Rumor: Nikon ordered 150,000 bags from Crumpler

The rumor is that Nikon recently ordered 150,000 (yes, one hundred and fifty thousand) small Crumpler bags. Nikon has previously used Crumpler bags for special promotions (like this Crumpler backpack created for Nikon's 90th Anniversary):

Recently in Europe, there was also a Nikon branded Crumpler sling bag bundled with the D3100. In the past, those types of bags have been offered in very limited quantities. The new 150k order is for an even smaller bag (don't know the exact model yet) that could only fit a Coolpix camera... or the new Nikon EVIL camera. Nikon seems to be confident that they can sell 150k of whatever camera they will bundle this bag with.

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  • 150k… that can only be the EVIL… don’t think they will bundle a crumpler-bag with a normal coolpix

    • Banned

      Yes seems like one of those rumors that seems benign at first but they hide a much bigger fish.

  • venancio

    is there anything significant happening at nikon? a d400 would do me in… i mean anything nearest to this is a pentax K5…

  • PHB

    What is a Crumpler bag?

    It is a bag made by a company called Crumpler or a bag for crumpling in?

  • How come Canon has bags of their own and Nikon don`t???

    • How come Canon also have printers and scanners? And I’ve even seen some caps? In fact they had a bunch of Mini Coopers at the winter olympics. Perhaps Nikon is more focused? Outsource what is not your core business, and stick your logo on it. It’s quite common

      • Nicely said, Mate… 🙂

      • enesunkie

        What about some nice mugs? 🙂 Not those gray market ones!

    • Bruce

      Actually, Nikon has quite an extensive range of soft goods including bags, lens cases, and shooting vests:

      Scroll down to “Original Goods”.

    • ZoetMB

      Nikon does have bags of their own in Japan. And in the U.S., there’s a Nikon bag contained in a starter kit that’s sold with some bodies, that’s actually a pretty good bag if you have relatively small lenses. I keep my old F3HP and some manual 35s and 50s in one.

    • Canon doesn’t really have their own bags, neither do Nikon. Most of them are cheap chinese (or whereever) made bags branded for the company. Canon or Nikon for the most part doesn’t have anything to do with the actual production of the bags.

  • broxibear
  • The invisible man

    D400 !!! D400 !!! D400 !!! D400 !!! D400 !!! D400 !!! D400 !!! D400 !!! D400 !!!
    D900 !!! D900 !!! D900!!! D900 !!! D900 !!! D900!!! D900 !!! D900 !!! D900 !!!
    D8000 !!! D8000 !!! D8000 !!! D8000 !!! D8000 !!! D8000 !!! D8000 !!! D8000 !!!
    🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Yes!!!

    • Funduro

      Where is my D7000? I will cut off my FE2’s camera strap if Nikon don’t get me one soon! I already stepped on it’s lens cap with my Red Wing boots(still having nightmares from the sound). After that I’ll smear chocolate on the Nikkor 50MM F1.4 lens and give it to the my dog.

      • Richard

        What has your dog ever done to you?

  • Lots of fireworks because of the Pentax K5 now (DxOMark score: 82).. We are waiting for the D7000! I will choose between those cameras.

    • Bruce

      With Pentax not making much headway in the market and looking for a new sensor supplier I’d say “go right ahead and get the K5″… one less person in line for a D7000.

  • alvix

    hey guys,
    you know the ultimate italian promotion here..? buy a D700 and receive for free a …super robot home cleaner…!! ahah! fantastic and its’ true… I swear…goes like “maximum of photography with maximum of cleaning” kinda…d700 clean sensor with a cleaning-robot ? 🙂

  • Merv

    These Crumpler bags are a bit expensive (I have one), so if they are a free bonus with a camera, that camera is probably not going to be the cheapest thing out there, (i.e. won’t be for the cheapest Coolpix)

  • fanboy

    Crumpler bags are my favorite camera bags

  • yes!

    buy a D700 and receive for free a voucher for the new d700 (2014???)

  • h

    Nikon sold 6,700,000 Compacts and 1,900,000 DSLRs from April 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010).

    150,000 bags? Piece of cake.

    • WoutK89

      world wide. And it’s not just 1 camera in DSLRs but multiple types of bodies. So I would say, in America alone 150k is pretty much

  • NorGate

    Maybe those bags are christmas gifts for their employee and some dealers ?

    Any Rumor about a possible new 24-70mm F2.8 ( AF-S / VR ) admin ?

    • WoutK89

      My guess, rumors plenty, significant info none

  • Kevin Y

    I would like a free crumpler bag. but i wonder why it’s going to be so small in size

  • Ronan

    Imagine receiving a order for 150k of your product… Nice 😀

  • bikinchris

    I love my Krumpler bag. But only 150,000 bags? I bet those are for preseason dealer orders.

  • I think a backpack bag would be a good move. I don’t think us young folks 😉 like carrying around the old fashioned “gadget bags.”

  • Panfruit

    Niice. I love their bags. 😀

  • Everlast

    I have to start saving for the EVIL then 😛

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