Yes, Nikon D5000 is now discontinued

A month ago I did mention that the Nikon D5000 will be discontinued and now B&H confirms it - both Nikon D5000 kit and body only are listed as discontinued on their website:

At that point I have not received any reliable information about a potential D5000 replacement (D5100 should basically be a D3100 with a swivel display).

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  • Discontinued

    WOW, this comes kind of surprising …

    … just kidding.

    • Discontinued


      I’d prefer to see the D700 officially being announced as discontinued …

      • in another half year…… may be…..

      • The invisible man

        No wonder, with a name like yours I bet you’ll like the D7000 to be discontinued, right ?

      • Merv

        That would only leave the D3s and D3x if the D700 was discontinued, which would be too big of a price gap over the DX cameras

        Nikon released the D3100 and D7000 first for the Christmas season to provide some DX choices to purchase, and only now are discontinuing models

        • iamlucky13

          Exactly his point.

          Nikon’s obviously not going to leave that empty.

          So D700 discontinuation = D700 replacement around the corner.

      • hah

        I’d prefer to see you discontinued.

    • John

      the D5000 has not been discontinued. no official statement has been made. bh = not nikon

      • When was the last time Nikon made an official statement about a camera being discontinued. B&H gets this info from Nikon directly, they are not deciding which camera is discontinued. Similar posting from B&H have proved to be accurate in the past.

  • The invisible man

    OMG !!!!!
    I was planning to sell my D3x and buy a D5000 !

    • Panda Jones

      + 1

  • James

    Does this mean the D5000 is a bad camera?

    • preston

      Of course it doesn’t mean D5000 is bad, it just means you need to replace it 😉

      • WoutK89

        “you need to”
        You can, or soon will be able

        Nikon needs to replace it, or they leave a big gap in their line up price wise.

        • Ant

          Discounted D90 fills that gap, until there’s a proper replacement. The D3100, D90, D7000 combination has a much higher ASP than D3000, D5000 and D90.

        • JamesC

          Somebody “needs to” replace their sarcasm detector 😉

  • D40-owner

    wtf..?? Discontinuing the D5000 without replacement?
    Now there’s no Nikon DSLR with swivel screen… hmmm….

    I wonder if the D5000 sales were below expectations, and they are assuming the D3100 will eat all the low-end market, Nikon-wise..

    • hah

      plenty of stock remains if you want one. the only day there will be no nikon with swivel screen is the day the last one is sold.

      • WoutK89

        And even then you will get them second hand, haha

  • Why would they issue a D5100 as only a D3100 with swivel display? Why would Nikon build two production lines and try to forecast sales of each model when it would be just cheaper to have put the swivel display in the D3100 and be done with it? Maybe other dynamics at work, but I would think even offering the screen at no cost would be cheaper than the admin costs of managing two product lines.

    The D5000 was “good” as it had the D90 brains with the “no motor/LCD/intro” of the D40/60/3000. I think the D3100 is the replacement and the sole camera Nikon needs with the trimmed down features.

    They should have put the swivel screen on the D3100 if it’s that important to have one camera with this feature.

    Personally, I hope the lineup becomes the following:

    D3100 – D7000 – New budget FX – D800 – Pro

    I don’t readily see the need for a D300s replacement (although some bells and whistles are missing in the D7000)…a budget FX (<$2000) to complement the D800 ($3000?) would basically duplicate the D90/D300 con/prosumer setup of a few years ago. How many here would buy an FX D7000 instead of the D800? I bet a lot.

    • >Why would they issue a D5100 as only a D3100 with swivel display?
      Well, I think the D5100 will prove to be a bit more than adding a swivel display to the D3100.

      > Why would Nikon build two production lines and try to forecast sales of each model
      Price elasticity of demand. With a D3100 body at US$599 and a D7000 body at US$1199, you leave a large price gap that competitors can exploit. Technically, I’d argue that Nikon needs a US$799 and US$999 body in that gap, but I suspect we’ll only get one. As for how differentiated the bodies are, well, Nikon is still executing the old Panasonic consumer goods strategy in terms of differentiation in a model line. It’s worked for them so far, but I think is going to start failing soon.

      • You’re right Thom (a fan, btw, so thanks for comment), but what I fail to comprehend is what they can offer in that price gap that truly fits.

        Having started with a D40, I am still a fan, but I tried the D3100 and hated it after now being accustomed to a higher-end body. The D7000 fills most of the gaps between the D90 (for which I settled) and the D300 (which I wanted). I think both D3100 and D7000 are priced too high (not spec-wise, but market wise).

        I fear Nikon could hurt themselves reputation-wise by just plugging in a camera nobody wants to just fill the void. A merge between D3100 and D7000 seems to have less potential payoff than the D60/3000-D90 merge created by the D5000. Hearing all the (biased) comments about the new Canon 60D, I see the D5100 as potentially falling into that trap.

        But what do I know? Still fun to speculate.

      • Anonymous

        and where are the pro or fx cameras? I guess we will stay another 2 yrs at 12mp at the FX small size category. Nikon simply cannot respond 2 yrs down the road to the 5DII

    • Rick

      Nikon needs a camera around the $900 price point. The price gap between the D3100 and D7000 is too great, so I think there will be a D5100.

      I hope you are right about the budget FX body. I suspect that Nikon’s strategy will be DX=consumer, FX=pro. If true, I suspect that the D300s replacement ( D400? ) will be FX. This sort of makes sense as the D7000 has been upgraded to be the high end DX body with more features associated with the D300s that are not in the D90 (weather resistance, 100% viewfinder, dual card slots, etc.)

    • Raze

      I disagree. I definitely think there is room for a D5100 in the line up!

      Even the D5000 has some pretty nice features, and more manual settings, than the D3100 has.

      Below is a list of features and settings that the D5000 has, but the D3100 lacks:

      Auto-Bracketing (3 pics max.)
      Swivel screen
      Quiet Mode (lowers the noise of the shutter)
      Interval shooting
      Active D-lighting in: Auto, Extra high, High, Normal, Low, or Off (D3100 only got on/off)
      1 more FPS
      Can use wired and wireless remote; D3100 can only use wired!
      Nikon D5000 has the Custom Settings Menu (I guess it provides some more options?)

      Also there is a difference in the amount of ISO steps when adjusting the ISO manually:

      Lo 1, Lo 0.7, Lo 0.3, 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, 640, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3200, Hi 0.3, Hi 0.7, Hi1.

      100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, Hi1, Hi2.

      • Anna Seed

        The D5000 also shoots 3 brackets with up to +2/- 2 EV stops. The D7000 is restricted only does +1/-1 EV

        • svane

          That’s incorrect Anna. I just tested a D7000 myself today and can confirm that it in fact does 2 stop EV. Apparently Nikon themselves has published some incorrect information about the 1 stop

          EV so I can see where your statement originates from.

          • dave

            The original doc on the Nikon website said the D7000 would only do one stop, but Nikon later corrected that on their website. I specifically asked the folks at Chase Jarvis after the announce about this and they confirmed it will do +2/-2 EV

      • Larry Harrison

        The owner of a D60 and D5000 (the D60 being the “always with you beater” model my wife & I share, the D5000 being the “top drawer” which only I shoot with), the D5000 is perfect for me, as it has quite a number of features that the D3100 lacks, features which I was missing from having shot with a D80 and D200 before. (At the time I got my D5000, our 2 bodies were the D40x and D60–not the same D60 body I now have.)

        Besides the features mentioned already (which the D5000 has but the D3100 lacks), there are also these “upper-level” features which I had on my D80 and D200 (as I mentioned) which I was thankful to get back when I upgraded from a D60 at that time (I’ve since gotten another D60 which, again, we share for “everyday”) and which gave me an economical way to obtain the excellent 12mp CMOS D300 sensor without having to go all the way to the D90:

        JPEG Size-Quality Options in Raw+JPEG Mode (I use basic-small as JPEGs, when I shoot RAW, are merely for “preview” usage)
        ISO Displayed in Viewfinder
        1/3 ISO Steps (Someone else mentioned this)
        Viewfinder Gridlines (I’m told the D3100 loses this)
        1/3 or 1/2 EV Steps (if the D3100 is like the D60/D3000 etc, it’s 1/3 onl y)

        Again, I wanted the new 12mp CMOS sensor without having to go all the way to the D90 or D300, but with more features than the bargain-basement D40x and D60. The D5000, especially with those other features I mentioned, has enough such extras from the D90-D300 class of camera that you don’t feel like you have such a “bargain basement” camera, yet you’re not having to spend so much going so “upscale.”

        I use auto-bracketing a lot in landscapes with tricky lighting, I don’t like RAW mode fixing me with JPEGs that are either Fine-Large (D3100) or Basic-Large (D40x, D3000 etc), I like ISO on display in the viewfinder at all times, I like 1/3 ISO steps but 1/2 EV steps (yes I’m weird), I like my viewfinder gridlines, and it really baffles me that the D3100 loses compatibility with the ML-L3 wireless remote–this makes no sense to me at all.

        So yes, we will need a D5100 or whatever when the D5000 is gone.


    • James

      > Why would they issue a D5100 as only a D3100 with swivel display?

      I’d rather see a D5100 as a D3100 with the D7000 sensor, and maybe a faster continuous frame rate (without auto-bracketing please).

      I don’t care about the extra resolution (at all), but Sony’s new 16mp sensor (which I think is what the D7000 is using) seems to have significantly better high ISO performance than either Sony’s new 14mp sensor or the mystery 14mp sensor in the D3100. For comparison, check out the DxOMark for the A33, A55 and D3100, and look at the high ISO images on the IR website.

      • James


        WITH auto-bracketing, I mean…

      • dave

        I still don’t know what the DXO guys are smoking. When you look at the raw numbers on their own website, the D90 is still the DX camera to beat. The A55 does do ISO 100 native, but it isn’t any better than ISO 200 on the D90 and it does give 2 stops more ISO on the high end, but you can see from the noise that it probably shouldn’t. DXO tends to give more weight to ISO range than the quality of the range.

  • Lauro

    D3100 – D7000 – New budget FX – Pro – Prox

  • i like it

    ok , now gimme a D5100 with most of the D7000 specs at a lower price…

  • Texasjoe

    I like the d5000. It was my first slr. It got me into photography. It paved my way for becoming a great concert/wedding/portrait photographer. I got it about a year ago and 3 cameras later I’m at a d700 waiting for it’s replacement. Thank you d5000. I’ll miss you. We’ll always have San Francisco.

    • that must’ve been expensive buying 4 different camera’s 😉

      • Texasjoe

        Kinda. My wife didn’t really like it. I still have the d5000 but I’d buy a camera use it make somemore money sell it and use that money to buy the next one up. After using FX I couldn’t go back. I still use the d5000 as snapshots but mainly use the d700. So I really have to say thank you to the d5000 and craigslist.

  • Bruno Felix

    IMO Thom is right.

    The price gap between D3100 and D7000 is too long. Nikon must place a camera @ $800, more or less.

    I think that D5100 will follow her predecessor steps, being a D7000 stripped of some controls and funcionalities (since the D5000 had this resemblance with D90).

  • amian

    So now Nikon will come out with a D5100 :

    Full HD video
    24 to 60P mode
    Touch screen
    14MP exmor sensor.

    Why not having put a slow motion video mode in the D7000 ? Damn Nikon’s marketing !!!

    • I’m seriously wanting some 60fps action on my D7000. I sent Nikon an e-mail telling them how bad I want it, and how the Canon holds some of its ground with their 60fps option. They told me they sent my request to some other department.

      IF: Everyone sends an e-mail to Nikon, I’m sure they’ll get in gear to give us the 60fps action on the D7000, AND would more likely guarantee 60fps action on future models!

  • amian

    I will send an email as well. Very dumb from Nikon that they did not include a 6o FPS mode in the D7K… Are they sharing the market hand-to-hand with Canon or what ?
    I am pretty sure it could be fixed with a firmware update or hack !!!

    • Karlosak

      If it was easily doable with a simple firmware upgrade, Nikon would have already provided this from the get-go and utilized that in their marketing.

      Going from 30p to 60p means twice data throughput, and it could simply be out of their processing power. It is similar to ask for twice as fast burst mode. I concur that the amount of data to process is about half (1920 x 1080 = 2,07M vs. 1280 x 720 = 0,92M), but Nikon’s hardware and algorithms could simply be not flexible enough to deal with this.

      IMHO, there is a very little probability, that we will get a frame rate “upgrade” during the D7000 life cycle.

      • The canon T2i can do it, and I’m sure its processor is inferior to the D7000’s. If it takes a few days/weeks worth of engineering, then it should be done. Its the only immediate thing I see lacking in the camera really.

      • hah

        err no.It took canon ages to add new fps options to the 5DII. The D7000 is barrely out and you’re cluelessly claiming they can’t do it?

        let me put it nicely to you. your argument is totally bogus. there are nikon coolpix models that shoot 720p / 60fps like the p100. and the processor on that model is much much slower than the beast inside the D7000.

        the processor is plenty fast on the D7000. 720p 60 is a piece of cake for nikon. not even a problem. the more likely reason they haven’t done it is time and testing. OR it could simply be they want to make you buy a D400 to get that instead to avoid canivalizing the market like canon did with their lower end bodies eating the cake from the higher end ones by having the same fps options. Yes nikon may just be playing greedy..

        • amian

          All true. But this is still stupid from nikon, having the technology but not offering it while offering TONS of pro options in stills ?…
          Cameras like the panasonic AG-AF101 & sony nex handycams will take over the videomarket very soon, by this move, nikon maybe canibalised its own market. I hope that the D400 will be a 16MP FF camera.

      • newbie to video

        Sorry for asking a likely dumb question but what is the benefit of 60fps? What is the flaw of just 30fps? Flickering video? Not beeing able to do slow motion video?
        I mean, I realize that you get twice the frame rate but what do you need it for?

        • amian

          for smooth movie-like slow motion. I shot 16mm films with a canon scoopic for years (it had 2 slow motion options) & digital is a real relief for indie filmmakers. Nikon was the 1st entering the market with video into dslr, but saddly did not include the 60fps option into the D7000 which I was nearly going to buy to replace the T2i, which clearly sucks as a photo camera. (mirror shake blurs high res images at slow speeds) I tested the D7000 for 2 hours & it feels night vs day, nikon really implanted a very smooth shutter into a superbly constructed body, with all pro features needed (micro tuning, advanced white balance, direct buttons, advanced flash system etc…)
          I really wished that they included the 60FPS. I hate the idea of being stucked between 2 hybrid systems : canon for video & nikon for photography ???!…

    • Discontinued

      “Very dumb from Nikon that they did not include a 6o FPS mode in the D7K… ”

      Maybe this is what we will see from D400 onwards. I can’t see why people want Nikon to narrow their lineup to only a very few models, like some of the comments suggest. I guess there is enough space and reasons as well as price gaps and range to have a DX camera between D3100 and D7K as well as aboveD7K.

      • hah

        not to mention, it smokes the 60D. all these people asking for useless video options when they can’t even afford the gear to do proper video. heck they are buying a D7000 lol. as if that was going to make them videographers. A fluid head video tripod head costs 3X more.

        • amian

          Dont you think that indie videographers are also reading this webpage ?
          I am expecting the AG-AF101 to be the real deal, but nikon still missed the market with the lack of 60fps. As for the slow motion, you can get some really nice looking footage out of 60p.
          Maybe you should do some homework before !…

      • elliot

        I can’t see why people want Nikon to narrow their lineup to only a very few models

        I think some people are being realistic about Nikon’s production capacity and r&d limitations. Their design people are already spread thin, and we repeatedly see shortages in popular lenses and bodies. Nikon are working at capacity, have been for a long time, and more models means less r&d per model and less advancement per model. (See Sony’s 2009 output as an example of lots of models that are barely differentiated and have few advancements.)

  • PAG

    For those predicting a lineup jump from D7000 to a new budget FX, I can’t believe that they’ll drop the D300 line of DX. I’ve read multiple people here commenting on how the D7000 isn’t a complete replacement for the D300s. A budget FX might still show up, but not at the expense of a discontinued D300 line. I also think Thom’s correct about there being too large a price gap in the consumer cameras if they simply drop the D5000 line altogether.

    So I’m guessing:

    From a business standpoint, I wonder if a budget FX camera makes sense. Sure it would be popular, but so is the D700. Would they be canibalizing their D800 sales? If so, a lower priced FX might not be strategically smart for them.

    • Yahoooo, PAG gets it right. Canon confirmed the need for a higher end crop camera with the 7D. Nikon owns this segment still and it would be silly to abandon it to the White Lens guys! There is a rather irrational feeling out there that Nikon can’t or shouldn’t do High-end Quality in DX and still do FX at the low end of that world. A D400 at $1700 and a low-end FX at $2000 is reasonable and they would not cannibalize each-others’ sales…

      The D5100 will probably position in the $800-$900 range for the body and have the D7000 sensor, most of its features and the swivel screen.

      As to FX, I like shooting FX and I hope there will be a low end FX. There seems to me to be room at this market segment.

      So my guess would be similar to PAG:

      D3100 – D5100 – D7000 – D400 – Budget FX(very high ISO) – D800(very high awesome ISO) – Pro(over 18MP, great ISO performance) – ProX(30+ MP)

      Something along that line give or take a bit. Of course, Nikon does not listen to me, so this is as much a SWAG as anyone else!

      Now to the matter of my wife’s D5000. I think i will buy her a D3100 and take the D500o and convert it to IR. Now that would be fun!!!

  • amian

    I would buy a consumer nikon 16MP-18MP FX camera in 1x eye blink, if it offers the same functions than the D7000, with slow motion in video mode of course !!!

    • hah

      60fps is hardly slow motion. in fact it is lame. to do proper slow motion you need at least 320fps minimal. 60fps is Lame-o.

      • While that’s true, just try getting a camera that can do that. 60fps is the next best thing. Shoot at 60, playback at 24, and even get a plugin that’ll create additional frames for much less work, and you can get some great stuff, I’ve seen it.

  • They’ll definitely have to replace the D5000 soon. It means there probably is a announcement to come in the near futur that didn’t leak yet.
    I keep my fingers crossed that the announcement won’t come without a new FX body !

    • Discontinued

      “I keep my fingers crossed that the announcement won’t come without a new FX body!”

      Me too. That’s why I said, I’d prefer the D700 to be officially discontinued.

  • wow 😛 most of you might not think its fast, but i think the D5000 was discontinued quite fast. it’s not that long on the market right? it’s not even one-and-a-half year on the market. and its not a bad camera really. I have a D300s, but just because i like the extra controls that make my life easier. doesn’t get me better pictures though.

    don’t think i’d make worse photo’s with a D5000

  • DY

    Just came from Costco. There’s a boatload of D5000 two lens kits for sale.

    • Rick

      I saw the same thing in the Kirkland, WA store. Not that good of a deal though…

  • cirtap

    D4 where are YOU? D800? D8000? Someone here needs to fly to Japan and ask these guys…Where is my new Nikon D4? OR will it be called D4….Maybe D 4R?

    • hah

      2011. what’s the rush? nothing touches the D3s. The canon 1D4 is crippled with the crop format and the 1D3s is ancient.

      • Anonymous

        in the meantime if you want to take a picture with a small high res body you will have to buy Canon or Sony because for over 27 months now Nikon cannot match the resolution of Sony and Canon in a small body. And besides, the D3x also uses a sony sensor so this leaves us with Nikon staying at 12MP since 2005!

        • Ryan

          No one should care about resolution above 12mp anyway. Pros did just fine with the D1 line of cameras. Oh well, the grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? How about you just quit bitching and take photos, which all the current Nikon cameras do a marvelous job of.

          • cirtap

   what gives with those Hasselblads at 40, 50, 60 MP those 12 mp cameras are putting those Proscans, and Hasselblads to shame. I know, I know..this is a different format. But….12mp? come on…IT is truly dated. Even DP when reviewing D3s said it was dated.

            BUT if I am doing head and body shots for my photography..speed is not my cup of tea. And the D3x is way over priced for that Sony Censor.

  • anonymous

    I don’t know how they can say that the D5000 has been discontinued when the official nikon website doesn’t even say anything about that and every other online store is still selling them.

  • BigEater

    I’m still bugged over missing the $100 sale on SB800s at Best Buy when they were discontinued. So if a person wanted to get a D5000 at close-out prices, how would one discover when they go on sale? Besides checking Best Buy hourly, is there an efficient method? Is there a way to do it with Google Alerts? Will it be on Nikon Rumors?

  • Calvin Ogawa

    I sure would love to see a replacement D5k with some of the feature/resolution/video of the D7k, AND the Swivel viewfinder and some of the other lesser known features that the d5k had. The Swivel viewfinder comes in HANDY in some of my shots, in fact I won 3rd prize best picture 2009 because of this feature.
    My low angle of Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic Pool is featured at this website:
    It has also won Honorable Mention at IPA’s website for Travel and Tourism for 2010.

    The other feature, which not a lot of people realize is the quiet shutter mode.

    I am not much of a fan of its slow auto focus and bugginess of this system at times.

    I seem to take from some people that they don’t appreciate the swivel viewfinder.
    Being someone who has shot Broadcast Video for years, this feature with most ENG cameras is a God-send when you in a Press-Scrum and are forced to shot “Hail Mary’s.”

    The one thing I wish Nikon would get working on… a Cheaper D3x. And a 8,000×5400 or somewhere around there resolution camera. Yes i know Phase One can handle that, but frankly in the not too distant future, you might see Japan signing on 8K HD Video, probably when the economies of most of the world gets going. (Probably the time when everyone is burnt out with the 3d stuff.)

    Just my wishes.

  • duoduo

    I really expect a D5100! The 3100s are good,but they are kind of like toys to my hands!

  • Phoenix

    Jessops in the UK are still selling the D5000 but as a twin lens kit. You get it with an 18-55mm and a 55-200mm lens set. the 18-55 kit and body are discontinued but there will be these twin lens kits available. Much like what Canon did with the 450D. No doubt the TLK is to help shift out D3100’s

  • Matstar

    The D5000 had a very short shelf life compared with the D90. Almost as short as the D3000. Articulating screen was a great idea now being adopted by Canon.

  • DeVille

    I received confirmation from Nikon DIRECTLY today that there is no information or indication that the D5000 will be discontinued. Here is the exact email received from them:

    “Thank you for submitting your inquiry.

    Currently, there is no information available about discontinuing the D5000.

    Hope you find this information useful.
    Keyla B.”

  • Wendley

    BHPHOTO (11/11/2010):

    D5000 Back-ordered (pedido em andamento).

    It seems that BHPHOTO missed or anticipated.
    Parece que a BHPHOTO errou ou se antecipou.

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