Nikon D5000 RIP (officially discontinued by Nikon)

Nikon Japan has a listing of all discontinued Nikon products. The latest addition? Nikon D5000:

The next candidate for this list is the Nikon D90 (probably in a matter of weeks, maybe even days).

A Nikon D5000 replacement is expected soon and could be announced with the Coolpix refresh in mid-February.

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  • Mock Kenwell

    No tears.

    • Steve

      Indeed. I wonder how many they sold ?

      It would give us an idea of whether we’ll see a direct replacement or a ‘new class’ somewhere between D7000 and D3100, like a kind of D90 without an AF motor but with the d7000 sensor minus 14 bit….actually I expect we’ll see a D5500 and it’ll be almost identical to the D5000 except with the D3100 sensor.

      • texasjoe

        Why D3100 sensor? The D5000 has the D300 sensor. Why wouldn’t they use the new D7000’s? The D3000 is 10 mp while the D5000 is 12 mp. It only makes sense that the D5500 (if they decide to call it that) will have a higher pixel count.

        • Steve

          Guess you must be confused – D3100 has a new sensor – 14mp. It’s doubtless cheaper to make than the D7000 one so it makes sense they’ll use it and not the D7000 one in the D5x00, but who knows….maybe they’ll make the D5x00 closer to the D7000 than the D3100…and call it a D6000 ?

          • Young Boy

            If they look at what kind of sensors (and high-ISO results!) have direct competitors like A55 and Pentax, it would be strategic mistake to use entry-level A33/3100 sensor!!! I hope they don’t have this dead-end logic – make it as cheap as possible, we will put more $$$ into PR and sell it to consumers whatever it will be!
            Even more because D5100 users are usually first-time buyers with no collection of antique lenses. These people can simply decide that offer of Sony or Pentax is more interesting! On the other hand, use of D7000/A55 sensor means huge potential interest and can seriously erode domination in Canon in this class with their 550D/60D…

          • Rahul

            He said the D3000, not D3100. The D3000 has a 10MP CCD ,while the D5000 had the 12MP CMOS (i.e, different sensor from the entry level model). He’s probably trying to say the D5x00 should have a sensor inherited from it’s higher end cousin, just as the D5000 got the D90/D300 based sensor.

            • Steve

              Thanks – yeah misread his comment – and to answer it; the D5000 came out years after the D300, bot weeks. If they out the D7000 sensor in a D5x00 then it’ll either be a very expensive D5x00 (more like a D90 was to the D300 rather than the D5000) or it’ll steal sales from the D7000.

              I think another possibility is a D5x00 born from the D3100 AND a D6000 born from the D7000 8 months or so later.

          • PHB

            No, it makes total sense to put the D7000 sensor in the D5000.

            The D7000 will be differentiated from the D5000 by virtue of the construction (mag alloy), the AF motor and the better AF sensor.

            Meanwhile the D5000 will have to be differentiated from the D3000 somehow, most likely resolution and an articulated display. I have no idea why anyone would object to the articulated display BTW, I have used them on Camcorders for over a decade and never once had a problem with any of them.

            Clearly the D5000 is not the camera that the typical NR reader would aspire to (but may be the one they can afford).

            There will be the usual chirping from the wanna cheap D4 crowd as to why no D700, but the fact is that the FX frame cameras simply don’t sell in significant quantities. The money makers for Nikon have always been the consumer cameras. The D90 and D5000 being the primary money spinners.

            I guess it is possible that there will be a D700s appearing with the coolpix launch. Putting the D3s sensor in the D700s box and adding video would not be a major design challenge at this point. But its fairly clear that the camera to buy is going to be the one that comes out after the D4 launches.

            Feb would be exactly the right time to launch a D700 update BTW. They can get it out of the way ahead of the production campaigns for the new D4 and D400 later this year.

            • Young Boy

              Exactly that was my point – what would be differentiating feature from d3100? Only articulated display, bracketing and some more options buried inside menu? Is that enough to make people pay more for this instead of D3100? Would be such a camera able to win first-buyers after releases from Sony and Pentax (k-x) and their fabulous high ISO and lower price (P)? Was it not the “famous” d90 (d300) sensor, what made d5k second best selling N camera after d90?
              Basically, lots of people have a brains and do some research before buying such expensive device – most will read reviews – but if reviews say: It’s basically D3100, so if you don’t need that screen, go for D3100, who would buy? Would you? (As potential buyer with 700-800 bucks in pocket.) On the other hand, if it has d7k sensor, reviews would be different, something like: “…if you can live without that magnesium-alloy body, pentaprism, AF motor, superior wiring and better fps – D5xxx is everything you need.”

        • Wrong. D5000 has D90 sensor.

          • Rahul

            And the D90 sensor is the D300 sensor too.

    • Jesus

      I like my D5000…

      I wonder why so many people hated it.

  • me

    first and about time the d5000 to be on the discontinued list.

    • me

      i mean second

  • SGN

    Well, I’ll shed no tears, but that’s because I already have my D5000.

  • mshi

    When D700 can be added to that list?

    • Superjiuppy

      Why the D700 is not on the list?!?!?!?! 🙁

    • and where is the replacement?
      tell me, where… ;(

  • Alphard

    The next candidate for this list is the Nikon D90 (probably in a matter of weeks, maybe even days).


    • Young Boy

      Obviously, 12 Mpx sensors are running out of stock, and I guess Sony completely ceased their production already in second half of 2010.

      • PHB

        Sony the fab makes stuff that the customers pay for it.

        All the Nikon DSLR sensors are bespoke at this point. They might use design elements from the Sony standard cell libraries but the masks are specific to Nikon.

        The reason Nikon might choose not to make 12MP sensors in the future is that the fab should now be able to achieve similar yields on higher resolutions and so there is no cost advantage to the lower resolution.

      • Maybe the older one Nikon was using. The latest Pentax has a new 12mp sensor, so there are definitely sill 12mp sensors being made new.

  • Chris

    They need to add the D7000 piece of Junk to the list.
    What happened to the days of quality cameras every so often instead of releasing as many models as you can in the the shortest time frame.
    mshi don’t knock the D700. It’s good if you want full frame but don’t have the $ for a D3.

    • Rob

      I’ll bite. Why do you call the D7000 a piece of junk? Every review I have read gives it kudos, it surpasses the D90 which is a lovely bit of kit (I own one and have no plans to replace it until I win the national lottery). Everyone else here seems to think Nikon doesn’t replace their cameras often enough?

      • Linc the Dinc

        Maybe because he want it but can’t have it?

        • He can be a Canon-fanboy, actually. 😀

          • Linc the Dinc

            probably! 😀

        • Rob

          Know that feeling, haha. Maybe if he keeps giving it shit the price will come down and I can afford it?
          In which case I better join in, D7000 sux, what a load of rubbish, who would be crazy enough to buy that piece of junk, sell your second hand D7000 quick before the pice drops…

  • texasjoe

    Good by D5000. This was my first dslr almost 2 years ago and now I’m at a D700 with f/1.4 primes. It was a great starter camera and my wife used it in her photography class and loved it. It has since been sold but I’ll remember my first dslr.

  • Phil

    I’m hoping they replace it with the rumored D5500. I want a Nikon body with an articulating screen. The D5000 unfortunately didn’t manually focus at all with AI lenses. The D3100 and D7000 had no problem with them however, so I anticipate the D5500, assuming it materializes, will have a similar prism.

  • Rob

    See you later D5000, bring on the replacement. I’m excited about seeing the new version. The D7000 is bit OTT for a prosumer cam, not really a true D90 replacement, which I think the “D5500” will be.

  • bjorn

    I remember trying a D5000 and my first impression was how cheap it felt, especially compared to my D40 – which incidentally I still use on occasion. Personally I’d like a full frame in a D40 body.

    • Young Boy

      I remember trying a D40 (of my cousin) and my first impression was how cheap it felt especially compared to my D5000 – which incidentally I still use on most occasions. Personally I’d like a D7000 chip in a D5000 body.

      • sithruz

        I’d love to see a better articulated screen at the side for d5000’s replacement.

  • James

    Why are so many people happy to see the D5000 discontinued, I’ve heard many reviews describe it as a mini D90. I’ve owned the D5000 for a year and think its great and hope to keep it for at least a year.

    Its a consumer dslr isn’t it? its not meant to be built like a tank. Its ok that I can adjust it settings via the menu, tho I have the quick buttons set so I can adjust ISO, Exposure, Shutter and Aperture just like a pro…!

    Don’t get me wrong! I want a D7000…. I just don’t get the negativity by some people!!!?

    • Young Boy


      (Well, I can say that all these D700 a**holes make me hate D700 already! It seems that there can’t be normal user of D700. Or at least not on this site!)

      • Discontinuing old things gives people hope for something new.

        I have a d90 and I prefer it to the d5000. But I use it as a backup as a professional to a d700, and I like the similarities between the controls. That’s why I wouldn’t touch a d5000–less dials and buttons make it too slow to bother with. Takes fine pictures, but not for me.

        Are d700 users really all assholes? We do seem to be a whiny bunch because our model needs an update. The D700 has been around since at least the beginning of 2007 (even though it’s release was later). There’s a perfectly good 24mp sensor to slap in the d700 body.

        We sound like whiny assholes because we’ve been stiffed for a long time. Most people here just don’t articulate that well.

        • Young Boy

          Sure, sure. But you have to realize d5000 was never intended to be “backup body” of professional photographers!!! So you should not judge d5000 according to similarities or differences from professional model D700! These arguments are simply absurd. You can’t judge economy-class Korean car how poor it performers comparing to your Porsche Panamera, and that you can’t use it even as your second car. OMG! It’s second cheapest Nikon dslr, and you should compare to other entry-class models – if you have experience working with them – C,P,S, Oly, etc… (What would be rare occasion here at Nrumors.) And comparing to d90, you must take into account not that d5k was released later, so it “must be better”, but it’s price (which is currently something like 500 to 800 usd, e.g. d90 is 1,6x more expensive) and target group of this model, which has different requirements as professionals looking for second body!
          (Though I wouldn’t mind more direct access buttons, as I stressed several times.)
          I’m really sorry for you not getting your D700 replacement sooner, but to piss on every other camera, which is not d700 replacement, looks very childish, almost pathologic in my eyes. And I don’t think this constant groundless derogation of everything else can make Nikon producing your replacement sooner. I already suggested all you to create separate “d700 rumors” and endlessly complain and grumble about it there. Comments should comment main news – which was about discontinued entry-level DX dslr – so I really don’t see a reason to mention d700 here. Instead of brining people some useful infos or personal reflections (negative or positive experience, what you would like to see in new model, what you like or don’t like, etc, etc…) – all what I see is “everything is shit, gimme my d700 replacement”.
          Well, people should judge themselves.

  • amien

    Gimme 14MP 3100 sensor +

    60P in 1080 mode
    nice & accurate af tracking (dont need 39 points)
    AIS lens metering
    swivel LCD
    HDR or 3 Frame Blending option.
    Panoramic mode.

    I’ll be happy.

    • Young Boy

      Why you want currently worst DX sensor by Nikon/Sony?!! Did you compared high ISO of this sensor vs. high ISO of D7000 or Sony A55? Or even this new Pentax? Well, I hope Nikon marketing division has different opinion and more ambitions as you and want to deliver something really competitive with current models (for example 60D), not only with past generations! What is DEFINITELY not that entry DX sensor!

      And that LCD – is it not the right time to dump that laughable 230.000 dots?!!

      • JED

        The 14MP sensor in the D3100 is not the same as the Sony 14MP. Physically it looks nothing like it. Its an all Nikon design and is actually a very good sensor.

  • FM-2 fan

    the D5000 is better, than many might think it actually is – it is light weight, can operate in tough environments and is providing the basic camera function: proper image quality. the one and only concern is the display, but you don’t need it to shot … unless you want something like a detached display, which is with the WIFI and pad generation of us, probably the next step. No viewfinder, but the image transferred to a 8-12 inch pad (including full remote control)

    • Young Boy

      Totally agree – my D5000 was in freeze, in rain, in foggy weather – excepted blacked-out LCD when changing from landscape to portrait position everything was working. I like that I can close the LCD most of time for better protection, and for macros or overhead-shots it gives you chance to frame (but to shot you must change for normal AF, live-view AF is useless even with static subjects and your hand can petrify waiting so long (assuming over-head shot)…
      So crucial updates should cope with AF (especially face-to-face A55), archaic LCD resolution (seems they found some boxes with LCDs from 5y ago), even more now, when many prime compacts have OLED displays!, definitely new sensor with high iso on pair with A55 (e.g. D7000 sensor), include more customization if direct buttons are something Nikon is scarred of (read – pushing customers to buy D7000), and try things like HDR-stitching in addition to D-lightning, portrait mode with soft-skin mode, panorama mode, and things like these, which cost them next to nothing!

  • I have D5000 and this is good camera for its price. Only one thing i dislike in it is ergonomics. It handles really bad in my huge hands and it is annoying to change settings buried deep deeply in menus. And by the way i feel really bad to not to have spot metering button like every Canon have. I switched from Canon and feel like missing some things, but still very happy on the dark side.

    • Young Boy

      I agree with ergonomics when it comes to buttons and direct access, for example if only they would make those “info” buttons programmable, it would make possibility to define ISO, WB, size… And customization of AE-L could give spot metering you are lacking. But that would require completely different “Apple-like” approach, not aged Alzheimer grand-dads taking crucial decisions as it is with most Japanese companies (definitely case of Nikon).
      On the other hand – I disagree with size – for me it was one of the reasons why I was not interested in D90, I like lack of AF motor and every gram saved – for traveling and trekking size is something what matters to many! One more reason to keep it as compact and light as possible is A55. But here, they should also fight another A55 feature – extremely quick AF!

      • I never tried Sony products and have no solid opinion about them but think their SLT-cameras are not so useful because EVF-system is a battery-sucker. If you need camera for trekking (once I used to go with alpinists to a highland travel and know what I am talking about), you need high-capacity accumulator or very economical camera. Backing to D5000 I would like to say, that EN-EL9A is a little bit disappointment, cause using the camera very extensively, I founded ~500-540 frames per charge is too little. ~800 would be ok. I use AF-C, continuous mode, VR and can’t eco the battery.

        On the other hand, D5000 is much tough than one can imagine. From the shop to that day (april-2010 — jan 2011) it clicked more than 40000 times and there’s no signs to stop. I use camera at hard conditions (high temperature, exposures longer than 40 minutes and so on) and it failed sometimes, actually, but still looking like new. Sviwel LCD rolls fluidly. The body creaks a bit because of very thin plastic but hope camere will live till 2013, when I will buy FX. Now I wish to spend money on a bunch of hi-end Nikkors and one of them (105 mm-Micro) will be shipped next week. Can’t wait. 🙂

      • BTW, sorry my silly English.

        • Geoff_K

          Don’t worry Slow Gin, whatever your native language is I would be unable to even come close. ;- )

  • where the H is D800?

    The sad news is if D5100 is to be announced in Feb, it does reduce the likihood of us waiting for a D700 replacement… either more for pixels or video since the stone age i guess.

  • Funduro

    Young Boy, you do have a point about older established companies not being adept at designing for the new tech/spec hungry consumers. I believe there is way too much product versions by some manufactures. The old business model of having a product for different price “points” is archaic. At the same time the new releases should not be taken as direct “replacements”, sure some consumers want the “replacement” model but sometimes there isn’t a direct replacement. Just because they did that in the past doesn’t mean it will always be that way. I have come to the conclusion that the “older models” have better build and engineering, electronics lack the newer specs of course. Sure the newer one have the latest electronics and software, but the product has been designed with manufacturing cost cutting in mind. I have seen many comments about older lens being better then the replacement. Nothing wrong with better specs, I think the D7K came close, if not doing a complete leapfrog of the D300s. I bought the D300s , even though I originally wanted the D7K.

    • zzddrr

      good point

    • Young Boy

      Here I totally agree, d40 is definitely nice example, but that camera has its limitations and comparing to my d5k I would miss many features, not talking about 5y worldwide warranty I get with new vs. buying used d40. Nevertheless, d40 makes definitely better pictures as whole range of entry-level 10mpx cameras which came after it, including (technical, not PR) failure d3k.

      On the other hand, rigid and petrified model of Japanese companies, governed by well-proven concepts and dictate of marketing division vs. cost-cutting sword of Damocles (we will use 230.000 dots, and marketing will “sell that” to customers) is not really able to reflect consumer demands or even current trends like customization, direct access, fine-tuning, connectivity (with your iphone/smartphone etc…). Sure, this should not compromise on picture quality, but combination of solely “proven things” and “cost-cutting” seems dangerous in my eyes. I hope everyone understands we are talking now about different class as d700 or d300s – I’m talking about “under 1000 $” dslr targeted primary on first-time users and amateurs, not “working horses” of professional photographers!

      Anyway, I doubt that Nikon PR is interested in our ideas. They stick to very clear and proven line we could summarize as “we know better what you need”.

      At the end, if would be interesting to know, why you decided for D300s, instead of generally praised, almost over-praised D7k? (Unless fps was the reason.)

      • Size, ergonomics, how it feels in the hand.

      • Funduro

        I got a feeling the D7K had issues with the density of the sensor and software. I work on digital detectors used in diagnostic X-ray. I have seen when technology and manufacturing collied in a product having a horrendous MTBF. I started out seeking the D90, but after finding this very site and reading about a replacement I decided to get the D7K. I did not place my order immediately. Then the reports gave me seconds thoughts on been a beta tester. My first year Mini had some new car issues. I then researched the next inline camera. I researched and convinced my self to spend even more then my $1K “limit” on the body. Since I kept on postponing the decision and I saved more $. When I found that the D300s had a good chunk of the top of the line features and functions that settled it. User interaction and control is why I found Nikon cares about the photographer at this price point. I do understand that the D7k definitely has better specs and the D300s would be replaced in a years time or so. I’m extremely happy with switch functionally and ease of use. BTW this is my first digital camera, I do have a lots of photography knowledge and very technologically inclined. The D7K is a great camera and would have been happy with the additional iso headroom and still do not regret my decision. Video was at the bottom of my priority, I wanted a DSLR not a video cam. Just received the MB-D10, now I’m in heaven. Wow now this puppy just fits my hand like a fine glove, 4.5lbs never felt so nice!

        • Young Boy

          Thanx Funduro, it’s always nice to hear interesting opinions, instead of cries “where is my d700 replacement”! I never thought about d7k – d300s comparison in this technical level – but if we remember all the problems d5k had after release, and two waves of service advisories, I can understand your hesitation and choosing “well-proven” product. Even more if the bigger size does matter to you – in positive way! What was your lens choice? 16-85 or something quicker? Good luck with your beast and many nice shots!

          • Funduro

            My first lens was the 18-200 VRII, not the greatest decision on my part , good thing I’m not making a living from my photos. I just received the Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 OS 77mm filter not the older one, much better decision. I have Nikkor 5omm f1.4 AIS from the olden days, plus several off brand in the f2.8 range too. I’m thinking of getting a 10/11mm- 24mm range lens. I’m enjoying learning all the new gear and technology. I did do darkroom black and white back in middle and high school. Looking at getting a dedicated B&W SW program like Silver Efex Pro to go with my Aperture 3. I’ts amazing what can be done to images and not get chemicals on you. 😉

  • Young Boy

    Unless you desire to talk about D700 every minute of your life, why to mention it here?!

    • David Tala

      People like me, who are on DX for a while (D300, D200) would like to go fo affordable FX like D700 but with higher pixels as long as in 2011 12mp is not top notch choice any more. I dont want same 12 MP and expect at least 18-20mp…. that’s it 🙂

      • Young Boy

        There are thousands of people like you, but what makes you (people like you) spamming every forum with your desires for d700 replacement? This post is about entry-level DX! I’m not talking about my desire to have new DX at every FX post!!! If you are so desperate, instead of writing every day about your f… d700 replacement, write every day email to Nikon, I’m sure it will have more use as bothering all nikonrumours users, permanently, all the time… Now what I get is an impression every d700 user is total MORON!!!

  • MB

    I doubt D90 will be discontinued any time soon.
    It will be discontinued but in a matter of months not weeks.

    • ZoetMB

      The D90 probably hasn’t been manufactured in a long time. So it will be discontinued when Nikon has no inventory left. But even that’s a moot point – when retailers don’t have any and Nikon can’t ship them any, it will be discontinued whether Nikon announces such or not. Nikon is usually pretty bad at officially discontinuing products and even worse at getting the websites properly updated.

  • sithruz

    Does that mean that if nikon japan transferred a camera or speedlight in the old products, its already discontinued? has a different set of archived cameras. would it be that its not yet updated?

    as for D90, Its a great camera. moving it to the discontinued section will make it a classic camera. I’ll hold on to my d90. But I hope Nikon extends its life.

  • anon99

    Good to see it go, after all I never liked its unergonomic body design, and its cheapness.
    It can take proper stuff, but has equally given me endless trouble during work situations.

    • James

      Just because it doesn’t suit your needs and I’m assuming you bought it , why would you use a D5000 for work… did you not try holding it before you bought it? did you not realise its a consumer model. I really do not understand your statement that your glad to see it discontinued… so..

      1. after all I never liked its unergonomic body design: try before you buy and if you do not like its ergonomics, don’t buy it.
      2. and its cheapness: Maybe thats because its a cheap “compared to pro” camera, Where are all these reports of faults and it falling apart? or are you moaning that the D5000 is cheap to buy!!
      3. It can take proper stuff. you mean like proper photographs…. least it does something good.
      4. given me endless trouble during work situations. I feel really sorry for you, I personally have had a pleasant experience with my first DSLR. Maybe you should research a little more before you buy!

      • anon99

        The D5000 is NOT mine, nor would I get one myself. It’s being handed down to me during work situations and each time I have no other body alternative. You don’t disobey a direct order just because you don’t have a decent camera to work with… or do you?

        The body is not exactly that unergonomic, but being a small body, many control buttons are too packed. The grip is just too small for my hands. The cursor dial can be too easily pressed which means AF point selection can be disturbed if not careful. Adjusting basic camera settings can be a pain because the operation is to menu-oriented.

        The D5000 can take proper pics of course, but it’s not reliable enough, and has indeed failed me during critical situations. It can be a good alternative for backup body, even at work — but only if you know how to avoid its pitfalls.

        • Young Boy

          I guess you should blame your bosses, not the camera – if your work requires lots of direct-access buttons and superb image quality, they should equip you with something else as Nikon second cheapest DSLR! And WHY disobey?! You can’t talk to your superiors, giving them some good arguments, not only “that camera is horrible, too small for my hands, give me new one”! Last but not least – companies are usually not so desperately tight on budget, if you put good arguments, why they should pay bit more to increase productivity of their workers, they have surely better position as private buyers, who are much more sensitive to price differences!

          Size was already discussed – you definitely find more people pleased with smaller size and lightweight design, as the one “wanting something big” for they “Big Mac” hands. Even here exists cheap alternative – older D200 – bigger size, bigger grip – just don’t buy small camera if you don’t like – I didn’t like size of micro 4/3 cameras, but that doesn’t mean I will argue, that they are unergonomic cos they are too small for my hands.

          AF point selection is really volatile, but you can choose other than single-point AF… Probably addition of “fixed center point” would help here, but that’s, together with limited number of direct-access buttons, policy of Nikon not to allow too much customization thus forcing you to buy higher standing model. Anyway, I wouldn’t call it a “pain”, I’ve seen much more worse examples in compact cameras, and again – this particular model is second cheapest DSLR, so obviously, there must be something what would differentiate if from models above it, especially taking into account that they share the same sensor!

          I don’t know what kind of failures you are talking about – but for me, every failure I had experienced, was, indeed, MY failure to realize I kept wrong settings from previous shots, or was unable to focus manually quickly enough when AF failed, or I forgot to put SD card inside. In that matter, I doubt D3s would do better for me! I have never experienced writing errors, sudden restarts, failure after knocking the camera off the table, etc.! If the camera is lacking high ISO of D3s or interface of d300s, it’s clearly failure of user to expect this from 600 usd DSLR, not of the camera itself!
          It would be really interesting to know, what were the “critical failures” that happened to you!

  • Marc

    A while ago I read on this site that the D7000 should be considered as the D90 successor.
    Is that so, or can we expect an replacement like D90x or so ? I am hesitating to buy a D700 or go for the D7000/D90x. I do mostly landscape, architecture and some macro photography.
    Any comments ?

    • Young Boy

      We can say that there is definitely space for either better-spec DX dslr as D7000 (eg. successor of d300s), either something more simple, in between D70oo and current D5000/future D5xxx. Question is, if there is really a need of “d90s”, e.g. plastic body D7000 with AF and pentaprism. I doubt it.

      Nevertheless, D700 is completely different category (FX), don’t mix it up with D7000 (DX)! It’s you strategic choice to go FX or DX, you should make it considering your financial abilities, proffered choice of lenses, photography as hobby vs. professional occupation. If the latter is case, definitely go for FX, if your resources are limited, go for DX. As you should understand from reading any basic sources, DX is not ideal for landscape photography, while it gives slight advantage in macro. Professional lenses for distortion correction (architecture photography) are only FX. Your choice should be more about lenses as about body. And last but not least, there should be successor to d700 sometime during this year – but I hope you realized we talk about completely different price as D7000!!! (2-3x more expensive)

    • yes, the D7000 is the successor of the D90

  • duoduo

    whatever, I’m beginning to ingore anything below D7000&60D,they become more and more like plasic toys!

    • anon99

      True, anything below these look and feel like plastic toys, and this is undeniable — even though these low-end models are fully-working ones. The D5000 did (and still does) make me look cheap and unprofessional whenever I have to carry one (out of no choice) for work purpose.

      • James

        @ anon99. This quote you made says alot about you “The D5000 make me “look” cheap and unprofessional” You seem to be more interested about your image rather than the image….. What is your profession anyway, that requires you to look like a professional….?

  • Marc

    Thanks for the feedback ! I do realize the D7000 is DX and D700 is FX. Also I do realize that good lenzes in front of the sensor are equally if not more important. Sometimes I am getting confused on the pixel count, resolution and noise, but if I look at the photos taken by professionals on the different camera’s it’s sometimes very hard to see a difference.
    My heart goes out for an FX camera, but my mind (or should I say my wallet) is not (yet) on the same line. For the moment I will keep on reading this and other forums to make the best possible decision in my situation and then try to get the most out of the camera.

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