More new Nikon lens patents designed for 1″ sensor

nikon-1-28-280mm-f2-8-4-lens-patent nikon-1-9-110mm-f_2-8-5-6-vr-24-300mm-equivalent-lens-patent
Nikon has two more patents designed for a camera with 1" sensor:

After Nikon confirmed on several occasions that their Nikon 1 mirrorless line is not dead (reported first  by dpreview), it is safe to assume that a new Nikon 1 J6 mirrorless camera with 4k video and SnapBridge will be coming in 2017 (maybe for the CP+ show in February).

Recently Nikon has been submitting a large amount of lens patents designed for 1" sensor:

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  • animalsbybarry

    I find it disturbing that the add on optical viewfinder for the Nikon One V series will not work for the Nikon One J series
    I hope the J6 will resolve that issue.

    • Shutterbug

      They are two different camera lines, targeted at different users. It shouldn’t disturb you. It’s no different than not being able to use the same battery grip or something like that across every Nikon DSLR.

      • Carleton Foxx

        That would be awesome! A sort of Anton Bauer battery system built for the stills shooter. Sign me up.

    • TO-DOUG

      You are absolutely right. Given that Nikon 1 was a new format, it is a shame that Nikon didn’t create a system with interchangeable or modular components, as others have suggested.
      It is also unfortunate that Nikon avoided integrating Nikon 1 with its existing accessories. For example, I can’t use any of my Nikon flashes on my V2, as its hot shoe is a different size. By comparison, I could mount my SB-400 on my old P7000 Coolpix and it worked great.

    • edmitc

      In a shrinking market, it would make sense to decrease the # of models by combining features. A J6 with an optional EVF would have potential to meet the needs of the consumer market (where the J-series sells) and the V-series enthusiasts (most of us) – but with only one manufactured product instead of two. That increases volume and lowers fixed production costs.

      I believe most, if not all, Nikon 1 cameras were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. I used to attend CES and was there when some of the Nikon 1 models were introduced in the past.

    • JXVo

      Yeah the 1 system was always going to struggle for a foothold and economies of scale had potential to help but were ignored…..hence we got successive bodies with different batteries and accessories. Never understood why they didn’t configure it to use standard hotshoe flash and batteries from the smaller DX bodies etc.

      • animalsbybarry

        I truly believe Nikon should release a high end FF mirrorless
        It should have the new (not yet anounced) Sony A9 sensor and AF system
        Nikon should also make it E mount and build a fully functional F mount to E mount adapter.
        For Nikon the advantages are
        Better to compete against Canon
        Nikon lens sales to Sony users
        More available lenses

        The disadvantage is that it legitimizes E mount cameras

        So for Nikon there are pluses and minuses, but for consumers there are only advantages

        The new 7.4-600 mm lens patent for 1″ sensor sounds interesting but I have doubts about image quality for 2 reasons
        First…the camera only has a 1″ sensor
        Second…at 75x zoom how good can it really be at 600mm focal length ?

  • Christoph Dolar

    I think it should say 10-100 – 1mm would be one hell of a fisheye …

    • See that list at the end though…2.8 and 3 aren’t that different.

      • Christoph Dolar

        Hm,don’t you think that a 3mm fisheye is a ~8mm FF equiv? and a 1mm CX would be a 3mm FF lens…. things get mixed up here…

    • Antonio

      Or one hell of a crop factor… 🙂 🙂

  • Shutterbug

    The first patent should read 10.3 – 104mm if it’s a 28-280 equivalent.

    • El Aura

      Yeah, for one lens 110 mm is equivalent to 280 mm and for the other lens the same 110 mm is equivalent to 300 mm. Somebody has done some bad rounding or just a plain typo.

      • Carleton Foxx

        Or perhaps they are using a more sophisticated method of calculating the focal length equivalent? Not everything is as simple as the consumer press would have you believe.

        • El Aura

          There are different ways to calculate equivalent focal lengths (sensor diagonal, sensor width, sensor height, sensor area) but it isn’t sophistication to use one method for one lens and another method for another lens. That’s just randomness (and my money would still be on a botched rounding or a plain typo).

          • Shutterbug

            Almost certainly a typo because it says “1” instead of “10” and “10” instead of “100” or “105” or whatever they picked for the long end.

  • Eric Calabros

    The very short distance to image plane says that these are designed for DL kind of cameras, not 1 series.

    • TO-DOUG

      Eric, I see what you mean. The distance from the back of the rear element to the sensor is very short. However, why couldn’t an N1 lens protrude into the CX mount? I’m thinking it could have a protective tube around it. Maybe like an old-time fisheye?

      • Eric Calabros

        Why they should do that? TL (total length) of the patent is already very short for what it is.

  • HotDuckZ

    Zoom fisheye pls, it’s more fun!!

  • steven8217

    Note the 1-10mm should be 2.7mm – 27mm equivalent. or it should be a 10-100mm Nikon 1 lens for 28-280 equivalent.

  • I noticed that some of the patent numbers do not make sense and this is normal. Patents just give us an idea of what a future lens could be and often the numbers in the patent application are changed on purpose. Here is the full text of the patent application if you can get something more out of it (I couldn’t):

    • Captain Megaton

      That’s above my reading comprehension level in Japanese. It seems the patent is more about the particulars of the 10x zoom design than the sensor size. I think the 1-10 was misinterpreted – it’s not the focal length but the zoom factor.

  • Michael Sullivan

    I think you mean 10-100mm not 1-10mm!!

  • Spy Black

    “…it is safe to assume that a new Nikon 1 J6 mirrorless camera with 4k video and SnapBridge will be coming in 2017…”

    So do we forget about a V4?

    • Too early to say.

      • Spy Black

        Asuming they do plan one, I sincerely hope they don’t blow it this time. It’s really their last chance to make the N1 system fully professional.

        • Mitych

          Nikon 1 V-cameras is too expensive for 1″ size sensor. In its price range it had to compete with SONY APS-C and Pan-Oly m43 top cameras.

          J-cameras are more competitive in its price range.

          • Spy Black

            Not if they’re truly professionally competitive, which they have yet to be.

  • Nikon and their 1-inchers. I tell ya.

    • saywhatuwill

      It’s not the size, it’s how you use it. 😉

      • That’s what anyone with a 1-incher always says. 😉

        • Captain Megaton

          Is that an RX100 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • novak miler

    Time to start saving!

  • Mike

    That 9-30 1.8-2.8 looks intriguing. Sort of the Nikon version of the Sony RX 100 III&IV.

  • JXVo

    There is only one interesting lens on that list

  • bgbs

    Does that mean Nikon 1 isn’t dead?

  • cool nice to hear 1 system has a future … hope it evolves into a very modular camera ecosystem with mix and match parts …. lets go

  • peevee

    1-10 would be fun. 🙂

  • zzzxtreme

    So many slow lens damnit

    32mm is too high end
    18.5mm has unflattering bokeh

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