New StockCam gun-style setup for Nikon cameras coming soon to Indiegogo

A new gun-style camera setup from StockCam is coming soon on Indiegogo and promises to “add excitement and ritual to every shot“:

“Introducing StockCam, the revolutionary gun-style camera cage designed specifically for photographers who demand stability, comfort, and an enjoyable shooting experience. Perfect for outdoor shooting, military photography, and long-duration sessions, STOCKCAM is compatible with all camera brands and models.”

Additional information via PhotoRumors (check also StockCam website):

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The first Nikon Z8 camera skins are already available online

The first Nikon Z8 camera skins are already available on eBay and at Alphagvrd:

Here are some of the other available color/design options:

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Nikon released firmware update version 2.50 for the Z50 mirrorless camera

Nikon released firmware update version 2.50 for the Z50 APS-C mirrorless camera (now up to $200 off) with a single change:

  • Added support for the power zoom feature on power zoom lenses.

Previous Nikon Z50 coverage can be found here:

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The latest Nikon rebates

The latest Nikon rebates:

Here is the full list of discounted Nikon products in the US:

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April 2023 CIPA numbers are out

CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association in Japan) published their latest camera production data (orange: 2023, black: 2022, blue: 2021):

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Weekly Nikon news flash #731

→ New Shimoda Action X v2 camera backpacks released.

→ Delkin released new CFexpress Type B memory cards.

→ The new 2023 5DayDeal Video Creators Bundle will be open for sale from June 8-13, 223. The corresponding 5DayDeal $10,000+ Prelaunch Giveaway is already live online.

→ A Nikon executive has become the President of the Board at CIPA.

→ The latest Nikon-related videos:

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New versions released: Topaz Photo AI 1.3.7 and Luminar Neo 1.10.0 (both on sale now)

Topaz Labs released Photo AI version 1.3.7 with the following changes (currently $40 off until June 16th):

  • Removed legacy models setting from preferences
  • Autopilot can now recommend the older Sharpen Lens Blur model again
  • Remove Noise v2 models have dropped their beta tag and are now recommended by default by Autopilot
  • Added Nvidia GPU models for Remove Noise v2 models
  • Changed close image shortcut to be Ctrl+W instead of Ctrl+F4 on Windows
  • Selecting Custom aspect ratio will now automatically unlock the aspect ratio while cropping
  • Fixed issue where only half of face would be recovered in some cases
  • Fixed Close Image shortcut only being able to close one image on Windows

Skylum released Luminar Neo version 1.10.0 with the following changes (save up to 75% when upgrading Luminar Neo):

  • Quality improvement for UpscaleAI, as well as improvements for other Extensions, including NoiselessAI and SupersharpAI.
  • Support for Sony ZV-E1 and Sony FX30 cameras.
  • New tooltips to help you better understand each tool.
  • Purchasing new creative assets directly in the Extras tab.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • A faster and more convenient editing experience thanks to bug fixes.

Adobe is offering 50% off Creative Cloud for the first 3 months starting June 3 and running through June 9 (this promotion is limited to the United States and Canada only).

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Used Nikon Z8 cameras already listed at B&H Photo (up to 9% or $360 off)

B&H Photo already has two listings for used Nikon Z8 cameras:

Update: all sold out.

The regular price of the Z8 is $3,997

More used Nikon equipment can be found here.

Here is the B&H used equipment rating system:

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