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Nikon DL cameras shipping date now listed as January 2017; DL price increase in the UK?

Few weeks ago I reported that the Nikon DL cameras are rumored to start shipping in January 2017. B&H has now also changed their shipping date to January 2017 for all three DL models:

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Nikon at Photokina 2016: J5 doing great, remote-controlled robot cameras, DL models missing

      Some interesting coverage of Nikon @ Photokina 2016:

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Nikon DL cameras delayed because of serious issues with the integrated circuit for image processing

The Nikon DL cameras were delayed because of the Kumamoto earthquakes and serious issues with the integrated circuit for image processing – this is according to Nikon tech support’s answer to reader:

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Nikon DL cameras delayed “indefinitely”?

Nikon Germany told the popular website that the new Nikon DL compact cameras are delayed “indefinitely” and the hope is that something could be released before Christmas. Here is the German text:

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Nikon SnapBridge for iOS to be released at the end of August

I received information that the iOS version of SnapBridge will be released at the end of August (will be available for download at the App Store). The Android version was already released back in April. Nikon has been working together with Apple on SnapBridge for a long time (I first reported it in March, 2015). Nikon SnapBridge is compatible […]

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Nikon DL cameras should start shipping in October

I received some information today that the new Nikon DL cameras will start shipping in October. This information is coming directly from Nikon. The three DL models were announced back in February and have been delayed several times already. The cameras are still available for pre-order.

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