Weekly Nikon news flash #265

→ Not that anyone cares, but Nikon Japan announced the released date for the new Nikon 1 S2 camera: June 5th, 2014. The US release date is listed as June 19th. The Nikon 1 S1 is currently on sale for $199.

SanDisk-128GB-memory-card-deal SanDisk-128GB-memory-card-sale
→ After the Lexar memory card sale, we now have new SanDisk savings at Adorama and B&H.

→ Rare Nikon 300mm f/2 lens listed on eBay for US $39,090.

→ Nikon Europe released several new videos on the Nikon 1 V3 camera covering different functionalities and features:

Nikon 1 V3 vs. DSLR | Comparison high-speed continuous shooting with continuous AF:

Nikon 1 V3 | High speed continuous shooting at 60 fps Autofocus fixed feature:

Nikon 1 V3 | Phase detection autofocus while filming:

Nikon 1 V3 | High speed continuous shooting at 60 fps Autofocus fixed:

Nikon 1 V3 | Shooting stills while recording a movie:

Nikon 1 V3 | Shooting full resolution images while filming simultaneously:

→ New Nikon behind the scenes video: Packing for an outdoor shoot:

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  • lorenzo

    Oh, I love these Nikon 1, they come in all colors, like the Apple things.
    Need to buy 7 of them, one for each day of the week.
    Just they haven’t made one completely transparent, yet and with a finger print or retina scanner.

  • nwcs

    I showed that school bus yellow camera to my wife and her first words, “Ewww…. Why??” Seriously. Nikon, style is important but it has to be the right style.

    • Kynikos

      It’s big in Japan.

      • fred

        It matches perfectly with their (brightly coloured) shoes. 🙂

  • saywhatuwill

    Nikon should innovate like they did years ago (300mm f/2!). Nowadays they just keep rehashing the same focal lengths and speeds.

    • DuncanM

      But the optics improve with each iteration. Its not like they’re just rebadging the same old lenses.

      • groucher

        Not necessarily. I have a 28mm f3.5 H that blows away my modern pro lenses for sharpness, weight, feel and cost.

        • DuncanM

          Ive never used one, but all the comparrisons show the 28/1.8g has it beat in most areas aperture for aperture. Still, for ~$100 i might try one. Did you get one already AI converted? If not how much did the conversion run you?

          • groucher

            I paid £28 for the lens and the conversion cost a few pence. All that’s needed is a small amount of araldite putty placed at the f16 mark. The putty, which hardens in about 10 mins. needs to be shaped using a flat screwdriver such that it engages the camera’s aperture tab. As you’re working on the outside of the lens, the modification is safe and simple to do.

            I find that this lens out-resolves the D800 sensor from f3.5 to around f8-f11 except in the extreme corners where it loses it a bit.

        • guest

          I have a couple of those (you can do that when they’re $20 a pop) and they are really good, but ‘blows away’? I don’t think so. Google ‘Nikon thousand nights’, there’s a story there about the 3.5/28mm. With the proper hood the H’s do balance really nicely on a straight F. Look good too.

      • Optics haven’t always improved with new iterations. Sometimes it’s just a newer version of VR being added, etc.

    • neonspark

      so that the bitching about a 16K 300 f/2 will repeat itself?

      • saywhatuwill

        Are you kidding? That sucker would be in the $20k territory.


    I think i am going to buy that 300mm! Place it on my Nikon 1. Excellent work ahead!

  • Spy Black

    We need more Nikon 1 videos showing how great that AF system is. Don’t you wish you had that kind of AF on your lowly D4s/D800/Df/D610/D7100?

  • Liking the prices of the CF cards. Probably the most relevant in the lineup. Thanks for the heads up, Admin.

  • Jim Huang

    Is it just me or a lot of images from dSLR are very low in resolution?

  • Henry

    “Not that anyone cares…” Oh that made me laugh! For some subjects it’s just not possible to put on the neutral observer’s voice, is it? 🙂

    • I am ok with the J and V lines, but I really do not see the point of the S line.

      • PhotoAl

        Entry level/affordability. Because it comes with a generation older sensor its price is lower. I don’t know if it’s actually necessary, but Nikon seems to like having three price points (d3xxx, d5xxx, d7xxx) for customers to choose from.

        • DuncanM

          Good, better, best is great for margins.

          • It’s about merchandising. Does Colgate REALLY need 9 different combinations of fluoride, tarter control, whitening, ad nauseum? Of course not. But they enjoy a lot of shelf space and that sells toothpaste believe it or not.

      • Just saying

        S line is for Target, and W line for walmart. So, one cannot price compare and claim discounts : )

  • Killroy™

    If I had $40k I would buy that 300mm f/2.0 in a heartbeat. It was a pleasure to shoot and very easy to focus due to the almost non-existent DOF wide open.

    • Strictly speaking, a 50mm f/2 lens and a 300mm f/2 lens has the same DOF as long as you’re shooting the same thing (i.e. same subject magnification). Otherwise it’s not really a proper comparison. The longer lens will isolate the subject/separate the background better.

      • Killroy™

        I really don’t understand this argument… let’s look at practical applications. I am shooting a baseball game and I am exactly 100ft from second base and I focus dead on the bag (second base), both lenses are at f/2.0. The 300mm f/2.0 has a DOF of about 4-feet (4-ft 1-inch to be exact). If I am standing in the same exact spot with a 50mm lens and I focus on the same base 100ft away the DOF is 313-feet. Which lens do you think is harder to focus? the one with a 4-foot DOF or a 313-foot DOF?

  • With the 400mm 2.8 update, Nikon charged what was it, and extra $3k to lose a couple lbs? Well, they could re-release the same 300mm f2 now, drop the tripod collar, and bam. Save another couple lbs. Innovation!

  • guest

    The price on that 300 f2 seems a bit exorbitant- I thought they are more in the 10k range?

    • guest

      They’re really rare; many if not most of them were picked up by the movie industry and cut over to a cine mount. I don’t think there’s too many left with an F mount.

      • Nah!

        And even fewer that still have the TC14c.
        It’s way over priced even so and if Nikon release a 300/2G AFS VR ED FL XX XX then the AIS will be worth zilch.

        • guest

          Well, yea, $40k is ridiculous. I don’t think Nikon’s Innovation Dept. will go near it.

    • fred

      That shop on ebay also has a Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2 AIS for a much lower amount, just 4K or best offer. 😉

      • fred

        Wow, don’t miss the Nikon Reflex Nikkor 2000mm f/11 for sale there too, it is a bargain at $80,800!

      • neversink

        They made a lot more of those Nocts. I have a beat up version (thought the glass is perfect.) I don’t use it much.

  • Lexar-buyer

    I ordered a Lexar CF card at Adorama, but it’s out of stock… Is it going to be another 9-month wait, like when they sold the out-of-stock 85mm 1.8 with rebate last year?

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