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Nikon Z8 rumors from China confirm what we think we know about the Z8

Some Nikon Z8 rumors from China sent by a reader: “I am just a Nikon user who wakes up every day to check NikonRumors website about the Nikon z8. I have been waiting for the new Nikon z8 and I am excited to find out on Bilibili that a photographer working with Nikon claims that […]

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Nikon Z8 size comparison with the Z7, Z9, and D850 cameras

A quick update to my post from yesterday – one of my sources sent me this comparison of the Nikon Z8 camera size with the Z7, Z9, and D850: Also, in the previous Nikon Z8 mockup I posted last year, the camera in the background is the Z9 – it also gives a perspective on […]

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The Nikon Z8 is rumored to be approximately the same size as the Nikon D850 (just slimmer)

I received some information that the height and length of the Nikon Z8 camera will be approximately identical to the Nikon D850. Of course, being a mirrorless camera, the Z8 will be thinner/slimmer than D850. For visualization, here is the Z7 next to the D850: This brings the question – why is the Nikon Z8 […]

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Nikon Z8: what we think we know so far

Here is a recap of what we think we know about the upcoming Nikon Z8 camera with a few small details I received recently: The Z8 was described to me as a hybrid camera between the Z7 and the Z9 Similar form factor to the Nikon Z6/Z7 Improved EVF Improved autofocus Same sensor as the […]

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The upcoming/rumored Nikon Z8 mirrorless camera will compete with the new Sony a7RV and is expected in Spring 2023

The Nikon Z8 camera has been rumored for a while, but we still don’t have any (reliable) leaked specifications. I was told, that in terms of price and specs, the Nikon Z8 will compete head-to-head with the recently announced Sony a7RV  ($3,900) – FYI here are the basic a7RV specs: 61MP Full-Frame Exmor R BSI […]

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The Nikon Z8 should be coming in 2023

The Nikon Z8 is rumored to be announced/released in 2023. The timeframe I received from multiple sources is late March 2023 or early April 2023 (Spring 2023), but I am still not sure if this is for the official announcement or for the release/shipping date. There is still a very low probability that we will […]

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August is over, where is the Nikon Z8?

I hope that all clickbait websites that reported about the Nikon Z8 camera being announced in August have learned a valuable lesson. Yes, today is September 1st and there is still no sign of the “rumored” Nikon Z8 camera. Maybe some editors will at least have the decency to admit their mistakes, but I seriously […]

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Nikon China feeds Z8 camera rumors by posting a 67MP photo on social media

Nikon China posted four pictures on their Weibo social media channel and caused a lot of speculation becuase one of the photos has a resolution of  6670 × 10000 (or around 67MP, download the original file here): Nikon currently does not have a camera with a 67MP sensor. Of course, the picture could be upscaled or taken […]

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