Nikon at Photokina 2016: J5 doing great, remote-controlled robot cameras, DL models missing

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Some interesting coverage of Nikon @ Photokina 2016:

In an interview with Dirk Jasper from Nikon said that they are very happy with the Nikon 1 J5 camera... in Europe Nikon claims to have between 2%-10% market share (depending on the country). There was also a confirmation that Nikon is also "looking" at other sensor formats for mirrorless cameras (Google translation):

When we talk 1" sensors: what's up for the future with mirrorless cameras?

Of course Nikon steps further there. We are very satisfied with the J5. In Europe, it holds a market share between 2 and 10 percent, depending on the country, in Japan we even achieve more than 10%. We also have an eye on different sensor sizes. But we do not want something to our customers which might be only a compromise. With our DSLR we drive Formula1, so with a new mirrorless we do not want to sit in a go-kart.

I am still not sure if Nikon 1 products were even on display at the Nikon booth at Photokina.

UpdatePhotographyblog just published their interview with Nikon and it seems that the Nikon 1 system is still alive:

How is the Nikon 1 system doing in Europe? Is it still being promoted?

The Nikon 1 system will definitely still be be around in the future - there are no plans to withdraw it from the market, as you can tell by our stand which has a large Nikon 1 area. The Nikon 1 J5 camera is selling really well, allowing us to achieve up to 10% share with just one camera model in some European countries. Again, the smaller sensor size gives the Nikon 1 system some key advantages when compared to larger sensor cameras.

Check out Nikon’s remote-controlled robot cameras at PopPhoto (Nikon recently acquired Mark Roberts Motion Control).

Nikon did not have any DL camera prototypes on display at Photokina.

Pictures credit: Photokina

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  • Kiboko

    Is the DL-line discontinued?

    • no 🙂

    • TO-DOUG

      How could it be discontinued if it was never launched in the first place?

      • Kiboko

        I know … I just wonder why they didn’t even had a mockuo or a sample … to help us not to forget it?

    • Mato34

      Neither DOA nor MIA, I think the correct thing would be MOA (Missing On Arrival)

    • EnPassant

      It’s only DeLayed!

    • Joey

      The WHAT line? Heard of it…NEVER seen it…LOL

    • luca

      Discontinued? No. They never started, and never will.

    • peevee

      “Is the DL-line discontinued?”

      Discontinued Line.
      Or was it Disavowed Line?
      What do you think?

      • Kiboko

        Could be the latter. It has probably never happened … it is like waking up after a dream that is plausible. You’re not sure if it was a dream or not.

  • Mistral75

    > The J5 we are very satisfied. In Europe it has depending on the country a market share between two and ten percent, in Japan, we come up with the J5 even to over ten percent.

    Two to ten per cent. market share, why not, but of what market? That of mirrorless cameras with one-inch sensor?

    • maxx

      I’m in the 98% in my Country.

    • I assume he talks about overall mirrorless market, otherwise it’s just a spin.

      • pjpo

        Let’s be honest. Somewhere between 2-10% means 2%. And that could be of ILC with sensors below APS-C (Pentax Q through MFT).

        • No, it means 2% in one country and 10% in another. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • pjpo

            2% and 10% of what? Define the market for it to have any relevance. Entire camera sales? Mirrorless ILC? Mirrorless ILC sub-APSC? 1″ sensor cameras? A number without their reference point is meaningless. They are also 100% market share of currently sold 1″ sensor MILC.

      • Thom Hogan

        Agree. He also doesn’t give a time frame or a source of the data.

        But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that the J5 gets 10% of the Japanese market, and 6% of the NA and European markets. That’s an implied run rate of about 110k units/year. You really have to succeed in the general Asian market with a mirrorless product to have any real traction. It’s not clear to me that the Nikon 1 is.

        Further, I still don’t see the point of Nikon 1 if the DLs actually are what they were announced to be. But Nikon has always had this spaghetti-against-the-wall approach at the low end, so maybe they believe enough spaghetti is sticking to continue. Likewise, Nikon has always had this “sell what we’ve got as hard as we can” approach right up to the moment they switch. Remember the “D7200 is the DX flagship” thing? Well, the J5 is the 1″ flagship ;~).

        And on another note: since the DLs and the Nikon 1 use the same image sensor, so one would think they might use the same digital circuits. The engineering delay in the DLs could also explain any missing J6 or V4 camera if Nikon really were going to continue the Nikon 1 line.

        But the real issue here is one of perception. Nikon’s losing that game now. Moreover, I’d put it this way: great products solve customer problems. Right now Nikon is causing more customer problems than they’re solving.

        • peevee

          “And on another note: since the DLs and the Nikon 1 use the same image sensor”

          Are they? Have they switched from Aptina to Sony? And if they had, to which Sony, FSI from RX100, BSI (R) or BSI+stacked (RS)?

          • Thom Hogan

            They switched to Sony with the J5. It’s at least BSI, it may be stacked. It’s unclear whether this was a one-off for Nikon with some tweaks or not. Doesn’t seem to be given the testing results.

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    The same girls were advertising Sigma too 😛


    “But we want our customers serve up nothing, then what is a compromise. With our DSLR we drive Formula 1, then we want to go with a new mirror lots no GoKart.” What in the world does that mean? Instead of complaining about Nikon here — let’s complain about Google Translations! Is it really so difficult to translate from German to English? Could any German-speakers out there assist us?

    • Jarret O’Shea

      I only took German for a couple years in high school, but I think the gist is more like the following: We’re not going to give our customers something that compromises. With our DSLRs we’re driving a Formula 1, so if we do a new mirrorless it can’t be a GoKart.

      • Mike

        Canon gave the world a GoKart. Fuji gave the world a rocket ship. Where is Nikon?!

        • CaMeRa QuEsT

          Trying to sell mountain bikes!(?) And skate boards, and surfboards, and parachutes, and on and on…

          • Mike

            Touché! Lol

        • Jon S

          Perfectly said!

        • HF

          Rocket ship? Which model do you mean?

          • AKH

            I’m thinking more of a Ford T and not a rocket ship ☺

          • nwcs

            The X-T2 is really very good. I wouldn’t go hyperbole and say rocketship but it’s really really good.

        • Joey

          Where is the Canon G1X III?

          • peevee


        • Robert B

          I do not think that Canon gave a GoKart only. But what really would be interesting: What rocket ship gave Fuji the world?

      • That’s correct, it’s more than the gist, it’s almost exactly what he’s saying.

      • Kiboko

        I think that is a more correct translation … But I wonder if that is the reason why the gokart 1″ Nikon cameras are lacking updates?

      • jojo

        Many F1 drivers start with go karts. So the moral of his analogy should be get mirrorless right if you still want photographers / Nikon customers graduating to DSLRs!

      • Thom Hogan

        Yes, that seems more accurate based on my college learned German.

        But it brings up a strange point: if Nikon only makes Formula 1 cars, how do you explain the Coolpix, the current Nikon 1, the me-too KeyMissions that are late to the market, the lack of DX lenses, the de-featuring of the D3400, and a host of other things Nikon is doing?

        And is Nikon going to sell Formula 1 cars against Formula 1 cars? History and evidence says that Nikon tries NOT to cannibalize their own products, so no.

        Seems like a weak and false analogy to me.

        • Eric Calabros

          Maybe he meant the expected large sensor mirrorless shouldn’t be Gokart. a mirrorless D750 which is inferior to DSLR D750 in many ways with little or no size/weight advantage, is totally pointless, isn’t it? The thing is even if they find a right solution for mount, making a FF mirrorless with DSLR like performance, costs too much. at least as much as D810. People now want 5million dot EVF with 5ms lag! and in case of Nikon, reliable 3D tracking! with those microscopic on sensor PDAF pixels.

          • Thom Hogan

            Yes, that’s another possible interpretation; the wording is a bit unclear to my German translation ability. Native speakers like Dirk sometimes use idiomatic language and locally-recognized analogies that the rest of us then whiff on.

            As I’ve been trying to point out, Nikon’s in a box of their own making now.

            The original Nikon 1 had D3 designers working on it (which explains the fast autofocus and other interesting technical bits) but the project seemed to get diverted into Nikon’s then marketing thrust: Asian market, and in particular, women as possible growth opportunity. So a number of decisions seemed to go a different direction than the DSLR crowd would want them to (e.g. UI, the emphasis on color and fashion in the original release).

            I’ll say it again: Nikon makes dang good DSLRs. Arguably the best DSLR lineup from bottom to top. It’s where they started in cameras and where they’ve succeeded in being at or near the top for 50+ years now.

            But every time Nikon tries to dip into more true consumer products, especially those outside the DSLR line, they’ve stumbled. The biggest call for Nikon mirrorless is from DSLR customers that want the same Nikon DSLR greatness in something smaller, lighter, and more portable.

            That implies something more like what Canon is now doing with the EOS M line than it does 1″ sensor stuff, which is now the realm of some very capable compact-type cameras (which might include Nikon if they ever produce the DLs). Or maybe it implies something like shifting the DSLR lineup to high-end full frame mirrorless, as Sony did.

            The problem is this: the box is getting smaller, and more tricky to play in. Nikon is now losing ILC market share, and I’ll bet they continue to until they have a clear response as to their future.

            • El Aura

              I’m a native speaker and there is little idiomatic in that sentence. GoKart simply stands for the lowest level of race car driving, possibly even meant here to represent the low-power version used in-door recreational driving. My interpretation is that they don’t want to release a mirrorless camera that feels like driving a low-power GoKart while their DSLRs currently are at a level like the cars competing in Formula 1.

              I’m not sure how much we should read into the specific choice of words that probably was a formulation crafted in the moment (unless we hear a similar comparison from another Nikon spokesperson I doubt it was a comparison decided upon in a marketing meeting).

    • Hendrik

      My translation of the last sentence:
      With our DSLR we drive formular 1. So we do not want to drive gokart with a new mirrorless.

      Hendrik from Germany

    • jojo

      There can be variations. “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” could translate as “the brandy is good but the meat is off.”


    It is obvious from the image of the J5 body (above) that the CX mount is far larger than is necessary to clear the so-called 1″ sensor. As others have pointed out, Nikon could easily put a MFT (2x crop) sensor in there, maybe larger. I noticed the same thing when I bought my N1 V2 several years ago. I am also wondering whether some of the N1 lenses might have an image circle larger than is needed to cover the 1″ sensor (2.7x crop). That would be really convenient…

    • MB
      • Tieu Ngao

        It’d be very interesting if Nikon decides to use 4/3 sensor for Nikon 1 series and 1″ sensor only for the DLs, assuming the Nikon 1 lenses work with 4/3 sensor.

        • Member

          To me the most interesting thing about the 1 series is the 1″ sensor (in fact the 2.7x crop factor).
          I think the 2X crop is too close to the dx’s 1.5x crop factor.

        • jojo

          However logical converting Nikon 1 to four thirds may seem, could you Imagine Nikon asking Olympus or Panasonic if they could join up?

          • nwcs

            It’s an open standard. Nikon would just start doing it. A lot of companies are listed on the official m43 list but most aren’t doing anything m43.

      • EnPassant

        Thanks for the picture. Clearly a DX sensor is too big for the N1 mount. But a 4/3 sensor would fit just fine. My favourite idea though is a circular sensor, with same diameter as the circle inside the mount.
        Imagine all the framing options in every direction. Tilting the camera left or right would also be a problem of the past.

        • peevee

          If the blue line is for APS-C, it clearly fits (without IBIS).

          • EnPassant

            Not with the contacts and screws in the same place.
            The 1″ sensor sits on a plate that roughly is the size of a 4/3 sensor.
            So actually I may have to revise my statement that 4/3 sensor may fit easy. A sensor in 3×2 format with same area as 4/3 may be more easy to fit.

            • peevee

              The contacts and screws are forward of the sensor plane, and you don’t have to illuminate the board, just the sensitive part of the sensor.

            • EnPassant

              Maybe. But by how much? I have no Nikon 1 camera and therefore cannot check more exactly how they are constructed.
              However from a construction point of view an APS-C sensor would still be too close as the area for such a sensor would interfere with the plastic part holding the contacts.

      • whisky

        to me, the option of a larger sensor with added IQ, and a 2.7x crop mode for reach — built into one — would be the best of both worlds in a small tight package.

        • DaveR43

          A 1.8x crop sensor is interesting

          – One stop faster than a 2.7x crop (like FX is one stop faster than DX)
          – Slightly higher iq than MFT
          – Very close in iq to APS-C (Sony, Canon, Fuji)
          – A 20.8 mpixel sensor would deliver 9.2 mpixels for existing 2.7x crop CX lenses
          – 4k video in 1.5 crop mode from a 20.8 mpixel sensor (like 4k crop on Nikon D5) would also use the existing CX lenses
          (1.8x crop x 1.5 4k crop = 2.7x Nikon 1 crop)
          – Existing Nikon and third party DX lenses could relatively easily be adapted for the 1.8x crop format
          – New design 1.8x crop lenses could in principle be slightly smaller than APS-C crop lenses on Sony, Canon, Fuji.

          The statements from Nikon imply they would continue to offer 1″ Nikon 1 bodies as well. That makes sense, as the 2.7x crop provides much smaller lenses than the other formats for lens equivalent focal lengths above 300mm or so; the 2.7x crop provides ‘reach’ in the same way as the D500 provides ‘reach’ compared to the D5.

          The GoKart comments imply they will include high performance models, like a 1.8x crop mirrorless with close to ‘D500’ attributes. It would also make sense to have a 2.7x crop camera with close to ‘D500’ attributes, simply by putting the 2.7x crop sensor in the same body as the 1.8x crop.

          And ideally, Nikon would introduce a number of fast zooms and primes for the 1.8x crop sensor.

          That would all suit me very nicely!

          • Captain Megaton

            “A 1.8x crop sensor is interesting”

            Call it 2x and go buy an OMD-EM1.

            • DaveR43

              Thanks for the suggestion to buy an obsolete model that won’t support any of my existing lenses, and needs lenses that won’t connect to any of my existing bodies, but no thanks…

            • Captain Megaton

              Better obsolete than nonexistent.

            • DaveR43

              I did look at the write-ups of the OM-D EM-1 Mark II a couple of days ago, a very nice camera no doubt. However, to replace the functionality of my current equipment would cost quite a bit more than £2,500, so no thanks, I’ll wait and see.

            • Captain Megaton

              Well I use CX/DX/FX, so whatever – I just don’t share your view that a modified Nikon1 mirrorless system with 1.8x crop would be remotely interesting… nor do I think there is any truth or merit to the rumor that Nikon is actually going to go this route.

            • DaveR43

              Sure, we all have our own wants and needs.

              Until Nikon come out with some concrete statements, none of us really know what will happen.

      • TO-DOUG

        Thanks for providing the CX mount image with several sensor sizes overlaid. The green frame is the current 2.7x crop. The red frame is 2x crop (M43) and I assume the blue is APS-C. Clearly, a 2x crop sensor fits easily into the CX mount; however, an APC-C sensor appears to interfere with the electronic contacts.
        What would be the point? Improved image quality, especially in low light. Also, if Nikon eventually comes up with a full-frame mirrorless camera, the two systems (full frame and 2x crop) would be sufficiently different that they wouldn’t be in competition with each other.

    • RMJ

      It’s a good thing they learned from their mistakes. F-mount is too small for 35mm and fx.

      • Simon Bergman

        It has worked great for 59 years! How long time of proof do you need?

    • peevee

      If they going to do it with 4/3″ sensor, they should go with m43 mount to begin with.

      But the real market where Nikon can make money is making lenses for existing mirrorless mounts. Look, Pana tries to sell 24/2.8 and 85/2.4 equivalents for $1600, Oly tries to sell 300/4 for small sensor for $2500. Nikon makes GREAT 85/1.8 for FF for $400, so it is feasible that they can make 42.5/0.9 for m43 for $400 and sell boatloads of them. And 25/0.9 for $200. And a bunch of lighter and cheaper and smaller (compared to the Olympus 300mm old-tech cannon) tele lenses with their Phase Fresnel tech.

      • TO-DOUG

        I was suggesting that Nikon could produce a new Nikon 1 camera using the same CX mount, but using a sensor with a 2x crop, which is about the same size as a MFT sensor. Using a sensor of that size would almost double the active area of the sensor, producing better results. Why didn’t Nikon do that in the first place? I don’t know. But increasing the sensor area can be done now without making the existing Nikon 1 products obsolete.
        And as I said, it is possible that some of the N1 lenses could easily cover a 2x crop sensor right now. And don’t forget that the adapter allows Nikon shooters to use most F mount lenses on a Nikon 1. Currently, when I mount my 50mm f/1.8 on my V2, it is equivalent to a very fast 135mm lens. If the sensor was 2x crop size, then that lens would be equivalent to a very fast and sharp 100mm lens. Want a great N1 telephoto lens? You likely already have it in F mount.

        • peevee

          They would need a whole new lens line.

          “And as I said, it is possible that some of the N1 lenses could easily cover a 2x crop sensor right now. ”

          Maybe – but at best, TERRIBLY. Unlike m43 lenses designed for slightly large circle for IBIS, Nikon 1 never used IBIS.

          BTW, 1″ sensor would be fine too if the prices of their lenses were scaled down as the area of their image circle (and amount of glass etc in them). Like the prices of P&S lenses are negligible in all those $50 cameras. And primes in $4 mobile phone camera units. But they want more for 70-300 for 1″ than for 70-300 for FF, and that is just stupid.

  • Update: Photographyblog just published their interview with Nikon and it seems that the Nikon 1 system is still alive:

    How is the Nikon 1 system doing in Europe? Is it still being promoted?

    The Nikon 1 system will definitely still be be around in the future – there are no plans to withdraw it from the market, as you can tell by our stand which has a large Nikon 1 area. The Nikon 1 J5 camera is selling really well, allowing us to achieve up to 10% share with just one camera model in some European countries. Again, the smaller sensor size gives the Nikon 1 system some key advantages when compared to larger sensor cameras.

    • Mato34

      I’m really happy reading about. Nikon 1 can have its place in spite of DLs, and only needs a little real interest from Nikon.

      I think amateur side is well served here (lens, J5, S2…), and only the enthusiast part (bright lens, Vs) needs a little push (if only have the UI and options of the cheaper P7700/7800…).

    • Jarret O’Shea

      I’ll…believe that when they announce more cameras/lenses. It’s been a long while.

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      Oh well, so much for hoping for a fire sale on the J5 come this holiday season…

    • jojo

      The J5 may be selling a bit, but it was the sales of the V models that was going to do more for Nikon 1 as a system. I think it more significant he mentioned the J5 but not the V3

  • Mr_Miyagi

    The Nikon 1 is as much alive as is the Norwegian Blue parrot from this Monty Python sketch.

  • steven8217

    As i said earlier, they just need a new and improved 1 inches sensor and whoala, Nikon can deliver a new Nikon 1 body with relatively less efforts and currently 13 lenses available for end user. By the way, the Nikon 1 CX 70-300mm F/4.5 – 5.6 VR is about the HEIGHT of my Nikon 200-500mm F5.6 VR, yes, the height of the lens hook and about 1/3 of the lens hook volume, it is so tiny this CX lens (FX equal of 189-810mm lens! Recent test shot here:

    • tobi

      The current sensor in the J5(which is probably also in the DLs) is really very nice already… probably one of the reasons why the J5 is doing so well…

  • Eric Calabros

    Ok, fine. At least we know their position, CX is here to stay. Now they need to prove they were right about this system. Sanely priced V5 with 24-85 lens could be a good start.

    • Captain Megaton

      There are no plans to discontinue CX … for just as long as the DL cameras are delayed.

  • AYWY

    Hmmm the J5 is doing well maybe because it is competitively priced now. At least in SEA, a J5 + 10-30 + 30-110 is just slightly north of 700USD in a big retail chain. May be find it cheaper (and grey) in smaller shops if I bother to hunt for it.

    As for the 1-series still alive, Sony also said SLT is still going on. And it is – in a kind of not-dead undead state. 😛

  • tthorne

    So I guess no 19mm tilt/shift???

  • AKH

    Great to hear that Nikon 1 continues. J5 is a really great camera and the price is just right. Just hope for a V4 with the same sensor.

  • AKH

    Keep dreaming ☺
    Great sketch anyway.

  • Captain Megaton

    Until the DL cameras arrive, the J5 fills the gap. Despite what people here seem to think, they continue to sell quite well. Combination of attractive feature set, convenient size, and aggressive pricing. The target market doesn’t worry so much that it is an older model.

  • Lonewolf5876

    They had a big Nikon 1 sign hanging over a display case with not much in it. A J5 and a couple of lenses. All-in-all Nikon at Photokina was pretty disappointing.

  • Markus

    I really appreciate the fact that Nikon keeps the Nikon 1 line alive. The only thing I don’t understand is why they don’t keep the pixel count on 12MP. I mean, my D700 delivers big enough resolution, especially if you consider the N1 size. They could improve the pixelpich to 3.1µm instead of 2.36µm.

    This could improve the low light performance and I think if the speed and everything else would be on V3 level everyone would be happy.

    • Thom Hogan

      You’re a pixel peeper, not a constant magnification guy. The current 20mp 1″ sensors actually produce better results at the same magnification as did the 12mp sensors. So, at a 13″ print (12mp max at 300 dpi), the J5 output looks better than the J1 output, and would look pretty much the same as a “new” 12mp 1″ sensor using the same technology.

      Remember, we’re in the BSI Stacked sensor world now. The overall light gathering ability of any 1″ sensor using those technologies is going to be the same regardless of pixel pitch.

      • Markus

        Pixel size still matters, doesn’t it? All I want is a little bit more clean performance in ISO 1600-3200. And honestly, I’ve hardly rate my photos on the monitor at 100% so pixel peeper may be the wrong word. All I wanted to say is, is there a possibility to lift the Nikon 1 sensors to a ISO performance compareable to a D7200? And if so, how can this be achieved? If it’s possible to with a lower resolution, why not?

        • Thom Hogan

          No, pixel size doesn’t really matter unless you evaluate at the pixel level. That’s particularly true of large sensors (FX+) and BSI Stacked sensors, where the data/power lines don’t take up any (meaningful) light gathering space.

          As for 1″ being equal in ISO performance to a DX camera, no. All else equal, the DX camera will always be two stops better. And if you could achieve a two stop breakthru at 1″, you can do that at DX, too ;~).

  • Ineedmy Bobo

    Nikon 1 might still be alive but its lens selection isn’t. And the AW1 and AW lenses have been forgotten.

  • Of course he is going to say it’s alive and well right up to the day where the discontinue it – this is not news, it’s marketing!

  • Rob

    Well, at least the exposition center is a pretty building

  • nwcs

    Self delusion doesn’t seem to be a problem for Nikon 🙂 I bet Lichtenstein is very happy with their J5 in 10% of the population. No doubt the same in Andorra. Maybe even SeaLand?

  • Any news on the rumored new version of the 70-200 2.8?

  • here is the translation of the German interview:

    C’t Fotografie online:
    “As Nikon puts this year focus on action cameras. What we’re also waiting for is news about the DL cameras with 1″ sensor”

    “Indeed with the DL cameras we cope with problems owth the processing unit. Software workarounds were not satisfying. Thus we had to go back to the draftboard. There is no new release date for the cameras yet.

    C’t Fotografie online:
    “How much does this delay hurt? After all, high value 1” systems are long time established now at other manufacturers.

    “Yes this is very unpleasant. We would have liked to start much earlier in this segment. But these cameras are premium products and they must feel premium in the hands of the customers”

    C’t Fotografie online:
    “When we talk 1″ sensors: what’s up for the future with mirrorless cameras?”

    “Of course Nikon steps further there. We are very satisfied with the J5. In Europe, it holds a market share between 2 and 10 percent, depending on the country, in Japan we even acheive more than 10%. We also have an eye on different sensor sizes. But we do not want something to our customers which might be only a compromise. With our DSLR we drive Formula1, so with a new mirrorless we do not want to sit in a go-kart”

    C’t Fotografie online:
    “Other manufacturers are much further on their way with “mirrorless systems”

    “Nikon is a full range supplier and the camera business is a profitable one for us. For other manufacturers, this business has been much more difficult. They had to take the bull by the horns by entering the camera business. We see that there has to be work done on autofocus performance and battery life. ”

    C’t Fotografie online:
    “Don’t your customers demand for a real mirrorless alternative?”

    “The demand is very inhomogeous. Many users can’t even tell the difference between SLR and mirrorless. They are just looking after a camera with certain features. Our pro customers in contrast are looking exactly for what they need and this is so manifold that als othe feedback is accordingly manifold. We offer them a huge system with lots of cameras and lenses. Many pros carry the value of a small car with them. One does not throw this away easily.

    C’t Fotografie online:
    “How do you judge the current trends in the photography market? Manufacturers of classical products like Leica or Zeiss get deeper involved with the smartphone market. Nikon themselves once gave a shot at an android camera”

    “The S800 was a try for a new handling concept for cameras. Of couse this could have been done better. At the press conference (of photokina) we talked about the “internet of cameras”. This meant we’d like to get back closer to simplicity. Many people share the fun of taking pictures. But what follows the camera is work. We want to make this work easier again. That’s why we developped SnapBridge. Camera and smartphone share data continously. Pictures can be shared immediately. Also our KeyMission models are aimed at the ability to share more context. More information. Photographers can share the story behind their pictures more esily this way and extend their story. This is fantastic.

    “I can not judge the step of Leica and Zeiss. But it seems clear to me that manufacturers seek to expand their portfolio to market demand. This is avery reasonable behaviour. You have to find where chances for growth are. For us, the KeyMission line is such a new segment.”

    • draftboard should be drawing board.

    • nwcs

      So they’re saying a whole lot of nothing. And taking the bull by the horns? Um, isn’t that what you should do? Sounds like they’re letting everyone else figure it out and hope to catch up in the end using their brand recognition. That might have worked in the past — I don’t think it will work in the future.

  • MonkeySpanner

    What a lame showing for Nikon this year. Yeah, sure they have some exciting new pro gear. But on the enthusiast, non-pro side of things they have fallen way behind. And gopro me-too products won’t change that.

  • Henri De Vreese

    I saw the J5 camera’s on display here at Photokina.

  • steven8217
  • dabug91

    1″ sensor cameras need to quickly drop in price and become the new point and shoots. They would stand a far better chance at success that way. There’s virtually no reason at all to drop $500 on a Nikon J5 when you can get a vastly superior Sony a5100 for only $100 more.
    Nikon 1 is basically dead but Nikon is never going to admit that because any notion that it’s discontinued would give a somewhat substantial hit to both their sales and their reputation. It’s far more affordable for Nikon to barely continue supporting by hardly announcing anything new for extended periods of time than to come out and admit that they’re not really interested in Nikon 1 anymore.

  • tobi

    There has been a fairly large jump in sensor output between the V3 and the BSI J5 sensor. I am also looking forward to a V4.. I have the V1 🙂 :

    • steven8217

      I have two V3 with one of them converted to IR. J5 is nice but it is a broken deal for me without an EVF.

  • peevee

    I hope they would be smart enough to keep F-mount for their FF mirrorless. Most FF lenses are actually smaller with longer flange, and the few which are not can be made with rear element protruding into the mount specifically for the mirrorless, without remaking the whole system.

    Of course keeping the old lenses working well would require them having nice OSPDAF implementation, but they have a lot of experience with that already with 1 system. Their fast sensor from D5 would be perfect for that. If they would be able to buy Sony’s 42.5MP sensor, that would be OK for high-res camera too.

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