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Reminder: Nikon to announce one more camera this year (2023) – a mirrorless full-frame retro Nikon Zf?

Just a reminder: I have been reporting for a while that Nikon is rumored to announce one more camera this year (2023) – possibly a new mirrorless full-frame retro Nikon Zf model (not confirmed). If true, this will be the real Nikon Df replacement and it is expected in the August/September timeframe.

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New interview with Tetsuro Goto from Nikon: “full frame is the trend, if Nikon will go mirrorless it must be full frame”

The Chinese website Xitek published a new interview with Tetsuro Goto from Nikon. Here is a translation of the main points from the interview:

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Rumors from Japanese magazine: Nikon Df2 to be based on the D750 (24MP sensor)

I recently received this page that was published in a Japanese magazine a few weeks ago. The article suggests that the Nikon Df2 DSLR camera will be based on the D750 and will have a 24MP sensor:

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What to expect from Nikon in 2017?

I have no solid information on any of the rumors mentioned in this post, this is more of a list of possible Nikon products for 2017 (more expectations/speculations than rumors): CES 2017: Nikon D5600 introduction to the US market. New Nikon 1 J6 camera announcement (possibly in early 2017). Interestingly Nikon USA is “temporarily out of […]

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Nikon Df camera listed as discontinued at authorized dealer

I am not sure if this is a mistake, but the Nikon Df camera is listed as discontinued at BuyDig (an authorized US dealer). All Df versions seems to be in stock at other retailers. I expect a new “Df-like” camera to be announced for Nikon’s 100th anniversary in 2017.

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New “Df-like” camera rumored for Nikon’s 100th anniversary in 2017

On July 25, 2017 Nikon will celebrate its 100th anniversary. I was told that Nikon will announce a special “Df-like” camera and lens.

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