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Reminder: Nikon price increases coming in Europe on April 1st

Canon, Leica, TTartisan, and today Tokina and Zeiss announced new price increases for their products. This is also a reminder that Nikon also announced a new price increase coming to Northern Europe on April 1st. My guess is that all those prices increases will slowly propagate also to other countries. Check Nikon’s prices and availability […]

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Nikon price increases coming to Northern Europe on April 1st

Just like Canon, Nikon will increase their price in Northern Europe on April 1st. I am not sure about the extent of the upcoming price increase but given the current economic situation (inflation, increased shipping costs, chips shortages, COVID, etc.) I think it is fair to assume that the price increase will hit all regions […]

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Nikon price increase in Europe

After the last price increase in the UK, Nikon will also increase their prices in the rest of  Europe. I received multiple reports about it, but I am not sure if the price increase already happened or if it’s about to happen. Check the latest Nikon EU prices at Amazon DE | Amazon FR | Amazon ES | […]

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Nikon price increase in the UK now live

As previously reported, the price of some Nikon gear went up in the UK – here are two reports from readers: “Confirmed. I just spoke to Grays of Westminster and they told me all Nikon lenses and body prices have gone up for all retailers in the UK. The 35mm f/1.4G has gone up from £1579 to […]

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Rumors: new Nikon price increase coming to the UK in June

Nikon is rumored to announce a new prices increase in the UK next month (June, 2018) and this time it is expected to be a significant one. If you are planning on buying a new Nikkor lens, now it is probably a good time to pull the trigger. I was told that even the new Nikkor AF-S […]

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Another Nikon price increase coming next month?

There are some reports online that another Nikon price increase for Europe and Canada will be coming next month (April). Price increases are happening with almost all brands in the photography industry. In a recent interview Nikon executives mentioned that the company is planning to concentrate on mid-to-high-end DSLR and mirrorless cameras wich will most likely […]

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Another Nikon UK price increase coming in February

Grays of Westminster (Nikon dealer in the UK) have recently sent emails notifying of another Nikon price increase – this one due in February. There has been already two prices increase in the UK last year – one in early 2016 and one in August, 2016, If you need a new camera or lens, check out the current […]

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Update: Nikon price increase coming to Europe (new price list from Germany)

A quick update to my Europe price increase post from a few days ago: I received a confirmation from Germany that Nikon prices will go up on February 1st, 2017 – you can see a portion of the new price list above (you can compare it to the current prices on Amazon.de). I was told […]

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