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Nikon cancels all three DL cameras because of “profitability concerns”, no word on future development

Nikon just did something I have been predicting for a while – they canceled all three of their DL compact premium cameras because of “profitability concerns” and provided no information on any future development/release in the DL line. Here is the official statement:

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B&H updated the shipping date of Nikon DL cameras to March, 2017

Earlier this month I reported that the new rumored shipping date for the Nikon DL cameras is March, 2017. B&H recently updated their product listing for two DL models with “Expected availability: Mar 2017”:

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Nikon DL cameras now rumored to start shipping in March

The Nikon DL cameras are now rumored to start shipping in March. There is still no official word from Nikon, but this timeframe makes sense: to show the DL models to the press at the CP+ show in late February and then start shipping in March right before the end of the Nikon financial year on March […]

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Nikon at CES: no sign of the DL cameras

Several readers visited the Nikon booth at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas and reported back that there were no DL cameras on display and the official word on availability is “TBD” or “coming soon”: I’m here at CES and stopped by their booth after reading your call for DL delivery date. Unfortunately I spoke with […]

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Nikon DL cameras shipment date is still unknown

B&H no longer has the Nikon DL cameras shipping date listed as January 2017 on their product pages – it was changed a few days ago to “coming soon” – reportedly based on direct input from Nikon USA: @EdinaMNguy @nikonrumors We rely on suppliers like @NikonUSA for ETA info and make adjustments based on info they […]

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What to expect from Nikon in 2017?

I have no solid information on any of the rumors mentioned in this post, this is more of a list of possible Nikon products for 2017 (more expectations/speculations than rumors): CES 2017: Nikon D5600 introduction to the US market. New Nikon 1 J6 camera announcement (possibly in early 2017). Interestingly Nikon USA is “temporarily out of […]

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