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This could be the Nikon Z9 LCD screen *UPDATED*

The previous Z9 posts have almost 700 comments and Disqus is already acting weird. Time to start a new discussion with what appears to be a leaked picture of the Nikon Z9 LCD screen: Update – the above picture is part of a presentation in Asia – the slide explanation for that screenshot is:

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Nikon Z9: “this is no catch-up game from Nikon, it’s surpassing the competition with huge margins” (plus a freshly leaked picture of the Z9)

First, here is a new freshly leaked picture of the upcoming Nikon Z9 camera: Back In August I already mentioned that the Nikon Z9 in 2021 will be for Nikon what the Nikon D3 was for Nikon back in 2007 – it will bring Nikon back on top, at least in terms of technology (hopefully […]

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Nikon Z9 teaser #3 commentary

Here is some commentary from Ricci and Matt on the third Nikon Z9 teaser:

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Nikon Z9 teaser #3

The third Nikon Z9 teaser is out: The new teaser shows the Z9 fast shooting mode. A reader downloaded the video, imported it in Premiere and slowed it down enough to count – that burst is 35 frames. The burst lasts for 1.7 seconds so that’s a pretty solid confirmation of the Z9 shooting at […]

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Nikon Z9 teaser #2 is here

Nikon just published their second teaser for the upcoming Nikon Z9 camera (the video already leaked online earlier today):

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Is that the second Nikon Z9 teaser?

Is that the second Nikon Z9 teaser? Update – the video is now removed from Instagram but several readers already uploaded it online:

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Nikon officially announced…. a Z9 mirrorless camera teaser

After I stayed up the whole night waiting for the Z9 mirrorless camera to be announced, I woke up this morning to a new… Z9 mirrorless camera teaser. So my report yesterday was for a new teaser, not the real announcement which is why I was getting conflicting information. Expect the final official Z9 release […]

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Nikon Z9 announcement tonight?

The Nikon Z9 could officially be released tonight after midnight EST (October 5th). I am still trying to confirm this information. I am also not sure if this will be the official announcement to the public or just an internal presentation to dealers. Some stores in Europe already have the Nikon Z9 on their website […]

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