What else is gone?

Let's first start with the Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 II EX DC HSM lens (Nikon mount) - discontinued:

I am not sure why, but Amazon Germany doesn't sell the Nikon D3x any longer:

I got few reports that some smaller dealers in Europe have also removed the D3x from their catalogs. In the US, the D3x is in stock almost everywhere.

Nikon UK is out of Nikon D700 brochures (and D90 brochures of course):

Ritz Camera did not list Nikon D700 and D5000 in their Holiday/Winter 2011 Imaging Book (all other Nikon cameras are listed, including the D3s/D3x/D300s/D7000).

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  • Patrick

    D3x will hang in for a while, I think.

    • Nir.E

      At list two more years for a 4 year cycle span.
      Common Nikon, give us the 5Dmk2 Killer,
      We know it is bound to come, question is when!

      • wait a minute…

        Nikon’s 5DMk2-killer will be released soon after Canon releases the 5DMk2-killer-killer ;-D

        • hah

          he meant 5DIII killer. aka D800.

  • About time for a replacement I guess? But I still want my D7000!

  • No surprise with the D700 (paper) brochures being out of stock in the UK, they’ve been unavailable for a few months now.

    • zzddrr

      Perhaps they run out of paper … because somebody uses them as toilet tissue 🙂

      • robert


  • Things seems to be picking up soon 😀

  • Bruce

    The dealers are just running into supply chain constraints. It’s too soon for D3x to be replaced.

    • PHB

      Updates to the lower end of the product line are fairly easy to predict. They are driven by market needs. Nikon had to refresh its consumer line for Xmas. They seem to have had a bunch of D5000 and D90 stock on hand. That strategy made sense and we can be pretty sure that a D5100 will follow fairly soon.

      The top end of the model line up is a total gamble. The flagship models are produced in Japan. They have production constraints and they use sensors that have low yields and are low volume.

      If Nikon runs out of D3x sensors there may be no new D3x bodies being made until the replacement silicon makes its way through the fab.

      The D3s has been out over a year. There is no particular reason that Nikon could not bring out a D4 model next week if it is ready. If it is not, they could just as easily discontinue the D3x for a year till the D4 is ready.

      Unless the D4 is something truly exotic (like carbon fiber body) the main difference is going to be the sensor. And only some people are going to want to trade ISO for MP. So it is probably not the end of the D3s immediately.

      We can be fairly sure that there will be several new professional cameras in the next 12 months and that there will be at least one DX and at least 2 FX amongst them. Beyond that, we don’t have any good data yet.

      • zzddrr


        You have really good observations. I would add some details that would make us “puzzled” a bit more.

        The D4 will use SD cards. The new one which has two sets of connectors. This type will appear in Q1 2011 but I am sure that Nikon is ready with that. The question is whether they will come out with it early. (?)

        Second, did you notice the slight unit volume increase in the last forecast? That number may correspond to a higher class (Pro category) tool that has higher margin to fix the bottom line.

        We can safely assume that something is on its way. Most like it is coming from Japan and that is why there are absolutely no rumors. Now the question is this, will this be a) D700 replacement, b) D3 (x or s) update such as D3y or D3z, or D4? Or simply a D5000 replacement? This final thought makes sense to fill the gap and explains the D7000 shortage since that one is also made outside of Japan.

        But I mentioned Sendai (Japan) …. why? Since last year the D3s is always out of stock. My guess is that Sendai is re-tooling and that is why we have the shortages. Now the good news is that … maybe they are ready.

        One thing for sure, many are waiting for at least one FX that Nikon currently does not offer.

        • Don’t forget that Nikon is testing D4 prototypes all over Japan at the moment. They are disguised as D3s bodies. If you live in Japan and see someone using a D3s just grab it and run!

          • zzddrr

            Grab the D3s or the person who uses it? 🙂

            • Rick

              Don’t mess with the Hoff!

        • PHB

          I would not worry too much about the SDXC issue. The hardware and the trial cards must have been circulating for a year to let manufacturers test out their products.

          32Gb SD cards are pretty difficult to get hold of at the moment. 2011 is when we could expect 64Gb cards to start becoming available. Launching a pro camera now that can make use of cards that won’t be out for another year is not a problem. Launching a card that nothing can use is a big problem.

          I don’t think it is very likely that a D4 is going to move the bottom line. More likely it will hurt it. Nikon spends vastly more on advertising the D3x than the revenues from the D3x.

          If they are going to move the bottom line they would need to do something in the D7000/D300/D700 territory.

          The best way to do that in my view would be to launch a D9000 that is an FX version of the D7000. But given the manufacturing issues on the D3100, D7000 and the fact that a D5100 would come as an even higher priority, that might not be doable in Thailand.

          An alternative would be to make a D7000 or D800 in the Sendai plant. That would explain the shortage of flagship bodies. They have to be making something in those plants. I really doubt that it is D700 bodies.

          When the D3s launched, the technology that was allowing them to get better ISO was clearly very difficult. They didn’t even use it on the D3x. Now they are using it on their mass market bodies. So they have the process cracked and can apply it to any sensor. So I can’t see why they would make any new D700 sensors.

          From the market point of view, they are production limited. So it does not matter to them if large sections of the Nikon fan base look at a new model and say ‘I will wait 6 months for the next’. I think that may explain the switch from the ‘top down’ refresh strategy where the new product line starts with a new flagship and the technology trickles down to the current model where the D3100 has higher resolution than the D300s.

          Nikon is much more willing to commit to the cost of a new sensor these days. So a new model with a new sensor is not out of the question. But my guess is the following:

          D5100 with D7000 sensor, plastic body and swivel screen
          D9000 with 12MP sensor from D3s made in Sendai

          2011 ‘Early’
          D800 with new 20+ MP sensor
          D400 with new 20+ MP sensor

          2011 ‘Late’
          D4 Flagship launches with 24MP Sensor

          D4x Flagship launches with 36-48MP Sensor

          I do not expect there to be any substantial consumer DSLR release in 2011 because (1) the whole line has just been refreshed and (2) the EVIL camera should launch.

          I don’t doubt that there are field trials of the D4 going on right now. But many of the models they are testing are never going to see the light of day. If Nikon is looking seriously at using carbon fiber they will definitely have a magnesium alloy version in test as a backup. It is also very possible that carbon fiber would be deployed on a mid range model first. The D400/D800 perhaps.

          • zzddrr


            I think you are right and I share your view. The only thing I would add is that I think Nikon will move to SD. It makes financial sense by reducing the costs (since all cameras will use the same card slots).

            I have a question to you not related to this discussion. Did you, or will you buy the the D7000?

  • edward nafzger

    It´s still there just not available for the moment and i wait for the D 700 repl.

  • Kingyo

    everyone’s xmas wish would come true if the D700 replacement came out this winter as a lower end D3X with D3S ISO 🙂

    • specs

      If a D700 replacement were to be announced right now, it would probably be too late already to find it under a Christmas tree. It usually takes at least a month before volume shipping really starts.

  • The invisible man

    I’m really tired of that never ending D800/D900/D400/D4 guessing.
    I’ll call Nikon Monday and ask them to tell the truth.

    • Please let us know the outcome! 😀

      • jk

        Funny thing is if you actually call Nikon and talk to them you may get a little more information than you’d expect. Prior to the D3’s release (and wanting a FF body) I spoke with someone at Nikon and received a “read between the lines” type response. I just didn’t realize it at the time.

    • all of us should do the same…

  • i speak german, and the translation actually is “not available at the moment”, which doesn’t mean discontinued. they might just be temporarily out of stock, which happens from time to time.


  • jaHko-420

    I am really tempted to take advantage of the D700 rebates BUT I know the D700 is due for an upgrade. Should I wait? Is it worth it to buy it now?
    All I really want is the lenses that come with it and since I have a D7000 on the way I might even sell the D700 to take a chunk out of the $7k.

    The thing is, I don’t know when the D7000 will be delivered (thanks B&H) and I really need a camera in the next 2 weeks as I have a lot of events coming in.

    Your thoughts?

    • steve

      unless you need video (in that case ignore what i’m saying!) i really don’t see why you should keep the D7000 rather then the D700. imo the D700, though older, still is a better camera, and can fully use the abilities of prime FX lenses…

    • vinman

      If you bought a D700 now and used lens incentives (the more the merrier), you’d be able to sell the body when an update comes out and still be WAY ahead of the curve on paper. Plus, if you don’t already have a full frame body you’re missing out on some serious fun 🙂
      I’m anxious for all the update speculation to be over, too. I’ll add an update to my D700 at some point, but I need some new glass first…

    • IndyGeoff

      Unless you need it now, why not wait to see what super camera they replace it with ? A couple hundred off a D700 is hardly motivation (for me) to buy this camera. If they knocked off say 600$ then I might be tempted. other than that I will wait for the new tech to roll off the line. I doubt it will be inferior to the D700

  • Aileen

    “Derzeit nicht verfügbar” means, that it is actually not available, because it is not on stock. Maybe it will be on stock again in near future, but it does not mean, that a product is discontinued …

  • NikonJoe

    The guys above are right. “Derzeit nicht verfügbar” means “unavailable at the moment”. Either because they don’t keep them in stock because of the low sales volume, or because the item is backordered…

  • hybris

    it means
    new model next week


  • mad

    a d700 replacement is on the way – it will have a d3x sensor with better iso and full hd – but it can only appear when all d3x are sold – or who will pay 3 times the money for less perfomance? A d700 sucessor will kill the d3x the same moment!

    • WoutK89

      Having the same amount of pixels, does not make it perform the same in image quality.

  • Mikils

    on the other hand, the following line says ” we do not know IF and WHEN this model will be available again” so there is still a little room (IF) to dream an upgrade ready for the market .

  • dino

    What a pity for the Sigma. One of the most clever and least understood lenses we have, just a pity that doesn’t exist a light equivalent for the FX format (unless we go and take the old 50-135 F/3.5 AIS for Nikon).
    Actually we often look for very fast (f/2.8 or faster) and bulky lenses but this was the demonstration that quality lenses may be compact as well: I saw it in a shop and made me think of a 0,5 l Coke can, almost smaller than the 70-300 VR Nikon.
    Again, I’m hoping that Tamron or Sigma (having Nikon already released the 24-120 F/4 it’s unlikely to see other lenses like this in that range; maybe they could resume a 70-210 F/4 but that’s just a speculation) may cover that range with some short-ranged quality zooms. A 90-135 for example.

    • MattH

      I agree, if its actually the II version being discontinued. I have the first version and it’s on par with my 18-50 for usefulness. It really shows what space savings you can make when building for DX sensors.

    • Martin

      Absolutely agree. I got that “II” Version, and it’s great – build and image quality, and (HSM-)AF speed!

      As you guys, I always found it very strange, that this is the only one (Tokina lacks the sonic AF motor, goes only to 135, has inferior image qual, and is it built anymore at all?) which embodies the great size and weight advantage of DX over FX, as it’s the equivalent of the popular 70-200 2.8 lenses. I use it a lot!!

      The only thing I had to accept, and which I did so far because of it’s seeming lack of popularity, is the absence of an optical stabilization system. So I wonder if this is coming now?


      • Cr

        Yeah, I’d say there’s a very strong possibility that this will reappear with OS quite soon.

      • Steven K

        That’s what I figure… or at least would like to happen… the same lens with OS would be great.

    • bdeckert

      The Sigma 50-150 II is probably my most used lens. An OS version would be very cool, but probably wouldn’t be worth cost of upgrading…

  • santela

    where is my d800?!

  • Achtung

    The German site Amazon actually says [the D3x] “Currently unavailable” translated in English.

  • Jai

    I am waiting for the D3xs as then the bodies of both the D3s and D3xs will be the same – i.e. “info” button and Dust Shake System and the other minor changes.

    Yes ! Not clear from amazon/de’s site if the camera is simply out of stock or end of the model – But what I am interested is when Nikonrumors.com’s Admin writes, “I got few reports that some smaller dealers in Europe have also removed the D3x from their catalogs.”

    This statement, if correct seems more promising to me – Hope so !


    • WoutK89

      Smaller dealers, seems more like they never got to sell it, and so took it out of inventory for other reasons than “discontinued”

  • Bart

    Lol , I was checking NR every day a few months ago till I got fed up with waiting so I just bought the D700. And you guys are still waiting for it. Like you will make any better pictures with a D700 replacement rather than the D700… It’s a great camera and price has dropped recently. So go for it !

    • IndyGeoff

      I am ok with what I have now, when they come out with the replacement it is likely to have more MP/better iso and maybe even video. I dont use the video on my camera now, however it is nice to know that in a pinch i could shoot some video. Since I dont have a need, my want can wait for next gen (i think ..lol)

  • Dweeb

    Good riddance D3X. That was a greedy screwjob from Nikon if there ever was one. Even Hitler was pissed off, not to mention the Rockwell boycott.

  • xjrx

    thom hogan has just published his 2011 predictions… :~)


    • xjrx

      to make it short (i hope its okay to quote like that) :

      thom hogan: To summarize what I think Nikon’s interchangeable lens lineup will look like at the end of the year [2011] from top of the line to bottom:

      D4 and D3x (though possibly D4h/D4x combo instead)
      CP8000 (mirrorless)

      that sounds sooo sweet 🙂
      looking forward to lots of D3s and D3X on the second hand market…

      • PHB

        I think there is a significant likelihood of a D9000 in addition. The use of the mag body in the D7000 strongly suggests to me that Nikon started from the proposition ‘lets do a consumer FX’ and then concluded that they would likely have to do a mag body camera and then decided that they should trial it on their DX line first.

        The other disagreement I have with Thom is on the resolution of the DX camera. There really isn’t that much difference between 18MP and 24MP as far as lens performance goes. And lens performance does not drop sharply in any case. I don’t think that Nikon could get away with a professional camera that has a sensor that has already been released in a lower end model.

        A 24MP DX body would not give its best results with cheap DX lenses. You would have to buy the $1500+ pro lenses. And you are never going to get the best results in super-wide angle shots. But for long distances (birding) and for many laboratory applications it would be ideal. And given that a pro camera body should last at least a decade, doesn’t it make sense to have a body that slightly outperforms the current crop of lenses?

        If you look at the f/4 lenses they all seem to have curious performance drop offs just at the edge of the DX frame. They may be marketed as FX lenses but they would be great on a DX body.

        On the lenses, one point that most reviewers seem to have missed is that the new 85mm AFS f/1.4 actually has better coma flare performance than the old 55 f/1.2 Noctilux. So the idea that Nikon might release a new 50mm Noctilux is quite credible.

    • He’s predicting a 70-200 f/4 lens. I’d personally love that, I think there’s a market for that since for many hobbyists, the 70-200/2.8 is not really an option because of the price, so this could be a good compromise. With that said, I don’t really see it happening.

  • Shane Turner

    Bring on the d800 full frame I say it cant be far off in the new year hopefully march if not summer 🙂

    • WoutK89

      I heard that before.

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    Not surprised with the sigma 50-150mm II … with the return rate this lens has because of focusing shift problems is natural…

  • cinred

    It could definitely make sense that the D3x is discontinued. They could release the rumored high mp (28 mp or the “so-called” D700 replacement) except that it’s not the D700 replacement that everyone was thinking/hoping for. It’s the D3x replacement, and by doing that they would not cannibalize the rest of the full frame line. Think about it, if they were to release a 20+ mp camera with full HD video who would buy the D3s, or the D3x camera? My guess is that not too many people would, assuming the price was in line with a D700 replacement . Plus they released the D3x around this same time of year….And maybe it was supposed to be the D700 replacement but now with the value of the dollar in question and their revised earnings forecast; it almost certainly means they can/need to raise product prices, so potentially this could be an ideal opportunity for them. However, one question remains: they absolutely need something to compete with the 5D mark2 and its price range; or it’s replacement assuming that there will not be a substantial increase from the former model to the newer model….it’s definitely a possibility in my opinion.

  • I was considering getting the 50-150 (despite the front focus issues), but now I’ll wait if there’s something new. This was a very compact, yet razor sharp fast telephoto with no real Nikkor alternative and a very useful focal length for DX.

    • thefunk

      I was also close to getting the sigma, but was getting a bit put off by focussing issues that I had read about. Are there any users that can shed any light on this ? Pun intended.

      It seems like this lens fills a neat hole for the dx user so surely they are going to upgrade/fix ? Or not ?

      • bdeckert

        The 50-150 is a defocus control lens, and it is not intended for shooting close objects. It’s good for portraits and events. I think most of the front focus issues come from people trying to take pictures of things that are far too close for what the lens was designed to do.

        I will say that sometimes I get frustrated in some conditions with it rapidly changing focus from foreground to background objects… but that could just be my lack of overall photographic ability. I often find myself throwing the camera into Sports mode so I can more easily define and adjust a single focus point.

        • This is exactly what I was thinking when reading all those comments about focus problems with the Sigma. This is not a macro lens, maybe it’s not that bad, just people don’t know how to use it, or what to use it for.

    • Tim

      Wanted to get this, could use AF tune to fix FF.
      What I really want is OS, or a Nikkor version.

  • chris

    i dont know if anyone else noticed this but the d90 is not present in the new b&h winter catalog.

  • Matt H

    The Sigma 100-300 f4 HSM also seems to have bitten the dust. Shame because it is a good lens.

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