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Nikon D3xxx and D5xxx products lines are now officially discontinued

Nikon sent official notices to stores indicating that the Nikon D3xxx and D5xxx product lines are now officially discontinued. This also explains the latest rumors about a new Nikon Z30 APS-C mirrorless camera:

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DX is next

Nikon DX format DSLR cameras

I believe that the next series of Nikon announcements will be DX related and I do not mean only DSLR cameras – I do expect also some new DX lenses. At the beginning of the year I reported that in addition to the D4 and D800, Nikon will also announce three more DSLR cameras in 2012. So far they […]

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Guest post: A Marine with a Nikon D5000 in Afghanistan

Next guest post is by Joe Blount ( about his deployment in Afghanistan (click on images for larger view): In October of 2009 I deployed to the Helmand Province, Afghanistan as a machine gunner in a Security Company. We provided security to Combat Engineers who were building and repairing roads and convoy security from base to base. […]

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Distortion control data upgrade for D90 and D5000 released

Today Nikon released distortion control data upgrade for the D90 and D5000 cameras: “The Distortion Control Data firmware upgrade is available for Nikon D90 and D5000 cameras only. This is used to correct barrel and pincushion distortion during shooting and editing. This may be loaded into cameras that support distortion control.” Detailed instructions on how […]

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Nikon D5000 RIP (officially discontinued by Nikon)

Nikon Japan has a listing of all discontinued Nikon products. The latest addition? Nikon D5000: The next candidate for this list is the Nikon D90 (probably in a matter of weeks, maybe even days). A Nikon D5000 replacement is expected soon and could be announced with the Coolpix refresh in mid-February.

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Yes, Nikon D5000 is now discontinued

A month ago I did mention that the Nikon D5000 will be discontinued and now B&H confirms it – both Nikon D5000 kit and body only are listed as discontinued on their website: At that point I have not received any reliable information about a potential D5000 replacement (D5100 should basically be a D3100 with a swivel […]

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Nikon D3000 and D5000 to be discontinued

Nikon D3000 and D5000 I got multiple reports from different countries that the Nikon D3000 and D5000 DSLR cameras are being phased out and will soon be discontinued. Some retailers were already told that there will be no future shipments of those models. The Nikon D90 and D300s will continue to be sold throughout the holiday season. It is not […]

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Official statement from Nikon on second D5000 recall

Official press statement for the second Nikon D5000 recall: Nikon would like to confirm that it has contacted a small number of D5000 customers within Europe that have previously sent their cameras in for repair following the recent Service Notice, asking them to re-send their cameras in to their local service centre for further repair […]

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