The latest Nikon patents: waterproof 1 Nikkor 7.2-13.6mm f/3.5-4.5 lens and… a smart water bottle

Nikon 1 Nikkor 7.2-13.6mm f:3.5-4.5 waterproof lens patent
New Nikon patent application for a 1 Nikkor AW 7.2-13.6mm f/3.5-4.5 waterproof lens for the AW mirrorless product line (1" sensor). There is another Nikon waterproof lens patent for a Nikkor AW 10-45mm f/4.5-5.6 lens:

Nikon 1 Nikkor 10-45mm f:4.5-5.6 waterproof lens
Nikon currently has only two Nikkor AW lenses: AW 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 and AW 10mm f/2.8.

Nikon smart water bottle patentNikon smart water bottle patent 2
I am not sure what to make out of this, but Nikon filed a patent for a “smart” water bottle that can communicate with a smart watch:

“When a user puts on a device having an intra-body communication function or a near field communication function and a liquid container that user users has a communication function, a total intake amount of the user can be recorded automatically even if a house cup is used, a cup at a workplace is used or a drink in bought.”

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  • Will the water bottle have a fluorine coating? And if so, what’s the thread size because I’m thinking it would make for a great extension tube.

    Hey, they can make socks and toothpaste for all I care… as long as it 1) generates money that can be 2) used to continue making great cameras and glass and 3) doesn’t distract from making those great cameras and glass.

    • mikeswitz

      Fail, if it doesn’t have gps and Lightroom support.

  • whisky

    low tech water bottle: it’s stamped 500ml. drink up.
    high tech water bottle: watch tells you “you just drank 500ml”.

    smart bottles for the math impaired?

    • tor2

      Or hospitals. For easier automatic registration of fluid intake.

  • spicynujac

    The 7.2-13.6 AW lens will be a nice addition. The 6.7-13mm current (non-AW) wide angle lens is great. While this lens will duplicate the current wide angle, I will probably buy it, to get a little wider underwater, and it’s slightly faster than the f/5.6 on the current WA. Also, it appears this lens is specifically designed to function underwater, unlike the 11-27.5 which is based off the non-AW version, so we may see performance optimized for underwater imaging.

    10-45 AW sounds like the kit lens they should have sold the camera with. I don’t think it will have a huge market unless they keep it cheap–it basically makes the 11-27.5 kit lens obsolete, assuming the performance is equal or better.

    • Max

      sweet. what do you think about the bottle though?

      • spicynujac

        The sketch above looks like a detailed schematic for electrocuting someone. I think Putin will be buying many of these. And it’s a dangerous time to be a hipster, with all those darn hackers around.

  • doge

    Interesting that they’re still patenting new AW lenses. I wonder if they’ll have an AW2 in the pipeline.

    • Spy Black

      It would be futile otherwise, no? If the new J5 is any indicator, hopefully that successor comes in line with at least a 120 foot maximum depth. Otherwise it’s only a surface camera.

      • Eric Calabros

        120 foot? is there even enough light for photography down there?

        • The waterproof case that was selling with the J4 for cheap a few weeks back is rated for over 150′. I suspect anyone planning to shoot at that depth probably prefers a decent sized enclosure anyway. (And you’d bring your own light).

          • doge

            Too bad the SB-N10 is $750. Not too many amateurs/casual vacationers/casual divers are going to spend that kind of money for a flash to bring on vacation.

            • spicynujac

              Casual amateurs are not diving to 150′.

            • doge

              I did.

            • spicynujac

              Well, that’s not a casual amateur to me. A standard diving certificate doesn’t even qualify one to dive to those depths.

            • doge

              Maybe, but the larger point is; if you’re using a Nikon AW, you’re either using available light, or nothing at all. And that kinda sucks.

            • Spy Black

              There’s plenty of cheap Chinese high output underwater LED lights you can use. Better to use them than flash because you can switch to video and back again. I plan on getting a pair for my J4 setup.

        • Spy Black

          That depth is the standard recreational dive depth limit.

        • spicynujac

          There is a vocal minority of hard core divers that want a diving camera that will go down to the bottom of the ocean, but the best lighting is within the first 5 to 10 meters. That’s where the most interesting underwater shots occur for me, and where the most colorful creatures live, which is what I’m interested in capturing.

          Re: an AW2, I never considered it seriously until this patent. Now I would think they are considering one. I love my AW1 but the sensor is poor at 800 ISO and above. Sensor technology is constantly improving and with better sensor, better battery life, a scratch resistant LCD, and possibly even EVF, I would buy one in a heartbeat. I have already gotten my moneys worth out of cool underwater shots with the AW1.

          • Spy Black

            ” That’s where the most interesting underwater shots occur for me, and where the most colorful creatures live, which is what I’m interested in

            You should try diving a wall. Interesting and colorful sea life doesn’t stop at 50 feet. At shallow depths an AW100 is all you need, you don’t need to get ripped off for an AW1, although apparently you already did. 🙂

            Hopefully the AW2 will be more intelligently priced. The present J4 deals with it’s underwater housing is a far more practical diving setup than the AW1, and even before the price drop you had a full depth capable setup that you don’t get with an AW1. I agree the AW1 is a good camera for non-diving activities, but it’s still overpriced. Again, an AW100 is a better investment for that.

            • spicynujac

              I was originally considering the Panasonic competitor to the AW100, which got really good reviews. While the AW100 is $400 vs the AW1 $800 (now $700), its sensor is almost 1/4 the size (6.17mm x 4.55mm vs 13.2mm x 8.8mm) and it got me interested in the Nikon 1 system, where I bought 3 additional lenses, and am looking at getting the 70-300 soon. The AW1 has been really fun to use out of water.
              If the performance was equal, the AW100 would be all I needed, but I find weaknesses with the AW1 sensor, so I can only imagine it would be worse on the smaller AW100.

            • Spy Black

              If the new J5 pricing is anything to go by, let’s hope Nikon starts pricing their Nikon 1 gear intelligently from here on in. The AW1 is alright, but not for $800, or even $700. I will assume they will use the J5 sensor in the AW2, hopefully with an updated processor from the J5. That should give you pretty decent IQ. My J4’s sensor is marginally better than your AW1 sensor, mostly due to the processor, but that’s not saying much. 😉

              I’ve been toying with the J4 as well out of water, ‘been sticking as big a lens as I can on it via the FT1. Below is an uncropped shot taken with a 300mm f/4.5 Ai Nikkor, an 810mm equivalent on the N1 series cameras. I just ordered an old ’70s 500mm f/8 Toyo for $30 that I’m gonna slap on it for shìts and giggles. 🙂

            • KnightPhoto

              Nice shot!

    • KnightPhoto

      Yep looks like an AW2 is a done deal…

  • Rosemary’s Crybaby

    The water bottle’s to get anybody who wasn’t already soaked for the new 24-70…

  • MonkeySpanner

    Well, at least we know Nikon’s R&D department is hard at work – on water bottles.

  • verytoxic

    Nikon is entering a bottled water business to compete with Dasani and Aquafina.

  • mok

    The bottle is 2.8 or 4.0? I am more for 2.8

    • Nir


    • scott800

      This is only the kit bottle, so expect 3.5-5.6 variable

      • mok

        eh… i thought it will be replacement for the old pro bottle. Old version is having very poor water quality in the corners…

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          They made a new bottle to adress those issues. It’s a bit larger, a bit heavier but it has condensation reduction now. Unfortunately the new, slightly larger size means that your standard bottle caps won’t fit on this one anymore.

  • Ineedmy Bobo

    An 18-35mm-equivilent WA zoom for the AW system? AWESOME. I would have bought into the AW1 if this was announced two years ago.

    At this point, there needs to be an AW2 behind this lens in order to make it interesting. I always thought an AW system with only two lenses seemed a bit ridiculous.

    • spicynujac

      Especially when the 10mm prime (on paper) didn’t seem to perform any differently than the included kit zoom, other than slightly faster, and 10mm vs 11mm on the zoom is essentially the same view. As of today there is one review of the 10mm prime on B&H. I don’t think they have sold many.

  • Arthur Tazo

    I bet the water bottle has a 82mm filter thread.

  • longzoom

    Hmmm, smart bottle… What a find for smart …! So good Nikon’s position on the stock market, they choose the Hassy way!

  • I’m impressed that they started with a fixed-volume water bottle. I was expecting an 18 – 200ml bottle with a narrow neck.

  • MonkeySpanner

    well, Nikon has waited for the water bottle market to mature before they try to get into it. Doesn’t make sense to jump in early when the tech is still new and developing.

  • Spy Black

    I wonder if Nikon will ever produce a digital Nikonos. The AW is an embarrassment, at least from a divers perspective, considering all the resources thrown at it. Useful as-is above water tho.

  • TheInfinityPoint

    The Smart Water bottle was already invented years ago…

  • neonspark

    I’ll take the bottle but you’ll never catch me with a smart watch because nobody is that stupid to get a smart watch.

    • I’m willing to lay odds many if not most of us will be using smartwatches within a few years (i.e. when the watches replace a smartphone). Incidentally, the demise of the smartphone may well augur well for the camera companies since a watch is going to make a sucky camera, but many people may not be willing to carry around a dedicated smartphone just because it has a camera.

      • true

        I can’t wait to see watches making calls!

        • My wife already makes her calls using her Apple watch (siri to dial and it “Just Works™” (most of the time). But right now it needs an iPhone to actually make the call. It’s all very Dick Tracy.

          But my prediction is that phone calls are on the way out. People will use a combination of email and text for low bandwidth / high latency and Skype/FaceTime/Hangouts for high bandwidth, low latency communication. I see this trend already among the people I know — the main purpose of phone calls now is to set up a meeting somewhere else. I used to get phone calls, now I get texts and emails.

          With this in mind, the phone becomes kind of useless — it’s a bad iPad / computer, and a less-than-ideal personal communications device. I don’t know whether people are going to use earbuds, lapel pins, or watches, but I do think they’ll opt for a device that they don’t need to even think about dropping, forgetting, taking with them, and so on.

          • captaindash

            Not a chance. Smartphone screens are getting bigger for a reason.

            • Given I’m already seeing people ditch smartphones — i.e. I have actual data points — there obviously is a chance. You wait until people have the option of something they carry vs. something they don’t even need to worry about forgetting or dropping.

              The most important feature of any portable device is size. There’s a reason iPhones keep getting thinner, even though they could “harvest” space savings as larger batteries and/or faster performance.

  • Morris

    waterproof lens and smart water bottle, is the bottle for fooling the lens ?

  • AYWY

    So this is what the rumoured collaboration with Apple is all about… ?

    Probably filed by Nikon Instruments group in an experimental tender in the early days of the iWatch’s conception. Although the experimental concept does not work out, might as well still file the patent. Used to get a fair among of these in my ex-company serving the military.

    Apple is rich. They can afford to pay experiment dollars to interested contractors.

    • Sounds pretty unlikely to me. Apple isn’t going to partner with Nikon because of its expertise in making bottles (even glass ones). Any partnership with Nikon will have something to do with cameras or optics (or possibly semiconductor lithography). I think if Apple created an iPhone with an integral CX mount, or a DXO-camera-like CX-mount add-on, it would be pretty interesting. (Imagine the insane wave of software we’d get overnight — I’ve already got photo-editing software on my iPhone that I wish I had on my desktop.)

  • Tov_Daniele

    Sure the bottle is Mirror-less… someone know if it will be full frame?

    • MonkeySpanner

      Looks more like 1″ to me.

  • catinhat

    Nikon is finally diversifying, there will always be market for bottles. A bottle with VR would be useful in a variety of circumstances. How soon can I preorder one?

    • peter w

      A bottle with VR for plain water would be a waste of investment, except for people with Parkinson. However, there will be a huge advantage for VR controlled containers in the fluid area where traces of ethanol are involved.

      • catinhat

        Don’t underestimate the population of retiring baby-boomers, the preponderance of Nikon SLR users might be in the nursing homes fairly soon, and they may appreciate the familiar yellow logo on the bottle over ones made by Sigma or Tamron. I’m sure they’ll price their bottles at a premium due to fluoride already in the bottle.

        • peter w

          It is almost like with lenses and camera’s: time will tell.

    • jaysancheese

      I hope it’s rated for at least 5 stops. I hate it when I drink water and it swishes around in the bottle. It really hinders my water drinking capability.

  • peter w

    I think somebody had some free time at the coffe corner, and they thought: what not, a briliant idea is a briliant idea, no matter what.
    Or perhaps this was made as a good-beye gag for a retiring collegue, we do that over here…
    It is far better than us commenting on it… 😉

  • nukunukoo

    Ugh! still no 4K on the bottle. I’ll pass.

  • draco

    I will not be a early adopter of that bottle. Beware the oil spots on the water.

  • Burpbeef

    Smart bottle? Diversifying. Is the future of the camera industry that bleak?

  • What’s the pixel pitch on that water bottle?

    But seriously, it’s nice to see the underwater / 1-system finally getting a serious wide-angle.

  • true

    does the water bottle have 4k? if not im not interested

  • T.I.M

    You’re not sure who made this out ?
    Probably a smart ass….
    So now we have cars that can be hacked remotely, blue pills that can control my also remotely.
    What’s next ? A Nikon D900 that will refuse taking pictures of kids under 18 or women wearing as scuff ?
    I’ll go dig in my garage try to find my old trusted Polaroid camera.

  • steven8217

    1 Nikkor AW 7.2-13.6mm would be a great news, will get one once it launched. Joining my current CX 6.7-13mm and my FX 16-35mm F4 to the list, I love wide angle lens!

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