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Nikon has updated N-Log 3D LUT to version 1.06

Nikon updated N-Log 3D LUT to version 1.06 with a single change: Added an N-Log–compatible “cube”-format 3D LUT file for the Z f. N-Log 3D LUT is a 3D lookup table developed by Nikon for use when color-grading movie footage shot with N-Log gamma. Read more on this topic here: what is Nikon N-Log and should […]

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The Nikon Df camera is slowly disappearing

The Nikon Df camera is not officially discontinued yet, but it is slowly disappearing from store shelves (the Nikon Df was announced 7 years ago): Adorama: no longer available (not even listed in the search results) B&H: some configurations are still in stock Amazon: limited availability Here is a report from Japan:

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I think the Nikon Df camera will be discontinued next

The Nikon Df is now almost €900 off at the official Nikon France store. The Df is no longer available for sale at Amazon France and Amazon Germany. Similar is the situation in the UK – only used Nikon Df cameras are listed at WEX Photo, Park Camera and Amazon UK. Surprisingly, in the US […]

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Deal of the day: Refurbished Nikon Df for $1,699.95

Refurbished Nikon Df cameras are now available for $1,699.95. This is just one of the many refurbished Nikon deals that were recently posted online (the refurbished Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E lens for $1,679 is still available). Here are all other currently available Nikon deals:

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December full-frame mirrorless camera market share in Japan – Sony: 66.4%, Canon: 17.5%, Nikon: 16%

BCN ranking published a new graph on the state of the full-frame mirrorless market in Japan from August 2018 to December 2018 (when the latest Nikon and Canon mirrorless cameras were announced). The sales for December 2018 are – Sony: 66.4%, Canon: 17.5%, Nikon: 16%.

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New firmware updates for the Nikon Df, D810, D610 and Coolpix cameras

Nikon released the second batch of firmware update fixes for the timezone issue (see the first batch here): The SETUP MENU > Time zone and date > Time zone display now shows only the names of major cities in the currently selected zone. (DSLR) The display when Home time zone or Travel destination is selected […]

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Havana people with the Nikon Df and an old Nikkor 28mm manual lens

Havana people with the Nikon Df and an old Nikkor 28mm manual lens by Julien Hautcoeur (Web | Instagram | Facebook | Tumblr | Flickr | see also his previous guest post): Getting closer Famous Magnum photographer Robert Capa once said: « If Your Photos Aren’t Good Enough, You’re Not Close Enough ». Here is the challenge I wanted to achieve when […]

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Nikon releases new firmware updates for the D4, D4s, Df, D800, D800E, D810, D810A, D7100 and D7200 cameras

Nikon just released firmware updates for nine different DSLR cameras. Most of the changes are for adding AF-P lens support (maybe a new AF-P lens is coming soon):

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