a new rebates program in the US on Monday next week – a day before the new Nikon Z5 camera is announced. Nikon is also preparing to release a new Z50 camera firmware update, but I am not sure if this will happen next week or at a […]

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Nikon D850 firmware update version 1.11 released

Nikon just released firmware update version 1.11 for the Nikon D850 DSLR camera with a single fix: Fixed an issue that disabled firmware updates for certain lenses and accessories. The Nikon D850 is now selling for $2,996.95 at: Adorama | B&H | Amazon.

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