What to expect from Nikon in 2017?

Nikon Rumors
I have no solid information on any of the rumors mentioned in this post, this is more of a list of possible Nikon products for 2017 (more expectations/speculations than rumors):

  • CES 2017: Nikon D5600 introduction to the US market.
  • New Nikon 1 J6 camera announcement (possibly in early 2017). Interestingly Nikon USA is "temporarily out of inventory" on the Nikon 1 V3 camera but they are in stock at Adorama, Amazon and B&H. There have been also many new Nikkor lens patents designed for cameras with 1" sensor.
  • New mirrorless camera with a larger sensor - still no firm date or any other details on this rumor.
  • The Nikon DL cameras should start shipping in early 2017 after almost one year delay. Nikon recently updated their website with additional information on the DL models.
  • We can expect more Nikkor tele-lenses to be refreshed with E/FL (several patents already filed). A new 300mm f/2.8 lens was specifically mentioned to me.
  • New Nikon D5x in 2017 (just like the D3x from 2008), priced about 10,000 EUR/USD to compete with the new Fuji medium format mirrorless camera - I put a low probability on this rumor just because of the high price.
  • A new "baby Nikon D5" camera (or as some still called it "the real D700 replacement"): same sensor as the D5, less rigid, it could be called D760.
  • Nikon FX replacements - all three FX models are now due for a refresh (D610 announced October 2013, D750 announced September 2014, D810 announced June, 2014), but I just do not see Nikon doing all three of them in 2017 - Nikon tend to announce cheaper models first. I also see a possibility of merging the D610 and D750 lines - maybe into the new D760 mentioned above?
  • Nikon Df replacement for the 100 years anniversary of Nikon.

If you have any other information on what's coming next from Nikon, you can contact me anonymously here.

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  • teagueAMX

    On the Nikon product site yesterday – no sign of the D610 in the normal lineup. No indication it’s been discontinued, but I own a D610 can’t see a reason for Nikon to keep the D610 and D750. Now looking at the possible specs for a D760 it makes sense and a logical upgrade path to jump to the D760. As a landscape photographer I’m really looking to the eventual D810 successor. I’d love the shutter speed and ISO improvements for the D760 if that actually happens.

  • Edward Lorenzo

    i hope they streamline and just keep kick ass lines and just make them the best in their category.

  • Edward Lorenzo

    They should introduce a refreshed film camera!

  • Lee

    Nah, if the D760 went (back) upmarket to be a “true D700 successor,” there would still be a market for the D620(?). But if it didn’t go back upmarket, then yeah probably they ought to merge the two. Not expecting they will though. Nikon loves to crowd every segment. They’re still convinced they’re selling to casuals at Best Buy. The sooner they give up on wooing those people back from smartphones the better all of us who want real cameras (and customer service) will be.

  • Anoosh Em

    A New 16-35mm with front-mounted filters for professional landscap photography, Finally!

  • Mike Huck


  • Simonh2159

    D5x will be the big one phase one deleted 100 mp sensor with Sony for there XF camera. Nikon are going to use it in the D5x. It’s gonna be a surprise like the d800. The 200 mp sensor was defined by phase one and nikon Sony makes it. Nikon are keeping that silent

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