Weekly Nikon news flash #400

→ The new Zhongyi Mitakon 20mm f/2.0 4.5X high magnification ratio macro lens is now is now listed at B&H (was also in stock, but it is sold out now).

→ Nikon loaned D3400, D500 and KeyMission 360 cameras in Germany in exchange for online/social media reviews posts, including reviews on Amazon Germany (see all entries here). It seems that a total of 195 people took advantage of this offer - all registered users of the website trnd.com.

Nikon announced line-up of masterclasses for aspiring photojournalists in Europe.

→ CES: the Nikon D5600

→ CES: Joe McNally presentation.

→ Nikon Photo Contest promo video.

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  • animalsbybarry

    I was going to get the 4.5x super macro, but instead I will be getting the Laowa 60mm f2.8 2x super macro in Nikon mount
    It goes from infinity to 2x and I can use extension tubes if I want 4x with my D810.
    I also got a Kipon Nikon F mount to Sony E mount tilt adapter
    With this I will be able to use this (or any Nikon lens on a Sony body with tilt function
    Has anyone tried using tilt on an 800mm lens ?

    • Spy Black

      For less than the Laowa you can get a 100mm f/2.8 Tokina with autofocus if your body has a screw drive:

      • animalsbybarry

        I already have the Sony FE 90mm macro for my Sony camera bodies
        That lens would be a significant downgrade and I don’t need it

        • Spy Black

          So I’m curious, what would the Laowa bring to the table?

          • animalsbybarry

            2x plus focus to infinity ( Ffld in macro APSC at normal range ) 4x with extension tubes, and this is a Nikon mount version so I will be using it on my Sony E mount cameras with a Kipon F mount to E mount TILT adapter ( enabling me to control the focal plane ) as well as the excellent focus peaking in the A7Rii
            Also I get image stabilization from IBIS

            I expect I will only use it occasionally but it will be usefull for things like scale patterns in butterfly wings, compound eyes, small insects etc

            Unlike most photographers I only use my photos as reference for paintings
            Super macro could provide some dramatic subject matter


            • Spy Black

              That’s very lovely work you did there. I hope the Laowa works out for you as you anticipate.

              Curious however, the Sony does not focus to infinity?

            • animalsbybarry
            • KnightPhoto

              Here we all thought you were some “Sony guy”, and it turns out you are a true artist 😉 Very nice work!

            • animalsbybarry

              It has not arrived yet but my understanding is that the lens focuses from infinity to 2x
              E mount has a much shorter flange distance than Nikon ( or any dslr)
              Kipon makes a huge variety of swing, tilt and swing/tilt adapters in almost every imaginable combinations of lensmount
              Since they got from longer flange mounts to shorter ones they focus to infinity without the need for optical elements

            • Spy Black

              No, I meant the Sony macro. I asked what the attraction was for the Laowa, and you mentioned 2x plus infinity focus, which made me wonder whether the Sony macro can or cannot focus to infinity.

            • animalsbybarry

              All the Sony macro lenses and the Leowa will focus to infinity
              The Zhangy Mitikan 4.5 x will only focus from 4x to 4.5x
              But can be used with extension tubes for even greater magnification
              It is much more of a special purpose lens

  • Eric Calabros

    Nikon if you loan someone (with not high expectations) your connected camera and he says “The battery is convincing and has done everything without problems. Only SnapBridge has so its drawbacks and the one or the other setting unfortunately also”, well it means you need to rethink your bridging plan.

  • Rubén García

    I hope this TRND Project goes also to Spain, since I am member of this online market Research tester community 😉

    Normally you do not get expensive equipment for free. You can test it, write and share your opinions and after that, you have the possibility to buy it with a lower price, if it is interesting for you. At least that was the way to go in other projects with similar “expensive” goods (around 500/ 1000 €)

    Anyway, it is interesting that Nikon conducts this kind of research…perhaps they start to hear their consumers!

    • Andreas Vesper

      here you go: https://www.trnd.com/es/ In Germany the testers received the cameras for free, but had to return them to trnd.com after the test period including all packaging materials. Currently Nikon does another project in Germany with KeyMission360 camera: https://www.trnd.com/de/projekte/nikon-keymission-360/ablauf Unfortunately, everything is in German, but you might want to use an online translator to get a basic understanding how these projects are set up. Although the testers received the cameras for free from trnd.com, the reviews for the KeyMission360 weren’t on the enthusiastic side. Some complained about Snapbridge, but that’s far away from being a wonder. For the english speaking community: https://www.trnd.com/uk/projects In UK they did only a handful of projects, so far. None in the US.

  • Rubén García Bruna

    Kein Problem mit Deutsch, ich habe da 5 Jahre gewohnt! Ich werde die Kommentare über die 360 lesen

    Unfortunately the Nikon project is not running in Spain, I am member of the community and check the website regulary…let see if they start later, in the last year there were few TRND projects…

  • T.I.M

    This 20mm macro is NOT for insects (alive).
    The working focusing distance is way too short and most insects would fly away.
    It can be good for very small objects.
    For insects, the best macro lens would be at least a 100mm.

    • RMJ

      Maybe if you live in tropical country.
      In non-tropical country mornings are often very cold and insects won’t fly away. It takes plenty of time to get warm enough before they can even move.

  • C_QQ_C

    AT B&H it shows a list of recomended accesoiries for the Mitakon 20mm … It advices various filters and lenscaps with a diameter of 62mm…. wondering how that will fit.. 🙂

    BTW it says “Coming Soon”and “expected availability end of januari” so i do not understand the out of stock remark…

    • Andreas Vesper

      Bought it directly in China, it should arrive this or next week. Use cases will be very limited for specific, very small objects under good light. Definitely no filter matches.

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