Nikon’s 100th anniversary logo, new website and promo video

Nikon released a new logo, dedicated website and a promo video for their 100th anniversary celebration. Here is the full press release:

Nikon Corporation (Kazuo Ushida, President) will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its establishment on July 25th of this year. Since its establishment (as Nippon Kogaku K.K.) in 1917, Nikon has provided the world with unique value based on opto-electronics and precision technologies.

We at Nikon sincerely thank all stakeholders such as customers for their support in the development of our company over the 100-year history.

As part of our 100th anniversary celebration, we have established the Nikon 100th Anniversary logo and have opened a special Nikon 100th Anniversary site.

Nikon 100th Anniversary logo

The Nikon 100th Anniversary logo was designed by our own design department. This logo is widely used as the symbol of our 100th anniversary, disseminating the message of Nikon's 100th anniversary to our stakeholders around the world.

Nikon 100th anniversary site

URLs for the Nikon 100th anniversary site are as follows:

This site offers contents dedicated to the celebration of our 100th anniversary, such as special movie and a record of our history over the past 100 years. We will add more contents on this site as they become available and provide information related to Nikon's celebration of its 100th anniversary.

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  • manattan

    Nice to see the new Df2 mirrorless camera released as part of the 100th anniversary announcement. Congrats Nikon.

    • nzswedespeed


    • Michiel953

      Why would they leave out the mirror?

      Unless it’s a digital S…

      • Well, without a mirror, it wouldn’t be a whole lot better at focus than a DF…nor a whole lot worse.

    • Gerard Roulssen

      … aaaand of corse this should be done in the first 10 days of the 365 in the anniversary year, ain’ it?
      The anniversary is on July 25th for god’s sake …

      • Nemmondom Meg

        And we already have the A300 announced, what a brilliant start of the 100 years. But yeah, I guess the elephant has trunk as there is a need to something gets ppl be prepared to the arrival of the big animal.

  • Eric Calabros

    Logo could be much better, especially the font, but at least there is infinity symbol in it, which is meaningful for a lens maker.

    • Gmck

      You should design a better one and send it to them.

      • Eric Calabros

        Too late

        • karayuschij

          For the 200 years, perhaps…

          • stormwatch

            Hardly to believe, altough he will probably be alive even then, it will be done by some sh*ty generic AI robot slave.

      • Stuart Crowther

        Exactly, there all whinging about the logo and video, some guy made his own Adidas commercial, why don’t they show Nikon how it’s done, I look forward to all the results posted.

    • Pippo

      Here is MinionProItalic font. Why 100 ir angled slightly right? IMO Letter N,1 and letter a – all standard angled in one line be better. That’s tail from 0 is too fat. 3&1/2 stars 🙂

      • Marc Bailey

        Looks like they used Microsoft word to design the logo.

    • artdecade

      Weird thing is your eye is drawn to the ‘th’ in the circle, which is not what I’d give emphasis to.

    • Aldo

      Agree about the font… It’s like they suddenly discovered that if you scroll down, there are more fonts than Times New Roman. They should have designed a new font or have the word ‘nikon’ in the classic old style font and ‘anniversary’ in their new camera font… At least that would have given it some meaning.

  • Eric Calabros

    We already got everything needed for making high quality images. Anniversary Df (or whatever they gonna name it), should be all about quality of feeling. We want a camera to use as a tool but also love as a friend.

    • Spy Black

      If Kodachrome 25 comes back I may just go back to my FTN and F2SB…

      • T.I.M

        why do you think I own a F6 ?

      • Thom Hogan

        And then complain about how the camera renders skin tones ;~).

        • Spy Black

          Skin tones looked great to me. 🙂

          Actually, if Cibachrome were to come back, I think I would definitely start shooting transparency film again, a lot. Although I used other films, Kodachrome 25 was my go to stock. However there no longer is a complete photo-optical chain to work with if you want high quality, archival prints, especially if you want to control the print process. Glossy Cibachromes were the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a transparency in print.

          Fleetwood Mac, MSG in NYC, 1979. Nikon F2SB, 135mm f/2 Nikkor, Kodachrome 25…

          • Thom Hogan

            Wouldn’t use concert lighting to be representative of anything ;~).

            I think I’m going to have to go pull out my old spectral charts for films. When we were shooting film and digitizing it in the 90’s, there wasn’t a single film stock that was close to neutral. About the best was Provia, but it had a lot of color distortions to it.

            • Spy Black

              My example wasn’t for skin tones, just a sample of using K25, even in concert lighting where higher speed films would normally be used. That’s how much I used this film.

              Kodachrome never scanned well. I never shot it to scan. I don’t shoot film to then digitize. I simply shoot digital. Bringing film into the digital domain defeats the purpose of shooting film. Just shoot digital and be done with it.

    • Duncan Dimanche

      …. a df2 with video…. please

      • Spy Black

        That’s not what the Df is about. Actually, I hope the Df2 has no screen at all in the back.

        • Sawyerspadre

          What, so we can be in suspense about what our image looks like. Oh, that’s right, it will just popup a review image on my smartphone. That’s a nice classic retro feel…

          • Spy Black

            Not if there’s no Wi-Fi either. 😉

        • jsvfoto

          It took me a while to appreciate the philosophy behind the Df…as a proud owner, I’m glad Nikon took the risk they did in creating it.

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          In this day and age Video is a must (as 99% of all still cameras now have this in) even though it may be just full HD and possibly the old Nikon D4s sensor or the newer one D5. Be smashing if they could mirror the A7 route, possibly without mirror and 3 models, one mirroring the D4s/D5 sensor, one mirroring D810 sensor and one mirroring the DX route eg D7200/D7300. Doesnt matter now if they canabilse sales of other bodies as Nikon will make sales up in further lens and accessories sales.

          Be good if they could incorporate Wi-fi / NFC so we can spill our pictures taken to WWW, etc.

          • Spy Black

            That’s simply not what a Df is about. People really don’t get it.

            • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

              Possibly but if Video is available or can be put in for the included price why omit it ? and why can’t I use a DF camera or any other DLSR to take both Stills and short Video clips. Granted not professional but still useful feature to have. My £100 Smartphone can do this and more plus in a small and compact size plus I can share my creations on Social Media sites.

            • Spy Black

              Once again, because that’s simply not what the philosophy of the Df is about. Granted Nikon may very well do that in the next incarnation of the Df to shut whiners up, but that starts to dilute what the Df is all about, and I hope they refrain from giving it video.

            • Duncan Dimanche

              Do you own the DF ?
              I know that I would if only it had video….

              I just wonder how many other people feel the same… that’s all

            • Spy Black

              I would if it had be AF. I’ve been tempted regardless. However what you’re actually looking for is a Fuji XT-2.

            • stormwatch

              Yes, it’s about stiffy and hard to reach controls, poor AF system and the multi functional painted silver ring on the kit lens, at least you can add many functions to it just by using your imagination.

            • Spy Black

              Controls are right where I want them to be. 😉 AF is certainly lacking, and hopefully will be addressed in the next incarnation.

            • stormwatch

              🙂 Next incarnation will hopefully be a modern camera.

            • Spy Black

              Who needs that? That’s not what the Df is about. Nobody gets it.

            • Duncan Dimanche

              hahaha if no body gets it then there is a serious problem with the product haha

            • Duncan Dimanche

              It’s not that we get it or not get it. it’s just a stupid move. Not having the Video won’t make more people buy it. But it will make other people who needs video not buy it…
              But apparently they don’t get that…

              Just look at the 5d mark ii vs the D700…. if that wasn’t obvious enough… anyway…

            • Spy Black

              Again, you simply don’t get it. The Df is not about the future, or new tech. It’s about how cameras handled in the past. It looks back, not forward.

          • Espen4u

            Video makes the camera thicker because the sensor needs extra cooling. I’d want a slim df, like fm2 slim and with Fx.

          • Duncan Dimanche

            yep !

        • stormwatch

          And no card slot either, but just a plain USB port, and you store images on the usb stick while shooting! Now that’s a digital retro!

          • Spy Black

            No one’s forcing you to buy a Df, are they?

            • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

              true’ish although Nikon could do more than one model of df mirroring the Sony A7 series – one like the DF2 but with D5 sensor and improved AF, one high res with video 1080p (like D810) and other like D750 with 24mp, 4k video, etc. Perhaps bringing the first Mirrorless camera in the Nikon DSLR range.

            • Spy Black

              Not sure why you keep thinking it needs to be called a Df. Nikon should and probably will release a camera along the lines of what you’re describing, but it won’t have anything to do with the Df, because that’s not what the Df is about. It’s pretty obvious.

            • Duncan Dimanche

              Spy you have wayyyy too much time on your hand to answer all those comments… You should go out and shoot with your DF.

              I’m done arguing on what the ideal DF should have been.

              Cheers and good day to you

            • Spy Black

              …and you have plenty of time to read ’em, why aren’t you shooting?

    • Michiel953

      Well said! A capable tool that you can like and maybe even love..

      I like my D810 a lot, but I love my F, F2, FE2, FM2/T, FM3A and FM2n (in ascending order…)…

      They’re all very capable tools.

    • Alphaios

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • stormwatch

      I have heard that they’re making anniversary silver ring (MSRP 100$) which could be fitted on any Nikkor lens ever made.

  • saywhatuwill

    I like the symphonic suite. Thank you!

  • Spy Black

    That’s why they made the Keymission cameras, so they could have a 360° view at the end of their 100th Anniversary video. They don’t need them any more now…

  • Their 99th anniversary was way more exciting than the 100th.

    • Paul

      How sad…the child with the lens is not Japanese !? Is like making a movie about Ford, filled with chinese people.

    • Semaphore

      The year has barely started, people are such pessimists.

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        looking forward to it and what it brings – my only wish is for the DL to come out and I can wait for a D850 after a few years after it comes out – do with my excellent D810. The nikon 360 seems quite good and only areas that Nikon need addressing is the Software and Snapbridge app.

  • Neoh Soon Hueng

    Does anyone know what’s the song they used in the video?

    • Eledeuh

      I don’t know, but it was terribly annoying 🙁

    • 1741

      Just play the vid on your computer an ask google what song is playing

  • Shutterbug

    I think it would be clever to release two anniversary sister models: A digital Df 2 and a analogue camera.
    (Don’t dare to think of a F7.)

    • Fly Moon

      I think an analogue camera would be a waste!

    • Martin L

      I suspect that the F6 will be their last analogue camera.

    • Carlo

      Just bought my dream camera from 20+ years ago : F5 with mf 28 all boxed and like new.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      be good if they could release 3 different Df2 models mirroring Sony A7 range perhaps mirrorless. One model could be the replacement to Df1 with D5/D4s sensor, improved AF, one model could be a hi-res model with 1080p and other a mid range with 24mp 4k video – all with improved Af and features. Must say I really dig the Df retro style.

  • peter w

    A logo?
    It clearly stands apart from their normal designs: not very consistent.

    Well, lets make it a happy anniversary. If you are in time with your D820, I’ll buy. Probably good enough as a second body in Tanzania. At least.

  • malchick743

    Never mind the anniversary and PV…
    These CMs are much more memorable

  • JoCarpenter

    Wait a minute, it’s been a hundred years and they still don’t know how to pronounce their own name? Neekon? Really?

    • Paul H.

      And, after all, the name is an acronym. So it’s pointless to argue about proper pronunciations of an abbreviated term…

    • Like ayerak or Ayeran. Right.
      P,S. You need to use FORVO.

    • JIm

      It seems that’s the way it is pronounce except in the USA

  • renes

    This promo brought back my hope for small FF Nikon rangefinder type (with EVF) mirrorless cam… with 4 primes 24/35/50/85 all f/2 and aperture rings, with distance scale on the lenses, native 64iso, WR, top shutter speed dial with f/8000s, exposure compensation dial, and direct accees to ISO . Go Nikon, Go! 🙂

    • Martin L

      At this stage, it seems that a rangefinder type camera –while aesthetically pleasing–just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Maybe a FF mirrorless ILC–but it’s got to be something producing better images than the typical mirrorless ILC—will superior AF and an electronic viewfinder with faster refresh rates than is currently available (with that type of camera). Aside from the size and weight advantage–there just does not seem to be compelling reasons to ditch the DSLRs at least at this stage. And I think Nikon is struggling with this issue–one that could potentially cannibalize their current DSLR product line.

  • Gmck

    Regardless of what you shoot, or would like them to release in 2017, let’s all applaud Nikon and take a few seconds to think of what it takes to stay in business for 100 years.

    • jeffp3456

      You are right of course, they are excellent products but I had to LOL at the omission of their WW2 military products. It is nothing to be ashamed of and it is what turned them from a small niche manufacturer into a large corporation.

  • Julian

    try holding your Df camera in one hand and shooting with the flash in the other – its not as easy as it was in 1959…

    • Nathan Wright

      You mean, apart from autofocus?

      • Julian

        ok – well apart from autofocus, dynamic range, high ISO, flash sync speed and quite a lot of other things, but at the end of the day if you are struggling to hold the camera one handed, then you might just miss the shot. I guess what I’m saying is that I would love to see what Thom has described in his blog as an option 5 – a rangefinder digital nikkor that is a digital equivalent of that 1950s body.

        • Nathan Wright

          How is it you would struggle to hold a Df one-handed? The dude in the photo was using a manual focus rangefinder, which meant that he had to move his body forward for backward enough to focus the lens at the subject. And the rangefinder, as much as I find it easy to use, isn’t quite as solid in the single hand as a gripped mid-range dSLR, no matter the size.

          I agree that I would love to see Nikon bring back the rangefinder. Not so sure an EVF camera is that great an idea. I think camera makers need to think away from their competition, and design unique interfaces, cameras, and systems. A digital rangefinder (whether focus system is digital or mechanical) is a great idea.

          • Julian

            Mostly from a size and weight perspective. I get arthritis which makes holding heavy cameras painful.

          • peter w


            • (Nathan here).

              Fuji don’t make digital rangefinders. They make faux rangeginders and faux dSLRs. They are nice ideas with typical Japanese design that bristles with buttons. But they are not rangefinders.

              I wouldn’t mind if Nikon exploded that arena with something like the X-Pro 1 though.

  • Pippo

    To read this, I wear the glasses with Nikon lenses. Thanks, Nikon! Cheers!!!

    • Max

      cool. if i had glasses I would definitely get ones with Nikon lenses.

  • Alphaios

    sorry but who chose that music? It’s horrible! the logo also is rather cheap looking…

    • Max

      I also don’t like the logo too much. The curve/swoosh on the extreme top-right of the logo looks like it was added on afterwards to fix the balance of the design.

  • doge

    Holy shit that christian rock music is horrible in that anniversary video.

    • Paul H.

      That’s not ‘christian rock music,’ doge. As horrible as it sounded, it wasn’t about/for Jesus…

    • Brian Arndt

      I thought the same thing worst music ever for a video like this. Especially one that supposed to conjure nostalgia. I also thought it sounded like Christen Rock. Whats with all the instruments division highlights we want to see Cameras not Microscopes, they don’t even get that. Make a mirrorless camera that uses The F mount something more higher end, not a crippled D3400. something lighter and professional would be a good goal. #Nikon #DF2.

  • The first half of this video makes no sense.

  • The video pays homage to a customer base consisting of “professional photographers, artists and enthusiasts”, overlooking the folks that actually got them to where they are now…consumers. Does this imply a retrench in how they think about their market? Or, is it simply an acknowledgment of reality? And oh yeah, that music is shit.

    • Michiel953

      No, it doesn’t.

    • yepits me

      Stop your whining,,

  • Jbay

    100th anniversary with a coolpix. Yay!

  • BVS

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I think the logo is fine and the video was inspiring. Enjoyed it.

    • Just Me

      I was going to up-vote you until you mentioned the video. I just wasn’t feeling it. But, yeah, the logo is fine.

  • whisky

    congrats Nikon. the last 100 years was mostly about your hardware. have a sip of champagne … but then spend your next years working to fix your antiquated ideas and notions of consumer software. 🙂

  • TwoStrayCats

    Could everyone stop being a bunch of sourpusses for a little while? Any company who hits a hundred celebrates a worthy history. I’m proud of Nikon and their achievements.

    Now where is my Df2?

    • Ineedmy Bobo

      After such a nice sentiment, you just had to throw that last line there! 🙂 No worries; your Df2 is sitting right next to the DL cameras and the FX mirrorless camera system.

      • TwoStrayCats

        That was just a bit of humor. I suppose I should’ve inserted an appropriate smiley…

        • Thylmuc

          the product pipeline of death…

          Df2 redux, or a digital back for an F2 or F3. Just something with a more traditional handling, just not a photographing computer.

  • Nice video with a retro anniversary logo look to it. Congrats to 100yrs.

  • Clubber Lang

    Thanks Nikon. I have no complaints. I love photography and I enjoy your equipment. 2017. The year of positive energy.

    • maxx

      Yes WE CAN!!!!! This morning I drink a strong espresso and I am so positive!!! I dreamed of a DF2-D900 mirrorless… baby D5…

      • CBJ

        Out of the 4 on your list we may see 2-3 this year.

        • maxx

          You’re a dreamer…

  • Athanasius Kirchner

    Absolutely hilarious! The FA ads are the best – the one at 2:29 is positively surreal.

  • sperdynamite

    I am so ready for the F7.

    It’ll have the D5’s AF system with it’s auto-AF calibration tool, and the ability to fire E lenses like the 105/1.4. It will also come with a lens mount USB dongle a la the Sigma dock, which will allow you to AF calibrate all your lenses to be consistent on all your Nikons.

    Then they’re going to release a Coolscan 10K, which will be a 5000ppi 120/35mm scanner, with full roll, batch scanning capability for both formats. I hear they’ve worked with Adobe to come up with an algorithm that can find and identify dust and scratches on B&W film, and use content aware to fill the spots.

    They might come out with a new digital camera, not sure.

    This is my dream world.

    • Allen_Wentz

      God I hated scanning. The idea that anyone wants to go back to chemicals, lab delays and scanning drudgery boggles my mind.

      I fully appreciate one-up film-to-print photography. Scanning, fuggedaboutit!

      • sperdynamite

        Scanning has its frustrations I won’t deny that. OTOH color printing had its own PITA moments. I’ll probably never RA4 print again, but I definitely will go back to the B&W darkroom as soon as I can. Still, I’ll need to scan my work too.

    • peter w

      try a medium format camera
      you’ll be a lot faster and probably cheaper

      for ‘real photography’ sensation, try ‘real photography’
      (probably you can translate this automatically)

  • RHC

    Guys, I have to say: This video is so boring!!!
    A 80’s stuff. Music, arguments, images. The agency (they have a agency?) or the communications department couldn’t deal with all history, legacy and information about the brand. Most on advertising (I’m creative and art director), is about the way you talk. This video shows a company lost in time.

    Please, see 100th anniversary of Leica.

    Its original. And look, you’ll se a astronaut too. What a coincidence.

    • Spy Black

      Sounds like an Apple ad, taking credit for everything.

      • RHC

        The production, the text, the music, the time, the originality, the images itself. This is tribute to photography and photographers, they not getting credit for anything. I’m sorry for posted the Portuguese version. Super awarded ad.
        The Nikon movie looks like a worst copy, with legends getting credit in a dissonant timeline, horrible music. Nikon deserves a better version. Maybe with a “I am” tagline. Get a American, Brazilian or English top agency to do this right.

        • Spy Black

          A matter of taste, I guess. Yes they are trying to take credit for more then they’ve done. At least Nikon is taking credit for their real achievements.

    • Thylmuc

      much better. References to a number of famous Images taken with Leicas, I’d suppose. As an articial re-enactement. Wow

  • outkasted

    did anyone get the tingly butterfly feeling watching this 🙂

  • Aldo

    The video deserves better music…

    • RHC

      The Nikon deserves a better video too. Horrible.


    This is a phallic symbol — obviously. Hey, Nikon! Trying to attract the female market?

    This is a phallic symbol — obviously. Hey, Nikon! Trying to attract the female market?

  • Mr_Miyagi

    Word to the wise, Nikon: a once great and dominant company named Kodak made it to 100 but didn’t make it to 125. Will you?

    • Nikita

      Yeah, sad but true. Beyond DSLRs, Nikon doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing.

      • Michiel953

        You’re really clueless aren’t you? Do you have any idea what Nikon Corporation does, what it is a part of?


        • silmasan

          Michiel953 dammit you just stole the 100th comment in this thread lol 😀

          • Michiel953

            Aahhww f*ck… Did I? Didn’t mean to…. LoL!

        • Nikita

          You know, I read a few different forums, and I don’t see the condescending nastiness that I do here.

          If you have a counter to my statement feel free to express it without being an ass.

          Unlike most other camera brands, Nikon relies primarily on its camera business. Since you know everything, tell me, what non-DSLRs have been a runaway success for Nikon?

          • silmasan


          • Michiel953



            So you read a few different forums? On… flower arranging?

            You ventured to express an opinion on Nikon as a business, at your won risk.

            Nikon does a bit more than just cameras and camera optics.

            Nikon, for the camera and asociated optics business, operates in a declining market.

            Nikon (being not as stupid as a lot of internet commenters appear to think they are) knows where its strong pints and its weak points lie.

            Nikon allocates a sizeable part of its available income to market research (geddit?).

            Nikon is part of Mitsubishi Corporation, it’s not a standalone company (you knew that didn’t you, ha ha).

            So your statement (beyond DSLRS) “Nikon doesn’t know what it’s doing.” appears to be rather “CONDESCENDING”, now doesn’t it.

            • Jeez, what’s with you? The guy points out, with some accuracy, that there is a lot of “condescending nastiness” on this forum. You chime in to prove him right. Then you misquote him by leaving out the word “seem” from his characterization about Nikon, the lack of which turns the comment from rhetorical to narrative.

            • Michiel953

              Not really Pete. ‘Nikon doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing’ is the sort of clueless condescending comment that I react to.

            • Which is fine. But what he actually said was, “Beyond DSLRs, Nikon doesn’t SEEM to know what it’s doing.”

            • Michiel953

              Pete, I know what he wrote. The internet is full of savants that claim to have infinite insight into corporations like Nikon, and secondguess them, apparently thinking they’re populated by clueless dunces, that “don’t seem to know what they’re doing”.

              If I were working with Nikon (I don’t) I would find that pretty condescending and patronizing.

            • Nikita

              Thanks for everything, condescending ass. Maybe grow up a little and don’t take corporate criticism so personally.

            • MB

              Nikon is a standalone company and not a part of Mitsubishi Corporation, you should know that … Nikon is a member of Mitsubishi keiretsu but that is completely different thing, and that kind of company grouping in Japan is more or less dissolving these days … so you could say that Nikon is a client of Mitsubishi Bank and nothing more than that …

            • Michiel953

              OK; I stand corrected. Must have misinterpreted this:

              Founded on July 25, 1917 as Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha (日本光学工業株式会社
              “Japan Optical Industries Co., Ltd.”), the company was renamed to Nikon
              Corporation, after its cameras, in 1988. Nikon is a member of the Mitsubishi group of companies (keiretsu).[4]

              I’ll have to look deeper into this keiretsu thing.

      • silmasan

        I’d reiterate and expand my other reply that optical instruments make the basis of Nikon’s business, which includes semicon lithography, healthcare & medical techs (potential big one), and now they’re also eyeing robotics.

        Honestly their future doesn’t look bleak at all to me.

    • Thylmuc

      last time I looked, Kodak had 7300 employees. Though I know what you mean.

  • silmasan

    Oh, fuck… I’ve waited for the 100th comment! 101st then it is…

  • outkasted

    music reminds me of those old porn movies

    • outkasted

      OMG Latoya JAckson! Definitely old porn

  • sperdynamite

    A medium format camera like my Rolleiflex or my Pentax 67?

    As for “real photography”, I did sell my Deardorff V8 recently, because I just didn’t feel that 6×7 was holding me back.

    • peter w

      I meant a digiback system 😉

      personaly, DX-format would not hold me back very much, except that I like a 35mm F1,4 to do what a 35mm F1,4 does. I would hate to buy and carry around a 24 F1,4 in order to behave like a 36 F2. Maybe, you feel that about your MF systems?

      Probably, your a more advanced photographer. My only MF experience resulting in utterly bad pictures with a Lubitel.

      I think to have read that calibrating the lens for each camera is not an option, because variation is not lens wise, but camera-lens oriented. If lens calibration would be the problem it would be a failure of Nikons quality control.

      • IronHeadSlim

        That’s funny. When Nikon did their D5/D500 tour i took my D700 with 35mm f/1.4G to compare to D500 with 24mm f/1.4G. Very nice with the 1.00 mag viewfinder but stuck with the D700/35mm for now.

      • sperdynamite

        I think it can be both. I had a Siggy 35/1.4 that would front focus like crazy straight outta the box. It had roughly the same calibration adjustment on my D700 and D750, and I didn’t dare use it on my F100. But, after I got the USB dock, it now focuses perfectly on my D700, D750, and even my F100, with AF fine tune turned off on the digitals. So, I do think that it would be a helpful tool, but I can understand that Nikon believes no-one shoots film even tho they say they still make the F6.

  • jonebize

    As far as I’m concerned, they were making better cameras in the 80’s. Make a camera a person can actually carry with them!!!

  • stormwatch

    Nice video, but as much as I like Nikon, I must admit that they’re only third league in photolitography business….hah, but also, Canon is worser in that field too when compared with Nikon. ASML + Zeiss are the big fish.

  • CBJ

    Wonder what FX lenses will be released this year for the 100th anniversary.

  • thundrrd

    “Always believing in the power to motivate humanity of every generation.”

    And please ignore the years 1934-1945

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