The current Nikon rebates expire this week

The Nikon US rebates for June are set to expire this week (6/23):

Full list of all current Nikon rebates:

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Update on the registered Nikon N1718 camera

Nokishita reports that one of the registered five new Nikon cameras (N1718) will only have Bluetooth and no built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. The radio parts in the new model will be the same as in the current D3400 DSLR camera. The N1718 camera will be made by made Altek - this is an indication that the N1718 will most likely be an entry-level Coolpix or a new toy/selfie camera like the one pictured above.

Here is an updated list of all registered Nikon products (not yet announced models in red):

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Weekly Nikon news flash #475

→ Zeiss has new lens discounts in the US (direct link to all discounted Zeiss F-mount lenses) and in the UK (only two Zeiss F-mount lenses discounted).

→ Rare Nikon I rangefinder camera from 1948 for sale on eBay for $27,445.

→ The latest new products also relevant for Nikon shooters:

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New Nikon summer cashback in the UK (and the rest of Europe)

After the last price increase, Nikon UK is now running a new summer cashback program (see details at WEXJessops, and Park Cameras). The cashback program is also available in several other European countries (Germany for example) - check your local Nikon website for more details.

The current Nikon US rebates can be found here.

More photography deals can be found here (also on Facebook & Twitter).

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New reports indicate that the Nikon D850 sensor (IMX309AQJ) is made by Sony

ChipMod took a Nikon D850 camera apart and came to the conclusion that the sensor inside is made by Sony (Google translation):

  • In an email, ChipMod informed me that they analyzed the sensor and the bonding pattern together with other characteristics are typical for the way Sony manufactures sensors.
  • They also shared with me that Nikon has started to use a new sensor IC package - AQJ (metal frame with mounting holes on the sensor).
  • ChipMod also noted that the D850 sensor is different from the sensors found in the Sony a7 II (IMX251AQL) and a7 III cameras in both circuit and packaging.

We had another Nikon D850 sensor teardown last year, but we could not see the actual numbers on the back of the sensor since they were covered by a metal frame. This time ChipMod provided a picture of the back of the sensor where we can clearly see IMX309AQJ and 1183456:

A quick Google search shows us that IMX309AQJ is indeed a Sony made sensor:

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Nikon announces the development of a new AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR lens

Nikon officially announced the development of the previously rumored AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR lens (see patent). The new lens will be compact and lightweight like the latest 300mm f/4 thanks to the use of Phase Fresnel (PF) lens element (the current 500mm f/4 lens weights 6.81lb/3.09kg and costs $10,296.95) We don't have a price or a picture, just a press release:

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