Possible Nikon D4 sighting at a hockey game

A reader sent me those two pictures of an unidentified Nikon camera and lens taken at a recent NHL game:

The camera looks like a D3/D3x/D3s. The body and the lens are both covered up, but the shape of the pentaprism is what got me interested:

For comparisons, here are some press photos of the Nikon D3s pentaprism:

One possibility is a some kind of a Nikon D3/x/s body armor like this one here:

What do you guys think?

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  • Daf

    Definitely armour of some kind.
    Couldn’t tell anything else due to it.

  • sky

    looking at the hotshoe, definitely body armor.
    looking at shutter release button, definitely shiner than anything pro body on the market out there.

    i want to lean towards d4, but that’s probably wishful thinking talking.

  • Ronan

    Looks EXACTLY like a D3s with body armor…

  • All you need to do is look at the area around the shutter. It’s obviously armor.

  • sky

    I seriously googled every body armor image and can’t find single one with a hotshoe/flash cover like that (single piece).
    if not d4, then +1 for body armor rumor.

  • ScuzzDP7

    Lens might be a new 300 f/4. Long and narrow…

  • FrancoDMD

    Def Body armor…

  • Nkon D7000 kit is ..

    I think it is exactly the body armor

  • vincent

    Its body armor no doubt about it… I dont know why you would want it on your camera though, its rough as hell to use the camera when its on, I don’t like them one bit.

  • Kwartjuh

    Clearly its body armor… to bad 🙂

  • Total body armor… look at the area around the power switch it looks just like the body armor photo.

  • SAR

    Step aside folks. That is a new Sony A9XX pro body being tested with major disguise to fool everyone. Once they finally figure out which way is up, they will take over the camera world…hahaaa

  • n a

    is a new canon

  • M

    It’s body armor.

  • Jodiah Jacobs

    Too Long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Time

  • The lens is a Sigma tele [maybe 70-200/2.8 OS] with a cheap rubber hood.

  • Really? Let’s see… the dude is shooting HOCKEY with a camera that might have cost more than his car and using what looks like a non-Nikon lens. Yah, I’d vote for body armor. Anyone ever get hit by a puck at a hockey game? I have, and wished I had armor on my camera (and a helmet on my head).

  • Dweeb

    You really need to just drop this story. Esp. with the body armor visible on the lense shade.

  • J. Milton

    I am the photographer in the photo. Camera is D3S w/armor. 80mm-400mm lens. Courtesy of Nikon

  • Clearly body armor. I don’t understand why this is even on this website.

  • Bart

    Why are all ‘spy shots’ always utter crap. How hard is it to point the camera at it and zoom in?

  • miguelito

    To me it looks like it’s a D3 with the exact body armour you posted.

    The lens is not a 70-200 VR2, I don’t think, a tad too narrow and short.


  • it’s armored, sadly to say~

  • Rhyan

    I think the lens may be a new (reaaaalllly long time awaited) 70-200 f/4. It seems a bit smaller than 70-200 VRII so it really might be a new one, although I might be wrong.

  • Andy

    Looks like armor to me, but… can someone find out what game this is and search for photos possibly taken by this mystery camera?

  • D700guy

    They’ve actually spotted a Sasquatch riding a lochness monster out in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle testing the new Nikon D4 along with the Tooth Fairy and Peter Pan!

  • debewe

    Well, that’ probably a D4 with a body armor, so that it looks like a D3 in a body armor, which would mean that the D4 looks like the D3.

  • cl

    Mindset on this thread: my wife looks like Giselle when dressed up and shot with cell phone clarity.

  • Hallooooo, Nikon! We’re not getting any younger out here–light weight is a *feature* we would appreciate. All those pixels are sure nice but you have to get them to the spot, know what I’m saying?

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