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The latest US Nikon Z9 pre-orders/shipment update

Several readers in the US just received their Nikon Z9 cameras from Adorama. The currently shipped orders were placed on the day of the announcement (October 28). Almost 5 months since the Z9 is available to purchase, Nikon is still fulfilling orders placed on the first day:

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And here we go: Nikon Z9 camera announcement and launch event

Here is the live Nikon Z9 presentation:

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Nikon Z9 detailed specifications leaked

Nikon Z9 specs recap – see also the leaked photos and price (Google translated):

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Nikon Z9 camera pre-orders (coming soon)

The Nikon Z9 camera and new lenses will be available for preorder shortly after the official announcement (either tonight after midnight or tomorrow morning around 8 am EDT). The good part is that some stores already have listings for the Z9 that will convert to pre-orders at some point in the next 12+ hours: Adorama […]

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Nikon Z9 teaser #4: blackout-free EVF

The fourth and final teaser for the Nikon Z9 camera is now out:

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Nikon India leaked Z9 presentation video with basic specs

Nikon India leaked the Z9 presentation video with some basic camera specs: Update – the video is now removed from YouTube but it is still available on several places online – see the comments section for the links

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Morten Hilmer has the Nikon Z9

Morten Hilmer is currently testing the Nikon Z9 camera – he confirmed that in his latest video at the 26:30 mark and even posted a pixelated picture of the Z9 (see above):

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Some last moment leaked Nikon Z9 specifications *UPDATED*

I just received another set of Nikon Z9 camera specifications from Asia – nothing really new or breaking, everything is pretty much as I already reported it a few months ago: The Nikon Z9 shutter will close when the camera is off to protect the sensor 45 MP stacked sensor 20 fps (could be also […]

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