Nikon files patent for a 10-145mm f/4-5.6 lens designed for 1″ sensor

Nikon 10-145mm f:4-5.6 mirrorless lens patent
Nikon filed a patent in Japan for a 10-145mm f/4-5.6 lens designed for 1" sensor. This could either be for the Nikon 1 mirorrless system or for the rumored compact camera with 1" sensor. Here are the patent details:

  • Patent 2014-89293
  • Zoom ratio: 14.13
  • Focal length: 10.30-145.50mm
  • Aperture: 4.08-5.71
  • Half angle of view: 39.62-3.01°
  • Image height: 8mm
  • Lens length: 112.60-162.60mm
  • Lens design: 5 lens group elements

Via Egami


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  • Eric Calabros

    Yes, because 10x zoom wasnt enough for soccer moms

    • HotDuckZ

      Eric you should shut up, Professor X is here.

  • Aldo

    I’ll wait for the 10-1000mm f 6.3-16

    • Eric Calabros

      28-300 and FT1 is better

  • AlphaTed

    Not wide enough. Nikon 1 lenses should have about 8 or 9mm at the wide end.

  • kotozafy

    Hello Nikon, still no patent for 300mm F4 VR, AF-S 135 F2, 24mm 1.8 ?

    • saywhatuwill

      The patent for those lenses probably won’t come out until right before the lens is announced to the world. I’d go for the first two, but not the 24mm lens. Already have the f/1.4 version.

      • Pat Mann

        The 24mm f/1.8 will be a DX lens. Even though I would prefer a 24mm f/1.4 DX lens, I think if there’s ever a Nikon wide prime for DX, a 24mm f/1.8 will be the first. After 14 years of DX cameras, still not a single rectilinear wide prime from Nikon. It’s little wonder sales are in decline, with such minimal lens support for this entire line of cameras.

    • JohnH

      Um, they already have a patent on a 135/1.8 AFS VR, don’t know about the other two.

    • Neopulse
      • kotozafy

        I think everyone should have understood that behind my ironic question, I’m not interested in patents, but in REAL lenses to be out. Too much things about 1″ and DX slow super-zooms these times, but few exciting stuff, except the out of reach $12,000 400mm.

        • Neopulse

          Actually the question you made had zero irony behind it. It was a real statement made by you that did not give any other idea contrary to it. And it is inevitable the lenses will come out. Chances are when the D800 successor comes out, it might also the 300mm f/4 or the 135mm perhaps. Most likely the 300mm in my opinion.

        • Sorry, you have a serious irony deficiency 😉

    • blp

      an update on the 300mm F4 would be great. The current version is so outdated.

  • saywhatuwill

    A 1″ sensor? Unless Nikon is providing other manufacturers lenses, like the old days, then Nikon might actually be listening to what the people are buying and not what they think the people will buy. That’s a good thing, most of the time.

    • Cyrille Berger

      Did you miss the announcement of the Nikon 1 (inch) system 3 years ago ?

      • saywhatuwill

        3 years ago? What did Ferris Bueler say? “Life moves pretty fast…”

        • neversink

          And Nikon should listen to a fictional movie character written by a two-bit Hollywood screen writer???

          • saywhatuwill

            Holy cow, what got your panties in a bunch?

            • neversink

              Me! Just commenting on your silly post ? I just asked a humorous question. I certainly didn’t warrant hostility on your part. If you post on the Internet you shouldn’t be so sensitive. Go drink some coffee and take a cold shower and get a sense of humor.

  • noled

    there is not a single lense from the nikon 1 that at least equal APS-C ones in aperture and focal length
    this is nothing when tamron 16-300 has almost the same size
    its more like a 18-250
    nikon 1 should had provide one of 2 thins, cheaper lenses or smaller lenses, fail at both
    nikon words with the v3 just buried more the system “its for professionals”
    they dot know what to do
    plan A… failed (mass production, even today you can buy new j1)
    plan B… failed (good expensive lenses, see 35mmf.12 sales)
    plan C… failed (waterproof, aw1 too expensive, better buy a case than buying a new camera and rebuying lenses)
    plan D… failed (professional, no, nikon loyal dslr owners wont rush to buy one just because nikon say its a profesional camera)
    plan E… forget profesionals lets get back to upgraders from compact cameras with an all purpose zoom lense (let me know how that works)

    • HotDuckZ

      Send your self to Nikon, you will safe The World. 🙂

    • Why don’t yuo sned you’re CV to Nikon. I’m shore they need peepol like yuo to help them wiht the little detials. 😉

  • nwcs

    Nikon’s answer to all consumer needs: another super zoom!

    • Pat Mann

      And a superzoom that starts too narrow to be an all-around lens. Is this the future of Nikon 1, just like DX? An infinite variety of 10-xx lenses, when just one good 8-40 f/4 would be the perfect walk-around zoom for this system.

      • Mark Kleijnen

        Spot on. Include some nice affordable primes that cover from wide to tele, add some proper marketing to the right user base (the DSLR user that wants a second smaller serious camera) and Nikon would make profit like no-one else

  • Nikon User

    1000 USD for this again? Stop wasting time Nikon. Make some large aperture prime lenses for Nikon 1.

  • Sjarlatan

    I’m still hoping for a 10-100mm for Nikon DX sensors.

  • Spy Black

    Considering the Sony has a larger aperture on their RX10, I don’t think that would fly on a non-interchangeable 1″ camera.

  • twoomy

    A dark superzoom, *yawn*! I’m already bored, whether it’s a Nikon 1 lens or a 1″ P&S.

  • lorenzo

    Admin, that is not the new fish-eye you mentioned a while ago, is it?
    I haven’t read any more news about it.

  • anonymous

    If I wanted a real super superzoom, I’d just get the 16-300mm Tamron for APS-C. It’ll probably be cheaper than this as well.

  • doge

    Someone at Nikon must be actively trying to take down the company from within. Any ideas who the mole is?

    • umeshrw

      Yes feels like it sometimes. Inception in real life?

  • Zippy

    1″ sensor and super zoom range would be great for a dedicated video camera. Although really they should knock out a true cine oriented version with DX sensor if they have the R&D capital to work out the essentials of intelligent + seamless manual live exposure/focus as well as high powered processing of high frame rates at 1080p, clean 4k, high nitrate codecs.

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