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Nikon Japan: Z9 shipping date is December 24

A quick update on my previous post – Nikon Japan just issued a notice indicating that the shipping date of the Nikon Z9 camera and accessories will be December 24th (Google translated):

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Nikon updates the shipping date on their latest products for Mainland China (Z9, 100-400mm, 24-120mm, FTZII)

Nikon updated the shipping dates for Mainland China for the Z9 and the other recently announced products (100-400mm, 24-120mm, FTZII) – see the table above, here is the translation (product name – shipping date – price with tax included): Nikon Z9 – December 23 – RMB35999 Nikkor Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S – December 23 […]

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TicoRAW technology from intoPIX is behind the Nikon Z9 high-efficiency RAW recording

Today intoPIX, a company located in Belgium, issued a press release revealing that their TicoRAW technology is behind the Nikon Z9 high-efficiency RAW recording. TicoRAW is described as the new RAW​: “Designed by intoPIX, it unleashes image sensor and traditional RAW data-flows thanks to an innovative processing and coding. The full power of the image […]

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The Nikon Z9 is #1

→ The Nikon Z9 is #1 seller at B&H. → The Nikon Z9 got the top camera of the year award at Dpreview. → The Nikon Z9 is also the #1 camera at Explora. → The latest Nikon Z9 videos:

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Nikon Z9 dual-stream technology explained

Today Nikon released a new video explaining the new and unique Z9 dual-stream technology paired with the high-performance EXPEED 7 image-processing engine that provides up to 10 times faster processing speed which allows real-time split-second action to be captured simultaneously as it happens through the blackout-free real-live viewfinder:

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The latest Nikon Z9 YouTube videos

The latest Nikon Z9 youtube videos:

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Yahoo Japan also reports a large number of Nikon Z9 pre-orders

Now Yahoo Japan also reported a large number of existing Nikon Z9 pre-orders: I will not go into details this time becuase my last report came from a legit Japanese publication that had a typo in their article. Over two weeks ago I already reported about “an incredible number of Nikon Z9 pre-orders received“. Last […]

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Even more Nikon Z9 additional coverage

→ Form Adorama: trade-in your used Nikon camera and upgrade to the new Nikon Z9. → Nikon Z9 and Z100-400mm interview with the developers at Xitek (translated). → Nikon Z9 report at DC.Watch. → The latest Nikon Z9 YouTube videos are next:

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