Weekly Nikon news flash #568

→ The coupon code "RUMORS15" will give you an additional 15% off on top of the already discounted Topaz Labs Sharpen AI software. This offer is ending today.

→ The Peak Design Travel Tripod, that raised over $12 million on Kickstarter, will start shipping next week from Adorama and B&H. Also: all Peak Design products are 20-40% off through 4/6 (except the Travel Tripod).

Godox introduced a new AD1200 Pro strobe head and pack (pre-orders are now open at B&H).

→ New Kirk BL-D780 L-Bracket for the Nikon D780 camera.

21 Sigma DSLR lenses for F-mount are on sale until 4/30.

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Corona Street Project

Corona Street Project by Brian Homer (websiteFlickr | Instagram):

There are few upsides to the current health situation across the globe but I discovered one and it was literally right on my doorstep. As soon as it became obvious that due to our age my wife and I would have to start self-isolating an idea popped into my head.

Since 1979 and Handsworth Self Portrait which I did with Derek Bishton and John Reardon I’ve been doing other self-portrait projects and was fully intending on helping to build on the already good community spirit in our suburban road in Birmingham UK by doing self-portraits.

But the onset of the virus made that impossible so it was a short creative step to think of doing portraits of the people in the street at their doorways with me at a safe social distance in the street or on their drive or front garden. I hoped this would show a sense of people under the lock down.

Fortunately, as well as good relations in the street, a neighbour had set up a WhatsApp group for us and most of the street of 25 houses were on it. So that made it easy to set up the short photographic sessions with each family without knocking on their doors.

Early on and after a quick test on my own doorway I decided to use my 85mm Nikon 1.8 G lens on my Nikon Z6 as that gave a good safe distance while avoiding distracting diverging verticals on the homes. Years ago I had done a project trying to stitch together a street scene using a 28mm lens and fallen foul of perspective.

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Nikon lens scope converter

Picture credit: CataWiki

Slow news day. Check out this video on the Nikon lens scope converter:

Nikon no longer makes this product (you can still find some on eBay). Kenko has a similar solution that is available now for $180 at Adorama and B&H. Some third party options are available on Amazon.

See also this related NikonRumors blog post from 2011:

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Nikon and Tamron rebates for April

Here are the Nikon rebates for April:

The full list of all discounted Nikon gear for April:

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February 2020 CIPA numbers: red across the board (again)

CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association in Japan) published their February 2020 report (orange: 2020, black: 2019, blue: 2018, click for larger view):

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Nikon has registered a new camera under the code name N1933

Nikon has registered a new camera under the code name N1933 in Russia according to Nokishita. In the screenshot, you see a "Z6" reference but I doubt this filing is for the already existing Nikon Z6.

See all previously registered Nikon cameras here (one of them is the already announced and delayed Nikon D6).

Obviously, with the current situation, I have no clue what is coming next and when.

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