Nikon D4 designed by Giugiaro?

Giugiaro designed Nikon cameras in the past, will the D4 follow?

I received a tip that Giorgetto Giugiaro is/was involved in the design of a new Nikon camera that will be released later this year. His company Italdesign has designed almost every high end Pro Nikon camera since 1980 (F3, F4, F5, F6, D3). We know that Nikon is conservative and likes to work with the same people they have used in the past. I will give this rumor 80% probability.

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  • Jak Jak

    can’t wait!!!

    • texasjoe

      I’ll be waiting for a used D3s on craigslist…

      • Just A Thought

        Because we all would miss you – when you do find your D3S on Craiglist, it might be a good idea to meet the seller at a Police Station. People have gotten killed over a few dollars and a nice but used D3S would probably be more than $1,000 (low cliks might be closer to $2K – prices after D4 is released). Your chance of being robbed, or even killed, would possibly be lower if you meet seller at local Police Station.

        Actually visit the station before hand and ask if they have a stolen property database which they could access. Get the serial number for the seller before hand and send a msg to Nikon Service Centre asking about warranty on the D3S and give then the serial number. If owner had registered it and reported it stolen it would show up as stolen at Nikon. If it was serviced they can give you an idea what was done.

        Never give out your home phone number or your last name – use a cell phone. Never drive your car to make such a deal. Have a friend drop you off. Go home via public transit to a large mall and from there take a taxi home. Its easy to find where you live from an automobile license plate. If you can afford to pay cash for a used D3s then you must have some really nice camera gear at home among your other expensive items.

        Am I paranoid – nah just being realistic. Meeting a total stranger to give him thousands in cash and hoping to come home alive and with a D3S is not something that I would do without taking precautions. Having a friend with you only risks your friends life – a thug with a gun and no qualms about using it, trumps a friend in the poker game of life.

        • T140AVRider

          In other parts of the world (for example where there is gun control), this advice may not be needed.

          • Just A Thought

            Thanks for reminding me, I forgot that bad guys who do not normally like following laws will follow the gun control laws.

            Take Canada for example – Gun control laws in place. They even have a a gun registry – which cost over one Billion Dollars and counting. Do the bad guys follow the laws there and all register their illegal weapons? No one has ever been shot by someone with an illegal gun in a major Canadian city in how many years, months, weeks, days or is it hours?

            Take England. An Island nation has had very tight gun controls. The major cities there don’t have a gun problem per say but they do have a problem with lots of stabbings.

            Either way the good guy photog makes an easy potential target especially if he is unaware of whats going on around him – because he is too enamoured with a used D3S.

            • dpnsan

              A quick look at crime stats for USA vs Canada reassured me that @Just A Thought has no clue what he’s talking about. There would have to be a bloody civil war up here for gun violence to get anywhere near where it is in the US.

              There are plenty of resources for how to conduct a safe Craigslist transaction, but the fact that you can’t find a used D3s is testament to how coveted they are by their owners. How soon we forget what a remarkable turn-around Nikon had made with the launch of the D3 series. I’m sure Nikon will blow us away again with the D4.

            • KlausF

              There is a bloody civil war going on *right now* down in Mexico because the only people who have guns are the cartels, police (corrupt for the most part) and the military.

            • Just A Thought

              reply to dpnsan:

              I guess the fact that the US has a population approx 10 times greater than Canada’s population has no bearing on US crime stats being higher than in Canada? Nope, blame the guns for it all.

              Maybe the US should setup a national Gun Registry like Canada did. That should bring down the US crime stats, when all the bad guys and gals register their illegal guns. It would also be job creation measure for high tech firms. Job stimulus and gun control all rolled into one – should play well in California and North Eastern states like New York.

        • Neurotox

          hummm “use a cell phone”

          If you really want to protect your identity you should use a public phone…

          I don’t know where you live but here in Canada, our cellphone are registred with our name…

          You could also just do *67 (again north america, blocking your ID)

          • Just A Thought

            Using a Public phone is a great idea. Yahoo or Google l email accts if making contact via internet.

            In the US many stores (like Walmart) sell pre-paid cell phones. They are cheap too. A few years back a couple of guys were stopped by the cops after they went to a Walmart and paid cash for all the pre-paid cell phones. The guys were not white and it was after 911, so I guess the clerk got worried. From what I remember the guys were traveling all over buying lots of cell phones for cash. Back in their van they seperated the phones from the battery chargers and threw out the packaging. They told the cops that they planned to resell the battery chargers (in California I think). Apparently the charger could be sold for more than than the complete packaged phone. Life can be stranger than fiction.

  • Son of FE

    Count me in!

  • I hope that the person “is” not involved in the design.
    I hope that the person “was” involved in the design because if they are still designing the D4, we will not see it this year.

    2011 is the D4 year. Hopefully we will see it soon.

    • Alberto Nikoni

      oh be quiet

  • Drool….

    • venancio

      yes… even when you just say it ala italiano like bugatti, maserati, lamborghini, nikoni… there is power, and magic and the sinking feeling that it will only be available after summer…

      • Bugatti is actually a French car maker, now owned by VW. =)

        But you’re right… there’s a nice italian ring to it.

        • venancio

          naw, Ettore Arco Isidoro Bugatti was an italian automobile designer and manufacturer… he moved to france… the wine and the women were never admitted as the reason for moving as much as the suitable place to pursue things artistic… to have a nikon D4 is to hold a Bugatti in your hand…

          • Banned

            “to have a nikon D4 is to hold a Bugatti in your hand…”

            Not sure, I went to the Wikipedia link for this D4 designer and all I could see was some of the most ugly car designs of the past 3 decades.

            Pininfarina is great but this other guy… not so much!!!

  • Dweeb

    So what? It’s still going to look like a F2 with a chip in it. Without the interchangeable finder and back. Here’s a rumour — I predict it will be black.

    Worst garbage on the market are those Phillip Stark LaCie drives that you need a tool to press the power switch if it even has one. What makes you people think many of these designers don’t have their head up their a$$?

    BTW the guy’s like a hundred now isn’t he?

    • BTW, that kind’a sounds like…

      BTW I’m an ageist twit and my bigoted mind wants to point out that the guy’s like a hundred by now isn’t he?

    • gt

      Even if the guy himself is old, he runs a design company and not everyone on his payroll is old.

    • Bob

      What does age have anything to do with it? Have you seen his body of work? If you ask me, he stuff is timeless.

      • Dweeb

        You may not realize when I was 20 I did a year in Industrial Design school before changing to architecture myself. Nobody worshipped this guy. He’s nothing more than a marketing and promotional tool to reel in all you consumer suckers that don’t have a clue as to why you are supposed to line up to touch his robe. He’s nothing more than the Frank Gehry of the ad department.

        • Alberto Nikoni

          and who are you? what do you do?

          • You don’t know who Dweeb is? No sweat – while no one knows hardly anything about him or her, it seems clear that he or she is the person who likes shooting people down that have had a great deal of success in their lives. (S)he seems grossly envious that no one realizes *anything* about him/her – while huge numbers know about Gehry, Giugiaro and Italdesign.

            I thought it was just ageism, but it’s prolly agism plus life-envy (kind’a like penis-envy taken to the ultimate extreme). Wow.

        • marco

          No, I did not realize that when you were 20 you did a year in Industrial Design school before changing to architecture.

          Thank you for sharing.

          You may not realise it, but when I was 20 I dropped out of studying electrical engineering and worked as a waiter for a few years in an Italian restaurant. It was a great way to meet people although the owner was a bit of a twit and wasn’t well liked. He was nothing like Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay at all but the food there was quite good.

        • Stepper

          I finished all four years of Industrial Design, won several design awards and currently have over 15 years experience as a designer and Professor of Design. – I have nothing more to add to this duscussion 🙂

        • When I was 20, I was in the early stages of my career as a photojournalist.

          I owned an F2 and a F3HP. Soon after I moved to a pair of F4ses.

          The F4s was one of the most ergonomically friendly, comfortable bodies I’ve ever owned (to this day, in fact). I never moved to the F5 or F6, the F4s was so perfect, I simply didn’t have a need to change.

          The D3 is a beautifully designed, wonderfully ergonomic body.

          Apparently, Giugiaro is doing something (quite a few things) right. A ‘year’ of industrial design school hardly qualifies you to denigrate a master’s work, let alone one that recognized not only by his peers, but who is also lauded by the most important critics of all, the people who USE his designs day in and out….

          So now that you are an “architect”, do you design your own bridges, or just troll from under random ones?

          • T140AVRider

            Bravo Sir.
            The D3 just works. Everything is to hand. Even my Canon user buddies think it is a work of art. If you compare that to the 60D (their latest body) then you realise how crap they are. Ok, the costs are very different but in general the Pro Nikon bodies I have used just feel right when you put them in your hand.
            As a Mechanical Engineer by profession, I do appreciate good design.
            However, ItalDesign are not always on the ball. Google for the “Morris Ital” if you want to see a really big lemon.

            • And how relevant is your last para, given:

              “Although the redesigned car was named Ital after the design studio, it was actually Harris Mann who was responsible for the car’s new look. BL’s advertising, however, emphasised the car’s connection with the Italian styling house Italdesign, who had in fact merely productionised the design.”

              One presumes that the client wanted the design productionised by Italdesign and that they agreed, but I’m not sure it’s really fair to say as a result: “ItalDesign are not always on the ball.”

          • Roger

            “The D3 is a beautifully designed, wonderfully ergonomic body.”

            +1 !

  • Mock Kenwell

    Wow, Dweeb. Harsh. Nikon’s DSLRs are the prettiest on the market. I only wish they’d enlist as competent designers on their Coolpix line—fugliest compacts around.

    • Tonio

      The P300 looks nice, it just has a tiny sensor.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Yes, it’s true, it looks nice. Like my grandmother’s hat. Nikon created the swivel-body Coolpix! I want a little sexy & smart in my compact design! ; )

  • M!

    i hope so. he bought the idea of functional ergonomics to modern SLR’s.
    with the current dSLR’s, you won’t see much of a departure of his D3 design, just to make sure the nikon users are familiar with where everything are.

  • I can definitely see sticking with the same industrial designer. The design of products has a language. Its words and phrases give the product a family look. That means when one sees a Nikon body, it looks like a Nikon.

    As for a new FX body this year, please a new FX body without a build in grip.

  • Charles

    D3 is a beautiful design. Better than 1D, IMO. Looking forward to D4.

  • Dan

    I just hope he does not make it in the giant size… The d3s is just to big for me in size. I would not mind if it was deep, but I am telling you the D3s would scare my cat right out of his fur if I tried to take a picture of him with something so large. I don’t mind the weight. Perhaps he could make it deeper instead of wider and taller.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Well, we wouldn’t want a pro-level camera to scare your cat…

    • Ronan

      @Dan stop drinking & typing.

    • chris

      have you ever used a camera?

  • Norman Specter

    Blah blah blah. As soon as the D800 comes out I’ll stick my D700 in the bleedin’ Design Museum — just GET ON WITH IT already.

  • MRPhotoau

    I think this is awesome news, and if he is working on the design it means only one thing is certain. It will look in some way physically different from the D3, which says that Nikon is making a change that is not just internal. I can’t wait! I for one am looking forward to replacing worn out gear with something other than the same model.
    Also, please leave the grip on it. My D700 with the grip is actually bigger than my D3.
    I would like to see a number of small changes done to it, but have already told Nikon this. Lets hope they have listened.

  • scurvy hesh

    The F5 is just a beautiful piece of equipment

    • PJS

      Agreed! I hope the rumor is true because I would be very tempted to trade in my D700 for a D4 (or whatever) that FEELS like my F5 – it fits PERFECTLY in my hands and I have always loved it.

    • Diego

      I Agree. I just Found a Nikon F5 body brand New here in Perú. never used. just in love this machine…

      • Scurvy hesh

        ReAlly i just want a non vaporware silicon film to put into an f5. That would be awesome.

  • mshi

    It won’t look like H4D-60?

    • sirin

      and hopefully won’t cost as much ))

      • mshi

        I heard the next Nikon flagship would be very *very* expen$ive because it will be a completely *new* generation camera.

  • Get rid of the dumb QUAL button and replace it with BANK so we can change the shooting back easily. Quality is always on RAW, so this button is so useless it is funny to me.

    • Dr SCSI

      You can assign the shooting bank to the function button next to the lens; then you just press hold and rotate the rear rotary selector to change banks. I do agree with you, the quality button would be better off as a progamable button for anything one prefers!

    • jrgn


  • I don’t think the F5 is 2007.

    Exciting rumor though!

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,
    The F5 was not being made in 2007. The F5 was introduced about 1996 and stopped being made about 2004.
    Maybe we will see a D4 and derivatives this year???

  • Sweet this guy designed the DeLorean. He should travel to the future and bring back a D4 because Nikon needs to hurry the crap up and refresh already.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Very interesting, but didn’t he sell Italdesign to Audi last year?

    • Aidenag

      It was sold to Lamborghini Holding S.p.A., with is in turned owned by Audi, which is in turned owned by Volkswagen Group. Whose current Chairmen is good friends with Giorgetto Giugiaro, and interned with him back in the 1970’s at Italdesign..

      Mmmmm aren’t multi-national conglomerates fun(ughhhh)

      • And Leica’s owner Dr. Kaufman is a buddy of VW’s Chairman

        • Aidenag

          Ok, now one of us just needs to connect this to Kevin Bacon haha

  • Laurent

    I definitly don’t like black background for nikon camera ! D2 and F3 look awfull !

  • Of couse, the question is what is inside. How many MP, high ISO, video capabilities, and other goodies like wireless connectivity.

    I am still looking for the cook and clean function in a DSLR so I can get rid of you know who 🙂

  • Gerry

    Do you think they will have a black or white background for the thumbnail when the D4 is released? I am hoping for black!

    • Ronan


    • Funduro

      My 2 cents is for a 18% gray background for the D4 I can’t afford when it does release .

  • Joe Jaro

    As long as they don’t place italian junk inside. If not, I’ll have to visit the Nikon garage frequently.

    • Scurvy hesh

      Aprilias are pretty damn reliable. I beat the hell out my sr50 years ago. I even used to jump it off my friends skate ramp. Sold it to a local dude and its still on the road

  • aetas

    No complaint..Just waiting=)

  • R!

    DESIGN OF DSLR IS ALWAYS DECLINED OF THIS GIUGIARO / NIKON COOPERATION!!!!!just add an ON/OFF lock function like F5 please!!!!!!! we need it.

  • Serguei_V

    F3 and F4 were just beautiful cameras, something you don’t want to let out of your hands.
    Hopefully, D4 will match.

  • jimmycorn

    i give a sheet who designed its look… release it, already!

  • Gli italiani, in fatto di design… Proud to be italian!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but tell your fellow italians to get the dates right! 🙂

  • andi

    Isn’t/wasn’t Giugiaro involved in any Nikon DSLR ?
    So I expect up to 4 new Nikon-DSLRs this year, Giorgetto Giugiaro is/was involved in:

  • Sunny B

    How about the size of F6? That will fit perfectly in my small sticky hand 🙂

  • That guy

    I thought Italdesign was sold på Volkswagen last year?

    • Joe Jaro

      Correct. A fully owned subsidiary.
      That’s why the new Gallardo design was so cheap 😉
      And German (or Japanese in the case of Nikon) quality mixed with Italian design translates into real beauties….

  • The Invisible Man

    Good news !
    (I love pizza and pasta)

  • I welcome the D4. Simply because (like other posters) it means a flood of D3S bodies beign sold, so the early adopters can get their hands on a D4. Lots of low count D3S bodies out there waiting to be sold.
    I hope its the same size as the D3. The D700 is just too tiny for my hands. I have never used a camera (for long) without a grip. All my old film cameras had a motor drive permanently installed. If I got a D700, it would be used for travel trips where I had to pack real light.
    But my hope is that all you people who want the replacements for the D3S and D700 get your wish this year.

  • D700guy

    Not so sure I agree. My D700, while not a D3s has over 80,000 shots on the shutter. Anyone who is as avid a photographer as I am who owns a body such as this will not possess a low shutter count body. I for the life of me can’t understand why someone would own a D3s and not shoot the hell out of it. As for the size, I frequently use the vertical battery grip which dimensionally makes it virtually the same size as a D3. Personally, I don’t want to sell my D700 at all. I do want a D4, but only to augment my arsenal.

    • 100,000 is a low shutter count for a D3 series.

  • Grant

    I want Nikon to release a camera that looks like their older rangefinders and that will poop on the x100. Not physically, just spec and look wise.

  • Iorick

    Hope the new camera will look like the 1992 Nikonos(not showned here)! This will I will be unoticed when I’ll be shooting a Carnival Parade! Hope that with a colorful strap thy will offer a clown costume too! 🙂

  • Nathan

    One thing is certain about the design and I’m 100% certain about it, it’ll have a red stripe on the front of the camera.

    • Bondi Beach


  • Just A Thought

    Hope he can design better glue to keep the rubber from peeling off the body.

    • Giugiaro

      tomato sauce is used!!! va benne?? pasta and bunga bunga parties too!!

      • Just A Thought

        Ah!!! So that explains how they get the red stripe on the grip.

  • Mark Stump

    F5 is from 1996.

  • Giugiaro

    Io sonno Giugiaro! master designer! pasta lover! yummmmm

    Io designed D4x and D800 with.. PASTA and Bunga Bunga parties!

    Sexy camara! sexy and tasty!!!!

  • Kaze kaze

    +1 to the functional ergonomics on Nikon, I’ve owned/ tried/ used many body/s since the F2, and now the D700 stays in my HPRC. I’ve also owned/ tired/ used many other camera/s from the big C, big K, big M (not to be confused with the big L), big P (or big R) and big O, surely, each designs got their own merits but IMO Nikon got the most logical layout and functional ergonomics.
    Good job Nikon, keep up the good work.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    why are you all so excited ?

    D4 will be the same design as the D3 with just some little tweaks here and there.

    See the difference between a D2x and a D3 for instance.

  • This should be a really nice piece of kit!

  • Is it just me or is the F3 one sexy camera?

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