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Nikon Z9 shipping date now listed as July 10, 2022 at Adorama

Adorama has updated their website and is now listing the shipping date for the Nikon Z9 as July 10, 2022. I did not see any changes in other Z9 listings: Z9 pre-orders (US): Europe Canada Adorama B&H Amazon Pauls’s Photo Service Photo Calumet (NL) Calumet (DE) Foto Erhardt (DE) Foto Koch (DE) WEX (UK) CameraCanada

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Nikon Z9 button function chart released

Nikon released a Z9 button function chart that can be downloaded here:

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Dpreview’s Nikon Z9 review: the best camera ever tested (94% Gold Award)

Dpreview published their full Nikon Z9 review and the camera got the highest score ever (94% Gold Award): Here is Dpreview’s conclusion: “The Nikon Z9 is perhaps the most complete camera we’ve ever tested.

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New Nikon Z9 firmware update version 2.0 announced

As I already reported earlier today, Nikon officially announced a new firmware update version 2.0 for the Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera (to be released on April 20, 2022). Here are the details:

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The current shipping date for new Nikon Z9 orders in Japan is January 2023

A quick update on my previous post from December on the Nikon Z9 waiting time in Japan – if you place your order today at Yodobashi, your Z9 is expected to ship in January 2023:

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Nikon Z9 camera first impressions

Nikon Z9 first impressions by Wade Tregaskis (see also this related post) based on camera firmware 1.11. All example photos are straight out of the camera from High Efficiency* raws as rendered by Lightroom. Some are cropped where appropriate.

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Nikon Z9 additional coverage

→ B&H just sent another batch of Nikon Z9 cameras to non-NPS members – these orders were placed on the day of the announcement. → Nikon Z9 events at Paul’s Photo: Nikon Z9 – Out of the box – the button tour: Monday, February 7th 5:30 pm West Coast time (free) Nikon Z deep dice […]

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B&H and Amazon are now preparing to send Nikon Z9 shipments to non-NPS members

Both B&H Photo and Amazon are now preparing to ship the Nikon Z9 camera to non-NPS members – the current batch is for pre-orders placed on October 28:

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