Patent application reveals new drawings of a Nikon mirrorless interchangeable lens camera

Japanese patent application (2010-250149) contains some drawings of the upcoming Nikon mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. The news here is the flash (#14) which was not present in previous drawings (see here, here and here):

Nikon also filed a patent application 20100277599 in the US for a wireless transmission of pictures to a TV set/external monitor:

"Until recently, image data shot or reproduced by a digital camera has been confirmed by a small LCD display attached by the digital camera. In order to confirm with a large screen, the digital camera can output either digital or analogue video signal to an ordinary domestic TV set. Recently, various wireless LAN methods have been proposed. Among them, UWB (Ultra Wideband) or IEEE802.11g for one of a short-range wireless communication method realizes a data transmission rate of 100 Mbps, so that the waiting time accompanying with a large amount of data transmission is drastically reduced. By connecting domestic instruments including these functions with a wireless LAN, it becomes possible to construct a new domestic network that has never been accomplished."

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  • Anonymous

    This looks like a crappy Coolpix with an removable lens!

    • carlgo

      You would think some struggling camera company would have come out with a quality EVIL camera and a few little high quality lenses specifically made for that format. But no, they still make DSLRs and try to compete with Nikon and Cannon, which is probably impossible.

      If someone makes an affordable FX model, I’ll buy it. I might buy a DX version if it is very compelling. I will not buy a glorified P&S.

      • Mock Kenwell

        “affordable FX model?” Keep dreaming.

        • By affordablre carlgo probably meant something in the D700 price range.

          • Mock Kenwell

            In a compact body? Once again, keep dreaming.

  • Gareth

    does it have a hotshoe?

    • zzddrr

      Gareth, you’ll get hotshoe so hot that you cannot handle it with a weakening dollar πŸ™‚

      • Gareth

        i’m in japan

        • zzddrr

          fair point

  • Carlos R B

    I have a felling this camera will more like a toy than a serious tool….japan market will love it…

    • Carlos R B

      will “be “…..

    • jdsl

      feeling πŸ™‚

      • Carlos R B


    • Mock Kenwell

      The japanese market will love it.

      • f/2.8

        The Japanese market will love it.

      • Merowech

        I like your name.

  • Delie

    Interesting, no dials on these diagrams. Hopefully that’s just because it’s not relevant to the patent. If it is a consumer-friendly camera, I guess they wouldn’t be sticking an aps-c sensor in it either, but then that follows exactly what we’ve been hearing from the Nikon interviews recently. It looks a bit like the new GF2, which seems to be aimed at people who want the next best thing after a point & shoot compact, rather than the Fujifilm xf100 which seems to be aimed more at prosumers.

    • sflxn

      Thank goodness for Fuji. I hope they also come out with an X200 with a longer lens. I wouldn’t mind carrying both an X100 and X200. The EVIL market is shaping up to be a market for bridge toy cameras to pull p&s users upward. Right now, the choices are pretty slip. The low IQ toys from m43 or high IQ toys from NEX. Then there is the overpriced Leica. We need Fuji to hurry!

      • Twoomy

        The Fuji has a fixed 23mm lens, no? I would have LOVED this camera if it took interchangeable lenses. A small rangerfinder-type camera with three primes would have been fantastic. I’m so excited about mirrorless cameras, but every manufacturer doesn’t quite hit the mark!

        • Gareth

          i will still get a x100 for school. once i teach them how to use it, it will be the real deal.

      • Eric

        I personally choose the NEX over m4/3’s because I still like using manual focus lenses with actual aperture rings, and the 1.5x crop factor is better for adapting lenses, but I’d really be interested to see how talented of a photographer you are if your skills are so impressive a “toy camera” like a GH2 is beneath you.

        Here’s little pro-tip for you, if you notice most old cameras don’t have tons of dials and buttons on them, nor does a Leica M9. When using lenses with aperture rings you’d be surprised how few buttons you actually need. A Sony NEX-5 + a Leica 28mm Elmarit hardly feels toy-like, and can produce image quality as high as anything in the DSLR world.

  • Ignacio Menevichian

    from the first pic, it looks like it’ll have a built in viewfinder…

  • Mock Kenwell

    So tired of speculating about this damn camera. Just build it already. If it’s not at least DX and small, I’ll probably pick up a NEX 7. Nikon has paralysis by analysis. Just nail it and hire some decent industrial designers for Christ’s sake. Fugly, derivative non-descript boxes.

    • Funduro

      These are conservative companies managed by conservative executives. They are not Apple. Many Japanese companies have entrenched policies and procedures that looks down on out of the box thinking and radical designs. Many companies are now making iMac like all in one PC’s and running to build iPad knockoffs.

  • zzddrr

    This is going to be the same disaster as the pana GF2. I think these Japanese companies are not that creative when it comes to coming up new ideas lately. Simply they just copy each other.

    And at the same time they forget about the already existing user base. The worst example is the iron fist approach with the NX2 software. …

    • Gareth

      nail, head, was struck, in japan.

  • mshi

    Will it beat iPhone?

    • zzddrr


      yes, it will be bigger and heavier! As a plus when you put it on camera strap you will be able to knock out a horse with that tool just spin it fast. πŸ™‚

      • Just A Thought


  • GEB

    The patent looks to be a way to attach a lens without a bayonet or screw. Two pointed pins engage holes on the body and a spring loaded catch locks each pin holding the lens on. Pushing the big button (71) to the right of the lens releases the lens.

    • Reminds me of one of those old mounts. Can’t recall if it was ENNA MUNCHEN or STEINHEIL CASCA?

    • This patent is not yet available on the official English language site for Japanese patents and I could not get all the details form the website I found this on. The patent was published yesterday, so hopefully they will update the English version soon.

  • who needs an iphone… go to youtube an search fot the “xphone”. All problems solved :_)

  • photonut

    if it wouldn’t be from a patent application I would say fake! That flash is going to be blocked by anthing bigger than a pancake lens …

  • Ahem: When you want to apply for a patent, you apply to patent a *principle* – in this case a new concept for mounting a lens without twisting it (English explanation here: To apply for a lens mount patent, you just need a squarish box to represent the camera body in the drawings. So one could never deduct, say, the exact positioning of the flash on a yet-unreleased camera body from this. In fact, if I were to submit a patent on a lens mount, I would deliberately obfuscate details about the rest of the camera just to confuse people on the internet πŸ™‚

    In other words: It doesn’t make any sense for anyone to comment on anything than the new mounting principle.

  • Grumpy old Ken

    I wonder, if this is not a bayonet mount that requires you to turn the lens, but if this is something that just latches into place….won’t the lens just drop from the body when you accidentaly press the unlock bottun…….cloink, ouch…

    Now I see why Nikon thinks it can sell 6M lenses…..

  • Grumpy old Ken

    ow ow ow…….remeber the rumor/photo’s about the Q logo????

    are we looking at the Q mount? Quick Mount? Questionable Mount? πŸ˜‰

  • CamaJan

    I don’t expect either nikon nor canon to deliver something exciting to the market.
    This will probably be 2-3x crop with IQ comparanle maybe to m43… Coolpix loox and feel/size with small lenses due to crop, not inovation.
    In other words: money bait…

    Sad… I think we are at least 3-5yrs away from FF/FX rangefinder sized EVIL…
    Seing how by then 2 generations of sensors will come out I guess I can start dreaming of usable ISO 12800, $2000 body ! ! πŸ™‚

    • Given the IQ of present sensors, a 2.5x crop could be a good one for 99% of market.

    • BornOptimist

      In case you didn’t know – anything Nikon makes, they do so for one thing. To get your money. That’s called business.

      My prediction about FF rangefinder from Nikon – It will never happen.
      They have to choose, a new mount or not.
      Based on all evidence we have so far, they have spent a considerable time on something new with interchangable lenses, so without a boubt a new mount is comming.
      If I was in charge I would have gone in the direction where there are highest possible ROI, and that is where the volume is. Ergo I would have gone for something consumers might buy. This mean it must have a potensial for low cost -> smaller than existing mount.
      95% of all users does not see much difference between a 2X and FF, and based on recent experience with Nikon technology, I predict Nikon is able to compete with 2x from Olympus/Panasonic/Samsung(1.5x)/Sony(1.5x) with a new 2.5X. Like rhlpetrus writes, I’m also confident that IQ is not the pitfall of a 2.5X sensor.

      • Mock Kenwell

        I think it’s retarded logic to think only joe consumers want compacts. I also find it flawed to believe one cannot build a camera that can be used and enjoyed by more than one user level. There are examples of them everywhere. Just none of them carry a Nikon badge. BTW, is the D3s a serious ROI maker for Nikon? No. It’s a badge of honor. Why not do the same in the small compact market?

        Look at the Sigma DP series. A great idea horribly executed. A camera company that knew what they were doing could compete against that camera and make a killing.

        Look at the S95. For the most part, it delivers a serious user experience if you want it, a PS experience if you don’t.

        Look at the NEX. It can, through some pain, deliver a serious user experience on a full cropped sensor. And they can’t keep them in stock.

        The problem is, no one has worked to develop multiple interface experiences, which I think would be a godsend for “the rest of us.” How great would it be to make a camera as simple/manual or as complex/dummy proof as possible? I’m not a software designer, but I feel there are missed opportunities here. The NEX would be a perfect example of a camera that could benefit from multiple interface experiences. No more scene modes. No more cleavage detection. No more buried necessities.

  • Funduro

    Nikon is no different then any company with divergent wide product line. Marketing, bean counters, dead weight managers, design gurus, electronic geeks, customer, market media and finance markets all pulling the company in different directions. Add to the mix all the competitors launching new products every other hour. I like Nikon because I consider them to be a company dedicated to build cameras that will have a long life, be dependable, high quality and designed with the photographer in mind. They have many products for different customers and demands.

    The Nikon mirror less, larger size sensor cameras are coming. Nikon will do it’s homework before releasing it. The micro 4/3 cameras like the Olympus and Sony were very intriguing at first look. After reading about the Sony’s dismal GUI and very slow focus speed on the Olympus, I decided to buy a new DSLR instead. Nikon will most likely release several models and lenses, plus accessories at the same time.

    (OK enough is enough! NIKON where is my D7000 body!!!! drop the P&S product lines production from the schedule and just build D7000’s! Please Nikon I need my drug… er camera fast. My anxiety is getting really bad, I started reading the specs on the D700. Please Nikon, don’t make me buy the D700, I need the $ to feed and clothe my 5 children, support my wife, mistress, dog and chickens. )

  • Nikon Tandoori

    c’mon guys.

    it’s obvious that this nikon EVIL system is just another consumer point & shoot with interchangeable lenses and it will be also priced higher than an entry level DSLR.

    i can’t understand why people pay more than the cheapest DSLR to get a shitty P&S on steroids but it seems there’s a huge market for this nowadays.

    EVIL apart, what about focus speed, shutter speed, etc ? all the P&S i tried were as slow as a dog, i own a Coolpix S3000 and it takes 5 seconds just to power on and then 3-4 seconds to wait after every shot.

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