Nikon DL cameras shipment date is still unknown

B&H no longer has the Nikon DL cameras shipping date listed as January 2017 on their product pages - it was changed a few days ago to "coming soon" - reportedly based on direct input from Nikon USA:

If anyone is visiting CES, please stop by the Nikon booth (#14117, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center) and ask the reps about the DL release date. I am also curious if they will have working DL cameras on the floor. You can contact me here if you have any info or pictures to share. Thanks!



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  • In my country, we have Nikon’s product about 1 year after B&H/Adorama shipping (I bought 18-140vr from grey market, because 1 year after Nikon shipped it still couldn’t find it in authorized dealer). So, this DL will officially be sold in about…never.

  • Spy Black

    Man, this whole scenario looks like hari kari…

    • Athanasius Kirchner

      You mean harakiri, or more properly seppuku? The act where a warrior commits suicide out of shame? Well, sixty years ago it’d probably have been demanded by the emperor, but now things have changed a little.

  • pjpo

    UGH, this is so frustrating. In the absence of the DL18-50, I bought a quality WA adapter from to go on my iPhone7+. That gives me 18, 28, and 56mm, but it isn’t as fast or intuitive as a real camera. I’m afraid it is going to have to do for the next year. I knew this camera was too good to be true. By the time the line comes out, they will be due for some Gen 2 upgrades as the 24-85 already lags behind the RX100iv.

  • vFunct

    So embarrassing… they really shouldn’t have announced it that early. It would have been fine to announce it when it was ready.. no one would have minded that.

    • Piooof

      They believed it was ready. A buggy chip and an earthquake apparently messed with their plans. And it was a good idea to announce it in advance in order to have people hold up their purchases (I still haven’t renewed my compact camera because of the DL).

      • manattan

        “And it was a good idea to announce it in advance in order to have people hold up their purchases”
        Mission accomplished!
        No one is buying anything of the Nikon 1 cameras and lenses anymore.

  • Fly Moon


  • Captain Megaton

    So in other words B&H originally moved the date to January 2017 as a placeholder for “we have no idea”. January rolls around and NikonUSA tells them “we still have no idea” so B&H updates the tag “based on info they provide.”

    • I think B&H initially moved the date to January based on info from Nikon and then removed it based on info from Nikon. You have to understand that B&H is not interested in guessing any release dates and constantly making changes to their website unless there is a reason for it. At least this has been my experience over the years.

      • Eric Calabros

        Maybe the February date suddenly became Except-USA release, so avoided talking about that in CES (a US show). Though I don’t understand why.

        • Piooof

          If they have volume production problems then it could make sense to release the product in selected countries first. But logistics would suggest considering north America as a single commercial zone, and it wouldn’t make much sense to release the DLs early in Canada (Feb date, as suggested above) and later in the USA.

      • Thom Hogan

        No, B&H just goes on what they’re told. But so does NikonUSA ;~).

        Around Photokina time, word out of Tokyo was “January,” and I think that’s been propagated by everyone, including the subsidiaries. Recently, the word from Tokyo seems to have changed, but only to cancel the notion that January was the target.

      • Captain Megaton

        Well, it seems be odd that they listing would not have been updated more often – and more accurately – had that be the case. No one ever said January unofficially or officially, no whisper, not NikonUSA, and none of the Japanese retail outlets… just B&H and perhaps a couple of copycats. Everyone else just said “TBA”. So really: balance of evidence says it was most likely just B&H acting alone as a placeholder.

        We’ll see: maybe “coming soon” really does mean “coming soon”. But given CES has brought us zero news I would not put money on it.

        • Thom Hogan

          Several official Nikon executives said January to journalists back at Photokina. Also, B&H doesn’t post a date unless they’ve heard said date from the maker (that’s what they claim, and I believe it).

          • And this is why Nikon doesn’t want to give interviews or make public statements – we will probably now see even less information being shared after this DL delay.

            • Thom Hogan

              One problem with bureaucracies is that they never see or understand their critical weaknesses. It takes an outside force to dislodge them from those weaknesses.

              If Nikon continues down the path they’re on, they will simply continue to destroy their brand value. And that means that they’ll find it tough to hold the #2 spot in cameras, let alone ever find a growth spot again.

              The funny thing is, when you’re in their home in Tokyo and talking to them directly, they can be very transparent and open (assuming you passed all the tests they throw at you first). But in terms of they way they present themselves to the world in general, they like to hide behind the curtain, as in the Wizard of Oz.

            • they can just jump on Twitter and give us a quick update 🙂

            • Thom Hogan

              Sorry, but Twitter isn’t implemented from SnapBridge ;~)

  • R Leung

    I think they killed it. Too much competition and they’ll end up losing more money.

    • Well, this is what I said earlier today, but this will be too big of an embarrassment for Nikon and they will not let it happen.

      • Piooof

        For PR, it’s still better to have no product rather than a faulty product. And for financial results, better to have a competitive product with a sizable profit margin than an average one with no margin.
        I believe they first delayed the initial DL that were buggy, and realized afterwards that the announced pricing would be inadequate in the 2017 world for a camera that was planned to sell like hot cakes at the initial release date, but will not now.

        So my bet is that they’ll prefer an embarassment to a commercial failure. But I don’t think in japanese. Maybe they’ll stick to it, release them late, with 2016 specs, at higher price… and it’ll end like the Coolpix A.

        • Thom Hogan

          The first release was delayed because a critical hardware component, most likely the EXPEED chip, didn’t meet specs.

          The current delay is more likely due to the backlog of 1″ sensor demand due to the quake.

          As to price, the DLs are more aggressively priced than the Sony models. I don’t think Nikon will have any trouble selling them when they arrive (assuming they arrive sometime in the near term).

          • Piooof

            When I suggested pricing was inadequate, I meant too aggressive for 2017. Every camera maker is currently ramping prices up. Low margin + reduced sales (because unfavorable environment + competition has moved in the meantime) = bad idea for a company seeking to improve its cash flow. But scrapping it altogether may be too bold a move for Nikon. If they release it I doubt we’ll get them at the price initially announced, but wait and see.

            • Thom Hogan

              Pricing is indeed a can of worms now. There’s casual collusion going on at several critical product points, but it’s not going to hold.

              The real question is what the real product cost is. That establishes the real baseline.

              I would not be surprised to see one of the Japanese companies break serve and go aggressive on pricing. We’re in a critical juncture for long-term market share right now. Nikon and Sony have lost momentum. Olympus hasn’t had momentum for some time. Fujifilm has momentum, but then there’s the issue of mass: moving a small mass is easier than a big one.

              The real issue for everyone is that Canon seems to have made it through 2016 and into 2017 with a gain in market share.

            • Fly Moon

              Kind of I like the idea that Canon made a positive move.
              Only Canon would push Nikon to do something not the others!

      • Spy Black

        Perhaps they may have decided to update some of the features, like giving it 4k, considering most others cameras, even lesser ones than these, have it.

        • That’s probably the right thing to do at that point.

        • Fly Moon

          I hope so. It’s almost a year.

        • Winslow H

          Weren’t they advertised as having 4K when they were announced? It says 4K on the side of the camera pictured.

          • Spy Black

            Yeah, I guess so, I don’t remember that for some reason. They can use an EVF however. 😉

        • RoseFlorida

          That is what I would like to see. An updated version better to meet the competition.

    • Thom Hogan

      That’s not exactly how things work. Nikon would have had to make a commitment to 1″ sensor purchases, and that commitment would have been a big one. You just don’t cancel things like that. If you do, you lose a lot more money because you have no income to offset the penalties.

      I think a much more likely scenario is that 1″ sensor production is behind where demand is. Even Sony Imaging is suffering from this. I believe it’s more likely that Nikon has a minimum deliver to subsidiaries target that they found they couldn’t meet in January.

    • Shutterbug

      Can you please link me to the competition offering an 18-50? Thanks.

  • A reader just sent me this – a Canadian store lists the DL shipment date as February:

    • manattan

      I call BS on that release date. If it’s that close (shipped and in stores one month from now) then surely Nikon would have display models and make an announcement at CES. It’s not like they are trying to keep the DLs a secret and then make a surprise announcement for a February product.

      • KnightPhoto

        Both Camera Canada and Nikon Canada have excellent track records. If they say available in February then I think you can believe it.

      • Thom Hogan

        It’s unclear to me why Nikon is even at CES any more. Given the way they’ve approached the show in the past few years, I think it’s unclear to Nikon management, too ;~).

        Personally, if I were in charge I wouldn’t re-announce the DLs until essentially the day they ship, though I would have said that up front (e.g. “We’ll re-introduce the DLs just prior to shipping them.”).

        One problem with announcing them in January if you’re not going to ship them in January is the post-Xmas fatigue. Dealers aren’t really ready to spend cash in January for new model inventory.

        • Diversity for Israel

          >Personally, if I were in charge I wouldn’t re-announce the DLs until essentially the day they ship, though I would have said that up front (e.g. “We’ll re-introduce the DLs just prior to shipping them.”).

          That’s not nearly enough in the Current Year.

          You need to show a little bit of respect to your damn customers, so at least dropping a few hints about *why you’re one year late* is the strict minimum.

          • Thom Hogan

            At this point, I think you save the explanation of why the camera was late at the time you’re ready to ship it.

            Personally, I’m all for transparency. I believe you benefit from being open and honest with your customers. As companies get bigger and more bureaucratic, internal politics tend to make them more opaque to their customers.

            Nikon at this point has a strong credibility problem with their customer base. This problem has been building for a couple of decades now, and is the direct result of management decisions and opaqueness. Coupled with cost cutting taking away customer-facing things, the results are the brand simply isn’t worth as much as it used to be.

            “Dropping hints” is not going to fix that. Only a concerted and clear set of messages when they’re actually ready to be delivered will actually begin to turn things around.

  • Really too bad because they looked to be pretty cool little cameras. Original pricing looked good, too.

  • zzzxtreme

    without EVF on the the wide version, I’m still not interested

  • Markus

    I wonder where the problems are beside the factory issues. Thoes cams are some serious gadgets.

  • DLynch

    Buying a DL is as smart as buying a N1, N1 systems have been dead for awhile and the DL technology has cobwebs all over it. Hoping Nikon produces something better soon.

    • Markus

      A DL is a compact camera not a system.

  • Ineedmy Bobo

    Bummer. That wide-angle DL18-50 was really exciting to me… a year ago. But if you can’t get this to market a year after announcement (faulty boards, factory issues?, etc.), something is seriously wrong and the excitement of the novelty is over. And as an alternative, a Canon M3 with 11-22mm (DX) lens now seems like a better option. (Canon’s not-so-loved mirrorless system… yet it’s small, good image quality, larger sensor, CHEAPER, and you can change lenses.)

    For the record, I’m not a Canon troll. I shoot Nikon FX, but have gone to Fuji for mirrorless DX and Canon for point-and-shoots because Nikon hasn’t really kept up in those areas… 🙁

    • Thom Hogan

      An M3 with 11-22mm is in a different size league than the DL. Yes, it’s smaller than a DSLR, but it’s significantly bigger than the DL/RX type of camera.

      That said, Nikon is really botching the “small camera” thing. In essence, the smallest competent thing they have that’s current is a D3400. The J5 is nearing its terrible twos, and it hasn’t made any friends (lenses) in that same time period.

  • Clubber Lang

    Maybe they have a larger sensor mirrorless in the works and will release them together to ease the pain of the folks who bought into the Nikon 1 system.

  • nwcs

    Nikon’s intractable silence causes problems for them again. I sincerely hope that whenever these *do* get released that they update the specs at least a bit considering everything. Meanwhile only the 18-50 seems likely to maintain interest as there are more competitors for the other two models.

  • JL

    The Nikon DL line has also been entirely removed from the catalog, and existing preorders were cancelled by Amazon.

  • whisky

    Henry sure likes to deflect onto the camera makers for B&H pre-opening the door to pre-orders. what do they have now … almost a full year’s waiting list?

    • nwcs

      It’s not B&H’s fault that Nikon can’t hold to commitments.

      • whisky

        i doubt Nikon gives anyone absolute commitments. that might make them legally responsible for specifics. more typically companies will qualify their estimates. that said … B&H uses their own qualified estimates to hawk their pre-orders — even when the dates have proven wrong many times before.

        by taking a pre-order, especially so far in advance, and without telling customers where they are in the queue, IMHO aggravates the frustration. not saying Nikon incorrectly estimated delivery. SH*T happens. but B&H is partner to that frustration by not keeping their customers “in the know”. B&H can’t deflect 100% of the blame back onto camera makers, which they typically seem to do, but should instead look at their own pre-order practices to mitigate customer dissatisfaction. JMO.

        • nwcs

          Well, you might as well lay blame at any company (including the manufacturer) that offers pre-orders. When I had a camera on pre-order I got emails every 2 weeks informing me of the status with a link to the order to cancel the order. Seems reasonable to me.

          • whisky

            i put in an order for a Leica Sofort early autumn. B&H’s announced availability was November, then 7-10 days, but it just kept being pushed back another 7-10 days because they took far too many pre-orders for what they could get. if B&H just stated they were months behind, i could have bought it elsewhere before Xmas. instead i missed out at my local dealer as well.

            all companies which are open pre-orders need to inform their customers where they are in the queue — so they can make intelligent choices. i still feel Henry needs to own some of the blowback rather than deflecting all of it onto the camera makers. JMO. 🙂

            • I think this is a different situation because the Leica Sofort camera was actually shipping and was just not in stock at B&H. In the case of the DL, the camera never shipped.

  • Pardal Linho

    Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.. one year later almost already! I canceled my B&H order for a DL18-50 months ago! Nikon is a joke..

  • Yorkie

    It will be out of date before it is launched, so it would be better if Nikon Skipped it and went straight to the model that all Nikon users really want, a mirrorless system Full frame camera!

    • JXVo

      Well no, I disagree. The 18-50 model at least is still a unique product ….. Who else can you buy a fast ultra-wide 1″ enthusiast compact camera from? This thing promises to do stuff that only a larger heavier pricier ultra-wide apsc or ff ilc can currently do.

      A year after announcing the cameras, none of the competition have produced an alternative so maybe the original design (sans bugs) is still valid. I’ll be buying the first decent variant that hits the market at a similar or better price point.

      • Yorkie

        What about the Canon G7X 11, the Sony RX100 1V and Panasonic LUMIX LX 10/15 with a similar 1″ sensor, or the Panasonic LUMIX LX100 with a Micro 4/3 sensor to name but a few.

        • doge

          LX10 is 24-72 equivalent. G7x II is 24-100. Plus it doesn’t do 4k, and only 8fps. LX100 is also only 24-75.

          and If the Nikon actually ships and can record longer than 5 minutes at 4k, it will automatically beat the RX100IV.

          So they do have a theoretically ‘good product’ on their hands. It’s just a matter of making/shipping them.

          As much as I dislike the 1″ sensor, I kinda want one as my always with me camera. I might actually take more photos.

        • Diversity for Israel

          They aren’t 18-50 equiv, into the trash they go.

        • JXVo

          None of them have an 18mm equivalent lens. Not even remotely close. Maybe the ILCs can be fitted with an equivalent ultra-wide lens but then bigger and more costly.

    • Stefan Hundhammer

      I’d be in the market for a mirrorless full frame Nikon, but I’d also like to have a replacement for my always-with-me camera (right now a Canon S95). That’s two completely different things.

    • Diversity for Israel

      Apples and oranges. I’d have no use for a MILC FF.

  • Wesley

    If you are considering a purchase in this camera class and were waiting for the DLs, it’s time to move on. I am.

  • doge

    Did companies take preorders for these things last year? Do those get automatically canceled when something has been delayed this long? I can’t imagine there’s anyone still holding out on these things.

    • nwcs

      In the US, at least, the company is required to inform you every 2 weeks that the item is not available and offer you an opportunity to cancel the order.

  • Aldo

    I dont know if I should cancel my pre order… I was looking into the rx100 V but the longer lens of the nikon (24-85) gets you a little more reach and arguably shallower dof… also the price difference is quite significant.

    Nikon why have thou deserted me???

    • Spy Black

      I’d be surprised if you saw any significant difference in DOF. We don’t really know anything about the robustness of the DLs, but I can tell you that the RX100 series are an egg. Don’t drop them.

      Don’t really know anything about them, but I believe Panasonic and Canon have similar products, maybe look into them.

      • Aldo

        I was hoping to get the best of both worlds with the nikon… sony sensor in a nikon shell… I kinda sold dl camera to my wife too… she’s like “we can wait”… but now I dont even know how long the wait will be… Ive been trying to unsuccessfully sell the sony to her but she wants the nikon…. I doubt I can sell her a brand like fuji or something she hasnt heard of (I kinda told her it was gonna be ‘her’ camera .For now we are taking cellphone pictures and hauling the d750 with the 35mm 1.8 ocassionally.

    • br0xibear

      Get yourself a Panasonic LX100…you’ll get it now, get a viewfinder and save a few hundred £s $s.

      • Spy Black

        This is a nice camera, but I find it odd that they crop the M4/3 sensor. When you compare it to it’s brother the GM5, it seems even stranger, since the GM5 is actually smaller, but uses the entire M4/3 sensor area, and is an interchangeable lens camera to boot:,569

  • Horshack

    I’ll stop by their CES booth today and ask.

    • Thanks, take some pictures too if you have time.

      • Horshack

        I’m at the Nikon booth now. There are no DL’s on display and the official word on availability is “TBD” and “soon”.

        • ok, thanks – that means they are not ready

        • Diversity for Israel

          Thanks for taking the time to stop by and ask.

      • Horshack

        Just sent you some photos from the booth.

  • pjpo

    By the time this line makes it to market, it will be in serious need of Gen 2 upgrades to keep up with the Sony RX line. The only thing original is the DL18-50 that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. Still keeping my 18-50 preorder, but I bought a quality WA adapter for my iPhone7+ in the meantime. It’s so much worse than a real camera, but I have 18mm, 28mm, and 56mm in my pocket.

  • Stefan Hundhammer

    German web shop still has them listed as “expected on 2017-03-09” (unchanged since I first started checking for the DL24-85 in early November). But that might also just be their way of saying “we have no fucking idea”.

  • Stefan Hundhammer

    It would be a pity to see those DL cameras ditched for good. I was eagerly awaiting the DL24-85 as a higher-level (albeit more bulky) replacement for my aging Canon S95 (my always-with-me camera).

    I have been using Nikon full frame since 2008, yet I never found a small Nikon for that role. Now what? The Sony RX100 series may have very good image quality, yet the user interface is horrific. The Canon G7X (Mk 1 or 2) or G9X don’t seem to be on par in terms of image quality, and I am unsure about the Panasonic LX15.

    Is it worthwhile to wait for a little more for Nikon to get their act together with the DLs? Some signal like “we are working on it” or, should that be the case, “we officially canceled it” would be most welcome.

    Nikon, this is no way to treat customers! Whatever your decision, communicate it!

    • John Densky

      This is something I can agree with. I have been waiting on th DL series and a simple ‘yes, they are coming’ with a possible date or ‘no, they are not coming’ would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kyle

    Even a year behind schedule, the DL18-50 still looks like an amazing powerhouse of a camera compared to the competition.
    The only things I can see to be improved would be an EVF and a 2M dot LCD really.
    If the lens could be a Constant 1.8, that would be a good upgrade I think.
    Either way, I’ll probably pick one of these up, and then make my V1 with 70-300 the dedicated long camera.

    • Aldo

      Agree but they better be flawless

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    In respective Nikon should have done most of the original specs but knock 4K off it – so only Full HD 1080 30/60 fps last year and build to market and gain a foot hold in this segment (Should have done this years ago). Once they’re delivered last summer than look at this year at introducing series 2 with improved specs and 4K Video – eg. peg at how many mins it can do before overheating, 5 mins. Then introduce series 3 1-2 years time with further improvements, e.g., more efficient cooling system for shooting Video like 4k, etc.

    • Hind sight is 20/20, as they say. Nikon probably feel the same way…now.

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        Agree with you Pete – shame they didn’t start same time or near to Sony RX100 Mk 1.

      • Diversity for Israel

        Nikon has little excuse. Sony was doing just that since 2012.

  • Kreh

    Meanwhile…I’d have a Nikon mirrorless body, DX or FX, which take F mount lenses and gives full function with modern AF lenses…just saying.

    • …and would be twice the size and weight, but hey.

      • RC Jenkins

        Yes…please DON’T release a ‘native F-mount’ mirrorless camera! Defeats one of the major purposes…

        Adapters are fine. Like how Nikon has handled their existing mirrorless cameras..

      • Kreh

        Thing is weight is just one of the selling points for mirrorless cameras. Frankly, along with pocket-ability, convenience and the sort of everydaycarry idea, smartphones have simply made that redundant. I have and like a bunch of nikon lenses, I use a couple of large DSLRs. For the type of work I do getting rid of the mirror would good, not all the stuff I shoot is like that but more than enough, mainly micro (macro) and product shots. I’m considering mirrorless medium format, Hasselblad or Fuji, I’d like to try getting rid of the mirror flapping about. I’d stick with Nikon if I can have a body with fewer moving parts which takes f-mount lenses, autofocuses, aperture control etc. to sit productively on a tripod in my studio.

  • DLynch

    They look like lower end N1’s with fixed lenses to me, not sure even if they come out now how well they will do. Pass

  • Narren Rot

    Available in June 2016mk II 😉

    • Fly Moon


      • Narren Rot

        Just a joke 😉 2016mk2 thats what they meant year ago when they said June 😉 In other words June 4032 😉

    • RC Jenkins

      Yeah…they might as well go ahead and announce the Mark III as available this year so that they’re ready by 2024.

  • Kartken

    Emailed today Nikon Canada regarding my pre-ordered DL 18-50mm and just got the answer;
    Thank you for contacting Nikon Canada.

    We are working to modify the design of the integrated circuit for image
    processing, and taking the time needed to ensure that our quality
    standards are satisfied. We will announce availability as soon as
    possible. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

    The Nikon Team

    • nwcs

      I think that’s been the standard reply for 6 months or more now.

    • I’m not sure what kind of IC they use for image processing, but it sounds like there’s more to the problem than that. Design, test and fab for something like that should take weeks, not months. The semiconductor design and manufacturing world operates at a more than brisk pace. Also, I hardly think they’re starting from scratch with the design. You use the last one you liked and build off its success and enhance it. Intel could design a whole new microprocessor in the time it’s taking for Nikon and their partner to do this. As our new idiot president is fond of saying…very strange!

      • Mr_Miyagi

        How’s about keeping your politics to yourself in the comments here and staying civil? The election is over whether or not you agree with the result. The subject is photography, not politics.

        • Set up your own blog and then you can tell me what I can and can’t do on it. If you don’t like my comments move on…no one is asking you to spend any time with them. And to be fair, just how POLITICAL was that comment anyway?

          • Michiel953

            It was a very strange comment Pete, very strange; that struck me straightaway.

            But you’ve been sending a lot of letters by courier lately, haven’t you?

            • Yes, I have and they’ve been yuge. That’s why I won so bigly.

        • purenupe1

          Dont get mad at him for not supporting Donald Douche

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Thanks for sharing the info – wished Nikon started the DL series years ago same as excellent Sony RX100 and Pany equivalent and build on the success of Model Family 1, eg., 1080p and update it, e.g, 2017 – Family 2 DL with 4K, etc, etc, etc, etc.

    • Ineedmy Bobo

      Yes, indeed. That’s been the standard reply since last summer. If they are still modifying the design a year after announcement, they might as well just start over. Hoping they are actually further along?

    • Aldo

      At this point they should ask sony for help

  • Lee Smith

    I really do not care about these things. DSLR and still-working N90x with Portra 400 for real photos, phone for crap I see while walking around without my real camera. I tried the “performance compact” thing and gave up years ago. Pointless in the phone era.

    • But you cared enough to trash it.

    • Aldo

      “performance compact” thing and gave up years ago.-

      Maybe it was gotten a tad better since “years ago”.

  • kbb

    I don’t buy the ‘buggy chip’ story at this point in time. Nikon…wisely…and probably in the management change from imaging to technical…realized that the world doesn’t need another small-sensor compact junker with no finder. Let Coolpix die quietly.

  • sickheadache

    DL…Down Low…it is so DL even Nikon can’t find them.

  • DB White

    I guess the model designation means DeLayed.
    I heard a rumor the Nikon TBD is due out in March. 😉

  • Marc P.

    What is this mess, Nikon?! Soon, these cameras would have been announced about a year ago…this situation is unbearable! I’d be way interested into the Ultrawide DL 18-50, hope i can afford it someday. Into the meantime, Sony pushes out new RX100 Iterations, as well as Canon with their G7X II, G9X II, and perhaps who knows G5X (II) someday this year…

    The whole Nikon DL Marketing campaign is one of the biggest epic fail from Nikon during the past 20+ years, ever.

    By the time when these DL series would being released, Sony would have already the RX 100 Mk. VII ready….*if* they’d ever come…atm, the Nikon DL’s are just a bad joke – like Duke Nukem endless years before… “it’s done when it’s done…”

    C’mon Nikon – you’re much better than this.

  • XT

    Still waiting to hear about the successor for the D810. If anybody hears anything about it, please post.

  • Eric Wi

    Really bad I may end up with the new Panasonic offering.

  • Zlatan Bogdanovic

    I am sick of waiting for this camera, if there have been so many technical issues with the card not sure I would risk buying it.

  • RoseFlorida

    There were some technical issues that delayed the DL series initially. The problem is that they were designed and have features to compete with products that were available a year ago. Seems to me they have do an update, and that is the likely cause of further delay.

  • Andrei Sevela

    We should see lx200 / g7x3 , and new aps c sized compact from sony,so i guess we have options to choose from. Dl specs will be kind outdated if it hit shelves in march. But no trust to nikon anymore.

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