Weekly Nikon related news/links #92

A quick note to all Facebook "friends" of NikonRumors: three years ago when I started the [NR] Facebook page I wasn't smart enough and set it up as a personal account. This was not a good idea according to Facebook's TOS. Anyway, the old account is all gone and 4k+ contacts are lost. Here is the new [NR] fan page - hit the like button to stay updated:

Otherwise it was a slow week for Nikon news with CES 2011 currently going on (I did not see a single report on Nikon from CES):

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  • broxibear

    “I did not see a single report on Nikon from CES”
    I think you will from “focus on imaging” ?

  • Artur Kozłowski

    I would have KILLED for those lenses 25 years ago. Now they’re just collectors’ items…

  • Mike

    Facebook is impossible to contact, but if you could have gotten thru to someone, you could’ve saved those 4000 contacts. Did the same thing, but luckily was able to save it. Sucks to lose ’em but they’ll rebuild. Great site.

    • Of course I contacted them two days ago, no answer yet, they are just to0 big to care. They should have given me a notice, 24 hours is all I needed to inform everyone. How did you save your contacts?

      • Mike

        In my case a friend had pointed out my error before I was forced to make a switch so I had a bit of time to wait for a reply from FB. They are terrible at responding though. Gotta be a better way – it is “social networking” right?!

        In any case, this is a great site. Excellent reporting. Keep up the great work.

        • Thanks Mike. Advice to everyone that has a Facebook fan page: add another admin, in case your account gets wiped.

          • Discontinued

            Fuck Facebook.

            • …nah, it gets around…I wouldn’t.

    • I wasn’t a contact before, but now am. So you’ll get some new ones too.

  • Phil

    >>I would have KILLED for those lenses 25 years ago. Now they’re just collectors’ items…<<

    Not to me. I wish I had the money for that setup. It's not only awesome, but usable on digital Nikons as well.

    • Artur Kozłowski

      It’s like a 1000$! Get a card from Your bank and buy them!

      • PHB

        Unfortunately the price will go much higher.

        • PHB

          KR recons over $2K for the fisheye alone. I would doubt the collection will go for less than about 5K.

          These are all very collectible lenses. In fact they are pretty much the most collectible lenses that go for less than $10K. All those curvy front elements.

          Totally obsolete of course. There are much better modern 8mm fisheyes that don’t have anything like that front element. Modern high refractive index glass did not exist in the 70s when those lenses first appeared.

          While it would be nice to think that maybe Nikon might return to making such lenses again now that their range is pretty much nearing a complete refresh, I doubt that they will be making similar lenses for F-mount again now that EVIL is in the works.

    • Artur Kozłowski

      come to think of it, for this price they might be hot….iykwIm…

  • Peter Lee

    Surely how times have changed. I remember working in a camera store in 1980 and seeing the 58/1.2 Noct and 50-300/4.5 ED that a customer had special ordered and marveling at these exotic lenses. The Noct is still an exotic today but it is pretty amazing we can get a 70-300 with ED glass, image stabilization and autofocus for a fraction of what that old 50-300 cost. But all the same, I still have all my manual focus AIS lenses, love their build quality and appreciate that I can still use them on my digi SLRs. Gotta love Nikon for perpetuating that compatibility.

    • DaveB

      A friend “inherited” a pristine version of the 8mm f2.8 at work. I got to borrow it a couple of times and I can testify that it’s one of the funnest lenses that I’ve ever used! I shot with it mounted on an F2A, an F4, and a D70s. On a film camera or a full-frame digital it’s a “rectilinear” lens which is somewhat unusual for short lenses. I’d love to have one, but they still hold a pretty high price. Hardest thing is to keep your feet out of the shot!

  • Eng Seng

    Why is there a Lego man inside the Lego Nikon D3 viewfinder? And isn’t the viewfinder round instead of a square…?

  • the lenses now are 905 euro

  • anon99

    Sorry to hear the FB mess, never been a social media folk though…
    Learned that Canon Rumors got the same treatment BTW

  • has the lego interchangeable sensor or not yet?
    but probably it is mirrorless, isnt it?

  • Egon

    The lenses have already exceeded the 2000 mark-EUR! Do you get a commission from the seller for making the auction known here 😉 ?
    I guess they will finally sell for 3.000 EUR +….

    • Artur Kozłowski

      oops… I was a bit rash with my comment. Still, even at 4000 Euro it’s a great deal.

  • Panfruit

    I’m pretty sure that lego camera is a D4, not a D3.

  • asdasd

    50-300 is coolest thing on earth!

  • monty11

    Looks like it sold for €3000 .

  • 3010 euros to be exact. Decent price I suppose for what looks to be mint condition. Still… I’d rather spend that on something else.

  • JD

    Although it’s great to see a review of the SB-700 and the 35mm f/1.4, all I’m waiting for is the day I look at Nikonrumors to see some new bit about D400 or D800… After seeing D7000, I really expect some nice hardware 🙂

  • The invisible wife

    Hi !

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