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Nikon Z9 continuous coverage

→ Coming today at 5 pm EST on Facebook: Nikon Z9 live pro overview with Adorama (see all Z9 events here). → Nikon Z9 day on November 5th – register here: “Join us and a host of Nikon experts to discover more about the game-changing Nikon Z 9 camera. Throughout the day, there will be […]

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Some last moment leaked Nikon Z9 specifications *UPDATED*

I just received another set of Nikon Z9 camera specifications from Asia – nothing really new or breaking, everything is pretty much as I already reported it a few months ago: The Nikon Z9 shutter will close when the camera is off to protect the sensor 45 MP stacked sensor 20 fps (could be also […]

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Nikon Z9: “this is no catch-up game from Nikon, it’s surpassing the competition with huge margins” (plus a freshly leaked picture of the Z9)

First, here is a new freshly leaked picture of the upcoming Nikon Z9 camera: Back In August I already mentioned that the Nikon Z9 in 2021 will be for Nikon what the Nikon D3 was for Nikon back in 2007 – it will bring Nikon back on top, at least in terms of technology (hopefully […]

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Nikon announcement this week? (just a guess)

Canon will have a major announcement tomorrow (Setepmerb 14th). Nikon and Canon usually introduce new products just a few days apart, so I will not be surprised if Nikon pushes out a press release as well in the next few days. I do not have any specific intel, but the Nikkor Z 40mm f/2 and […]

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New Nikon Z9 monster specs leaked, announcement expected in the next two months: Nikon basically combined the D6 and D850 and made it mirrorless…

As I already reported, several photographers are already testing the Nikon Z9 and we are starting to get some additional information on the upcoming flagship. The Z9 was at the Olympics and there are plenty of images floating online with erased EXIF data. For now I will not post any of them online since I […]

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