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What’s coming next: an updated list of expected/rumored Nikon Z mirrorless cameras and lenses

Canon will have a major mirrorless RF announcement in a few days and it seems that Nikon is also planning a big announcement at the end of July (July 21st?). I am still not sure exactly what products will be announced later this month. The most likely scenario will be the Nikon Z5 with one, […]

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Nikon Z5 rumored announcement date: July 21

The Nikon Z5 is rumored to be announced on July 21 (±1 day based on time zone). The Nikon Z5 will not be the only new product announced on that date. I am still working on the complete list of upcoming Nikon products and will post it online soon. Stay tuned. If you have any […]

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Nikon Z5 mirrorless camera rumored specifications

First, I have to correct my previous Nikon Z5 post – I reported that the Z5 will not have a top electronic viewfinder. The translation I got was actually wrong – the Nikon Z5 will not have an electronic display on the top panel and will indeed have an electronic viewfinder on the top panel (similar […]

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The rumored Nikon Z5 mirrorless camera may not have an EVF (it could be an optional accessory)

I am already receiving small bits and pieces of information on the rumored Nikon Z5 camera. The latest tip indicated that the Z5 may not have an EVF (it could be an optional accessory) – maybe something similar to the Sigma fp:

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Nikon registered two new cameras: N1929 and N1932

A quick update to my last post – Nokishita just reported that Nikon has registered two new cameras in Russia: N1929 and N1932. Nikon already has many other registered but not yet announced cameras, but my guess is that many of them got canceled and will never be announced.

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Getting closer to a Nikon announcement: two new entry-level Z mirrorless cameras expected (Z30 and Z5)

I am slowly starting to narrow down the next Nikon announcement – here is a quick update to my last “what to expect post”: in 2020 Nikon is rumored to announce two new entry-level Z mirrorless cameras: The entry-level full-frame camera should be called Nikon Z5 and it will be positioned under the Z6 The entry-level […]

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