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Nikon: we plan to concentrate on mid-to-high-end DSLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses

Several Japanese news outlets published an article based on an interview with Nikon executives. Here are the key points from a Google translation (if you have a better translation, please post it in the comments section):

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Dpreview interview with Nikon: “we’ll keep doing what we’re doing”

Today Dpreview published their interview with Nikon at Photokina and as the editor mentioned in the comments, Nikon’s answer on the future of the DSLR (and few other questions) appears to be “we’ll keep doing what we’re doing”. Here are few other quotes that just confirm this statement:

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Nikon 1 is still alive, larger sensor mirrorless solution is being considered

In addition to what I already reported in my post yesterday, there are now two more interviews published online where Nikon clearly say that their Nikon 1 product line is still alive and a large sensor mirrorless solution is being considered:

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New interview with Nikon representative on various Nikkor lens topics

Fotosidan published an interesting interview with Zurab Kiknadze, product manager for Nikkor lenses in Europe where he talks about the possibilities of a Nikkor 50mm f/1.0, future PF lenses and the limitations of the F-mount. I cannot embed the video, you have to visit this page in order to watch it.

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Nikon cannot give a straight answer on their DX strategy

Maybe is the translation or maybe is just me, but I cannot make any sense from the answers Nikon representatives gave to dpreview during an interview at the CP+ show that just got published online today – see for yourself:

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