Lengthy interview with Nikon at CES 2011, not a single word on future products

If you were wondering what was going on in those Nikon meeting rooms during CES 2011, here is the one and only Nikon report from CES by Imaging-Resource in the form of an interview with Nikon's Senior Vice President David Lee. Kudos to Imaging-Resource who asked the right questions and tried on several occasions to extract some valuable info about future products. However, Mr. Lee was definitive with his answers: "we really never talk about future products before they're announced".

Few quotes from David Lee after the break:

"I think that there's a definite place in the market for both formats (DX and FX)."

On mirrorless cameras growth in the US market: "Right now we still have not seen a significant growth, I think, in what we would expect to see in comparison to other parts of the world."

"What we're seeing in the point-and-shoot business is that the next big thing is going to be about zoom range."

"We're moving to CMOS sensors in the point-and-shoot cameras."

"As technologies go forward, we're very active not only in our Capture NX software, but also in MyPictureTown."

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  • Drey

    Lengthy yet somehow not interesting… =(

    Looking forward for the D300s replacement.

  • What a pity. They’re getting smart :p

  • woble

    ib4 “zomg again nothing on d700 replacement *whine whine*”

  • Denko

    And people think Apple is tight lipped… I wonder if they are even allowed to fart in the halls at Nikon HQ.

    Seriously though… loving my D7k big time 😀

  • Roman

    “I think that there’s a definite place in the market for both formats (DX and FX).” Really?

    • Global

      You laugh… but we’re all very happy that they finally realize this after years of producing DX only!! Some of you don’t realize that the D3 was the first FX digital camera that Nikon made for mass market.

      That makes the D700 essentially the second one.

      The fact that Nikon declares that FX has a place along DX means, potentially, that they will be serious about a D800 and even bodes well for a D90-sized FX, if you really really want to read between the lines (thought not likely imo).

      It may be one of those “duh” statements, but anyone looking forward to a D800 should be glad to hear it.

  • King Of Swaziland

    Memo to Nikon (since you missed the other 5,837,236,018):

    Take Picture Town and ship it to Bit Siberia. Nobody cares about your proprietary social networking garbage. Play nice with the big players, or go home (10 gazillion people would go gaga over an “Upload to Facebook” app in a compact, exactly 15 care about an “Upload to MyPictureTown” button).

    If there were awards in “not getting a clue” whoever at Nikon is in charge of My Picture Town would have the title locked up for the century.

    • Yeah, that horse… or Flickr (et al)… has left the barn already.

    • Stanley77

      King you got that right

  • alvix

    ..wow..I pray for NX support..–so Its not dead…at least so it seems…

  • Jim Cutler

    Agreed. Stop wasting time on your own software and picturetown. As for the rest, not surprised they are tight lipped. I’m sure good things are coming. Love the lenses we’ve gotten and love my D700.

  • waterengineer

    Nikon played this one correctly. CES is not about hardcore photographic tools but toys. Evidence of correct thinking: Nikon commented on P&S cameras but not DSLR’s or lenses.

    P&S cameras are toys thus they were discussed a CES.

  • NXNightmare

    I really like capture nx2. My arms get a good workout when I throw my pc out the window. Even better, I really enjoy it when I spend $AUS 3,000 on a camera and find that lightroom’s Nikon camera setting won’t read hues correctly. If Nikon don’t shape up, I believe I’ll have a pretty valid reason to jump ship and buy a Canon. No Nikon owner should accept having to use buggy, troublesome software. This is your first warning nikon. Three strikes and you’re out.

    • JED

      You really think Adobe are any better at dealing with new Canon cameras?

      • NXNightmare

        I hate to say it, but have not heard of many Canon users campaign, nor does adobe feel the need to publish a disclaimer even if it was the case. It has come to a point where I am waiting on a capture nx3? release or better adobe support before buying any more lenses. I feel as if I’ve overinvested already by buying the 24-70 and d700. Will happily ditch nikon if things don’t improve or when my d700 gives up the ghost.

        • dave

          The Canon shooters I know tell me pretty much anything is better than the RAW conversion software that ships with Canon cameras and that Phase One does much better than Adobe for Canon SLRs. YMMV

  • I want that D5S Nikon :\
    Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • Me


  • Ren Kockwell

    So it’s said that Nikon didn’t announce serious DSLRs because its not a serious show. So what would be worthy? Photokina?

    • WoutK89

      Photokina is still some 2 years away. CliQ is the new place to be.

      • Ren Kockwell

        I was being facetious. Photokina came and went with nary a whimper and now this. IOW, if Photokina wasn’t serious enough of a show to release the D4/D800, what is? It’s the Olympics of photography shows. Where is EVIL? Where is the 5D answer? Where is the substance behind Kimura’s bluster? My patience is wearing a bit thin.

  • Very active in Capture NX? I’d hate to see if they were inactive in updating it…

  • Dan

    Why are there still no wide angle DX primes? 16 f/2 please!

    • Hoosierdaddy

      I would be surprised to see any more “pro-grade” DX-only lenses from Nikon, especially primes. It seems clear that FX will be developed as the pro format over the next couple of years, with DX for amateurs (serious or casual). As the EVILs (or whatever you want to call them) get better I think they will replace amateur DSLR’s, but still with DX sensors to keep the size & cost down.

  • Bruce McFarland

    I too spent some time over two days in the Nikon meeting room at CES. I did have a journalist badge on, but did not ask for an interview as such.
    The only information I could garner from one of the men there was that the delay of the D7000 shipments “might” be because Nikon liked to send out new camera with the latest firmware upgrade.
    I was surprised the lack of interest by the two men I talked to about suggestions for a new product and for a product improvement.
    The new product was Nikon version of the PocketWizard, so people could use the CLS by radio, and not have to depend on visibility of visible light on Nikon speedlights.
    They defended their existing system a bit, but didn’t even try to express gratitude or feign interest in my desires. Great customer relations not.
    Then I said I really thought their 24-70 2.8 lens should have VR. One guy said, well that’s a pretty new lens. Nothing else.
    Oh well.

  • dave

    What i take from his comment is that they have products to announce. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  • Kingyo

    whatever happened to kidnapping and forceful extraction of information?? 🙂

  • iamnomad

    Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore.

  • maia

    Why doesn’t Nikon (or any other manufacturer) publish roadmaps as Intel does? How much damage can it really cause to a brand? If it’s a good product, then there’s nothing to worry about other manufacturers realising some competition. That would make them work harder for market share.

  • Photokina is still some 2 years away. CliQ is the new place to be.

  • drwilly

    He kept reiterating that they pay close attention to the market. That only guarantees that they will be behind the next big advance.

    This is not how Apple innovates. Seems like Nikon’s mindset is to be a follower. They blew it when auto-focus was first developed and Canon beat them.

    The comparison is apt. Obvisously digital cameras are computers and innovation in this field is exponential. Why don’t Nikon cameras have built-in GPS? The chip is tiny enough to fit in a cellphone. Why not built-in wi-fi or bluetooth? Then I could remotely control my camera with my iPhone. How about built-in HDR processing? More advanced lens aberration correction? You get the idea.

    They need more imagination.

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