Distortion control data upgrade for D90 and D5000 released

Today Nikon released distortion control data upgrade for the D90 and D5000 cameras:

"The Distortion Control Data firmware upgrade is available for Nikon D90 and D5000 cameras only. This is used to correct barrel and pincushion distortion during shooting and editing. This may be loaded into cameras that support distortion control."

Detailed instructions on how to upgrade your camera can be found here.

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  • Max Rebel


    They come out with this “not useful for everyone update” but have yet to have an update to deal with the Stair Stepping issue these cameras are plagued with?


    • scurvy hesh

      are you daft? this is an awesome firmware update. Im doing my tonight!

      • Banned

        D90??? Haha, about time.

        And why would the D700 and others not need a better distortion control?

        • Bryan

          They’re waiting to see how many D90’s they brick first 🙂

      • Dev

        I am struggling with my D90 + 35mm DX f1.8…. to get perfect AF
        They should have released a Lens profile update, In D90 we cannot add lens profiles and we cannot micro adjust AF.

        • I second that. Calibration with pretty much every lens is dismal on my d90. And I actually tried about 5 from different stores. They all behaved exactly the same with different samples of the same lens. They really don’t like the 85/1.8 or the 50/1.4D. And pretty much everything is front or rear focused with the center point.

          We’ll see if they snuck in fixes for these issues. I’ll test before and after and give a report. Have to wait until morning and use my laptop though. Their BS software won’t run on my XP64 desktop.

          • I don’t notice any dicernable difference with my AF lenses. The only glimmer of hope this update provides is a glimpse at the L firmware for hackers. Please oh gracious hackers, HACK AWAY!

    • Ken Katowik

      I hope the D300 and D700 can get this fantastic common sense feature, too.

      • Gen

        D300 and D700 users better be shooting RAW.
        if not you’re just a rich kid with no clue.

  • Late but good news, though. Interesting and usable. I’ll try to update firmware in my D5000.

  • Early April Fool’s joke?
    Not that its a bad thing, but such an update at this time…
    Also, I’m still waiting on the firmware update for my new D7000, Nikon.
    Which should include 720p/60, manual aperture control during liveview, and a liveview UV meter. This would really strengthen the D7000’s position against its competitors…

    • Goodluck, and dont you already have manual control during liveview?

      If not get some AIS lenses, most AF lenses have crap focus throw for video anyways

  • R!

    ….got it since 2 or 3 weeks (France)it takes the 28 F 1.4 etc allmost evry DXO module dont know if the same works great looks like it enhanced otherstuffs also not sure…

  • Jizzo

    Just did mine on my D90, was really quick update

  • Derf

    I bought my D90 at the end of December and it already had that software version.
    A 1.00
    B 1.00
    L 1.002
    Too bad it doesn’t correct my Tamron 17-50 f2.8.

    • WoutK89

      That is what you call third party lenses. I would expect this to work best/only for Nikon lens profiles.

    • Fredbare

      Bought my D90 in HK early January this year. Also has L 1.002.
      Seems the ‘update’ is not so new.

  • Was very quick upgrade. The first one since I’ve had mine since March 2009.

  • PiXLPeeper

    Admin: upgrade RELEASAED?
    Another weekend, time to relax again! (and a beer)

    • this what happens when you don’t have any beer (fixed)

      • PiXLPeeper

        You may need to try vodka: still showing releasaed on browser top-bar 😉

  • fzz

    does anybody knows, will it correct the jpeg or raw file? if i shoot raw and open my pics in Lightroom, will the in-camera correction still work? thanks

    • Eric Duminil

      Good question.
      I’d say it works just like Active D-Lighting or chromatic aberration removal.
      That is, the camera only applies it to JPG or (RAW files processed by Capture NX).

  • NikNik

    That was fast… and painless. Now to take some pictures to see if everthing’s ok.

  • nobius

    This appears to be the same update as that one that was released on that unknown Nikon website awhile back. I did that update then and have had the L 1.002 for months now.

  • Duh

    Stupid question. If I don’t have a card reader adapter for my computer, can I just move the firmware upgrade to the formatted memory card while it is in my D90 (or another camera) using Windows Explorer?

  • gregor

    This firmware was available for download since november 2010 🙂

    • the date on the article was February 17th:

      Published 02/17/2011 09:51 AM

      • I think only one of the updates were released before and now they included the second camera.

        • Less_is_More

          NR admin, I am sure you have posted the link to the distortion control data months ago because I have bookmarked the link after I got the information from your site.

  • Ok, this infuriating! I just had to run this crap on my laptop with Win7, because it wouldn’t run on my desktop OS.

    …and all the “installation” package was, was a self extracting compressed file?! What utter bullshit. Who is responsible for this? It makes Nikon seem like they don’t have a clue and can’t tell their anus from their ulnar/humerus juncture.

    There are plenty of free self extracting zip apps, and they also could have just offered a zip for windows (extraction supported by the OS) and a .sit for Mac.

    I can only hope the contents are more useful than the “installer” packaging.

    • robert

      It is probably the outcome of Nikon (and other camera producers)’s culture to support only Win and Mas OS-es (not comparing them now). Anyway one can extract main file from Win package also in Linux (I did that operation in 2010 successfully to 1.002, but it felt a little bit risky, though).

    • Less_is_More

      I always use a memory card to install firmware updates to avoid aggravations.

  • Rahul

    Nikon Asia support site still lists no available firmware updates for D90. :-/
    Got it form Nikon USA site instead. They need a better release management process 🙂

  • zort

    Today? I installed L1.002 update in december 2010… It was available at nikons site…

  • Paul Adams

    The OS X Firmware “Installer” is broken. If you attempt to install it, it will attempt to write the files to root (aka “/”) and then fail because it doesn’t ask for elevated priviledges to write there.

    If you are comfortable with a bit of “hacking” you can edit “Info.plist” in a hidden folder ( Packages/[COUNTRY CODE]/Distortion Control Data.mpkg/Contents/ ) that will fix the problem. The first problem is that you have to copy all the files (including the hidden ones) to a writable volume for the edit to be practical.

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