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Is this a small LCD screen on the top of the Nikon Z1 mirrorless camera prototype?

Do you remember the Nikon Z1 mirrorless camera prototype I reported a few months ago? A reader just pointed out to me that there is actually a small LCD screen on top of the Z-mount:

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Nikon Z3, Z5 and Z9 mirrorless camera rumors

Slow news day, here are some more unconfirmed rumors (I usually only post information that is verified by multiple sources): Low-end Nikon D5700 DSLR or similar is still a possibility High-end Pro Z series camera (Z9?) with dual card slots – the development could be announced as early as this summer Nikon Z5 in 2019: […]

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New rumors: Nikon APS-C (DX) mirrorless camera possible

First, a small note on the Nikon Z1 entry-level mirrorless camera: when Nikon makes a prototype, they do not name or label them in any way – see some previous Nikon Z prototypes: The Nikon Z1 mirrorless camera picture I posted on Sunday could have been developed as a prototype, but the fact that it […]

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Is this the new entry-level Nikon Z1 mirrorless camera?

Nikon has mentioned on several occasions that they are planning to release a new entry-level Nikon Z mirrorless camera to compete with the Canon RP. Could that new model be the Nikon Z1 pictured above? The leaked photo looks legit in my opinion. What do you think? For comparison, here is the top view of the Nikon Z6/Z7:

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