Nikon at CES: no sign of the DL cameras

Several readers visited the Nikon booth at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas and reported back that there were no DL cameras on display and the official word on availability is "TBD" or "coming soon":

I'm here at CES and stopped by their booth after reading your call for DL delivery date. Unfortunately I spoke with three separate people and they are all playing stupid or not providing anything. They wouldn't even offer a guess... sorry I can't be more helpful but that is their official line.

Here are a few more pictures of the Nikon booth and the official Nikon@CES presentations schedule:


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  • JIm

    The DL cameras are — DL (down low)

  • Eyediaz

    im a Nikon rep for Best Buy and I have connections to Nikon USA Techs and regional salesman and they said around the spring time the DL’s will come out.

    • Thanks, keep us updated if something changes – you can email me also directly:

      • Eyediaz

        told ya

        • thanks, keep me updated if you hear a firm release date

    • Allen_Wentz

      Yes, but spring time of what year?

  • Paul Rumohr

    God help you Nikon if the DL cameras are mediocre.

  • David Burckhard

    I have been waiting since February, 2016, for the DLs. Since that time, Sony has come out with a couple versions of the RX100. I’m working on a book that includes shooting with a pocketable camera but with the highest quality images. My choices right now are the Sony and the Canon GX7 MkII. I was hoping that the DL would force some price cuts in both of those or force at least Canon to come out with a newer model. Regardless, competition never hurts the consumer. Unfortunately, with the specs and pricing of the DLs made last February, Nikon won’t be breaking ground and only some fabulous real world test results will put Nikon up top on the list. If no word from Nikon by the end of next month, February 2017, I’ll most likely get the Canon as I’ve always been impressed with their compact cameras (I’ve owned at least a half dozen) and be disappointed (again) with Nikon.

  • piconco

    Really time to move on… was too good to be trough.
    Bye bye Nikon… time to give my money to other brands.
    B&H has all DL camera and accessories DISCONTINUED… I am not the only one giving up.

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