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Nikon demonstrations planned for 2021

Nikon demonstrations are being planned for 2021 because of the recent reductions/eliminations of Nikon product warranties around the world:

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Joe McNally switches to Canon

Following the sad news that Sony withdrew from the camera business, Joe McNally officially announced that he is switching to Canon. In an unprecedented video called “Why I left Nikon for Canon” Joe explains his reasons: “Nikon cameras are just very good and no longer fun. Every picture is just perfect and now anybody can […]

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Nikon rumored to announce a new instant camera

Following Canon’s latest announcement, Nikon is also rumored to announce a new instant camera that will destroy everything available on the market today in terms of image quality. I just received the first leaked picture and here is the promo video:

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Nikon ZNG camera press release leaked online

Nikon ZNG camera press release just leaked online – here is the PDF file:

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Nikon’s first left-handed camera

This is the first leaked picture of Nikon’s upcoming left-handed APS-C DSLR camera:

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Nikon D850 luggage cover

It’s April 1st already – the right to present to you this new Nikon D850 luggage cover:

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New Nikon F-mount adapter for Coolpix cameras to be announced soon

Nikon will announce a new adapter that will allow you to attach F-mount DSLR lenses to any Coolpix camera. The idea is similar to this adapter that lets you attach Nikkor lenses to your iPhone. The new Nikon adapter will have a F-mount on one side for attaching the lens and a very strong Neodymium […]

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Nikon to introduce new NIKKORNER product line

Together with the D5100, Nikon will also introduce a revolutionary new brand called NIKKORNER which will include products from the Imaging and Sports Optics divisions. In the Imaging division, Nikon will be announcing a new lens that can take pictures around corners and protect photojournalists when working in dangerous areas. The lens will be available also in camouflage pattern/colors. In the Sport Optics […]

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