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Nikon Mirrorless Camera (Z-mount)

Why did Nikon reserve a big booth for the 2018 NAB show?

This year Nikon has booked a rather large booth for the 2018 NAB show that will take place in April (7th-12th). Nikon’s booth is in the middle of the Central Hall and is almost as big as other video-heavy-hitters like JVC, Fuji and Arri. Just a reminder that Nikon was not part of the 2016 […]

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Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless camera rumored to have a new Z-mount with 16mm flange focal distance

Some interesting rumors from CES – Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless camera is rumored to have a new Z-mount: Designed for full frame mirrorless cameras External diameter: 49mm Flange focal distance: 16mm Keep in mind that “Z-mount” may not be the final marketing name, but I believe the dimensions are right. For comparison, here are the dimensions of the […]

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Nikon mirrorless camera rumors, speculations and predictions

    One of the main reasons I have been holding back on reporting rumors about the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera is the different information I am receiving from sources. I have already discussed this topic several times in the past – I think the reason why we are still getting conflicting information is the fact […]

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New interview with Tetsuro Goto from Nikon: “full frame is the trend, if Nikon will go mirrorless it must be full frame”

The Chinese website Xitek published a new interview with Tetsuro Goto from Nikon. Here is a translation of the main points from the interview:

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Let’s start talking about the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera

Let’s start talking about the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera I have been reporting about the new Nikon mirrorless camera for over a year now, but I still don’t have any reliable technical details. Several different scenarios are possible: Nikon will bring back the Nikon 1 with a new and better adapter. Maybe they can squeeze […]

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Nikon officially confirms they are “developing new mirrorless products”

In connection with the latest interview with Nikon’s president I posted here on [NR], a Nikon spokesperson said this to dpreview: “While details are confidential, we can say that we are currently developing new mirrorless products that build upon Nikon’s strengths, and offer the performance prospective customers expect, including the ultimate optics performance, image-processing technologies, strength […]

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