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Nikon D850 luggage cover

It’s April 1st already – the right to present to you this new Nikon D850 luggage cover:

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New Nikon F-mount adapter for Coolpix cameras to be announced soon

Nikon will announce a new adapter that will allow you to attach F-mount DSLR lenses to any Coolpix camera. The idea is similar to this adapter that lets you attach Nikkor lenses to your iPhone. The new Nikon adapter will have a F-mount on one side for attaching the lens and a very strong Neodymium […]

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Nikon to introduce new NIKKORNER product line

Together with the D5100, Nikon will also introduce a revolutionary new brand called NIKKORNER which will include products from the Imaging and Sports Optics divisions. In the Imaging division, Nikon will be announcing a new lens that can take pictures around corners and protect photojournalists when working in dangerous areas. The lens will be available also in camouflage pattern/colors. In the Sport Optics […]

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After Nikon did the research, Kodak announced Aromatography

In the last Nikon links section I posted the results of an international study commissioned by Nikon: “47% of Britons can remember the scent associated with the photograph” (see original article at DailyMail dated March 24th). Today Kodak made it official: they announced Aromatography, a breakthrough in digital image processing. See the details at the official kodak.com […]

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Nikon EVIL camera LCD screen leaked

Nikon EVIL camera LCD screen leaked, originally uploaded by 1davidstella.

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First Nikon camcorder: the HDV Coolvix

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